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ECONOMY California Leftist Liberals Knock Out Coal Power Plants, Seeking to Shutter Natural...

California Leftist Liberals Knock Out Coal Power Plants, Seeking to Shutter Natural Gas Power Plants – Precipitating New California Energy Crisis?

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Donald Trump’s election sent shock waves through the American liberal, progressive (code for European Socialists), and global Elite fraternities.  Within days of Mr. Trump’s election a concerted, well organized and funded assault began to render Mr. Trump and his administration ineffective, and even impotent to change the Socialist Agenda seductively introduced since Bush, Sr. took the reins from Ronald Reagan.  The percolating socialist/Marxist minions of the Democrat Party have boiled over into a spectacle of considerable venomous hatred since the national elections this past November.  No longer even maintaining an appearance of civility, the progressives across America are in full speed ahead mode implementing their agenda; which agenda, is not remotely similar to the beliefs and values of the America many of us have known and loved.  The State of California is such an example.


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Over the past five months, I have been involved with multiple and complicated dimensions intrinsic to the energy industry; not on the technical side, but bringing together elected and appointed officials, as well as First Nation leaders – all with a common purpose:  Save the economies, employment, community fabric, and energy production across the western states.  The bullseye is the Navajo Generating Station in Page, Arizona.  The environmental cabal targeted the largest coal-fired energy producing plant west of the Mississippi for a total shutdown.  Upon closure…five additional plants in Arizona, and then across seven western states are targeted for quick shuttering.  The mantra is the same from east coast to west; “coal is bad…coal is a severe pollutant…coal is criminal.”  The answer according to whacked-out environmental ideologues is natural gas, and throw in some solar for good measure.  Do NOT concern yourself with the falsehoods of such reason and language just do it, and do it now!  This is part of the movement to collapse America’s economy and relocate Americans.  These well-funded and rabid environmentalists seek elected officials of the same mind-set to process their agenda through legislation and the governmental system.  Do NOT confuse me with the facts of true science and double blind studies, simply listen to my rage and see my tears, and then do it!!  Shut down the mines, the coal fired energy producing plants, and all other facets of conventional energy production.  These same near out-of-control ideologues shout, “We want gas…we want natural gas…throw in some solar and wind power, and enjoy what we have created!”

Well…look at what now has emerged in California.  This is not a laughing matter; although, some of the protesters are quite a site.  California elected officials are following a socialist/Marxist script in so very many ways running that once magnificent state into the abyss.  Shutting down energy production is one more example of the out-of-control, ideologue only focus, and lack of reasoning people who have gotten their hands on the levers of power.

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Pray President Trump is successful returning America to her foundational beliefs and principles.  Pray he is able to ride the political storms and withstand the character assassination diatribes, and help make America Great Again!  The alternative is way too unimaginable, and we were well on our way to the abyss as a nation, as a people.


Coal got knocked out in Calif. Now…gas is on the ropes!

By Debra Kahn on E&E News

A wave of regulatory reconsiderations of natural gas-fired power plants in California has renewables advocates cheering.

The state’s grid operator is expected to release a study next month on whether the Puente Power Project, a gas-fired plant planned for the Southern California coast 60 miles west of Los Angeles, might be supplanted by solar panels, energy storage or demand response.

The California Public Utilities Commission approved Southern California Edison’s contract with NRG Energy Inc. to build the 262-megawatt plant in June 2016 as a replacement for a larger plant on the same site. The Puente plant fit into the state’s goal to boost renewables to 50 percent; as a fast-ramping facility, it could smooth out intermittent wind and solar power, which has a tendency to produce choppy resources.

Now, as politicians are considering moving to 100 percent “zero-carbon” resources by 2045 — as a bill being considered this week in the state Legislature would do — regulators are tapping the brakes on Puente and a number of other gas-fired plants planned for the Southern California region.

Since the state has no coal-fired plants and is already planning on shutting down its remaining nuclear plant, natural gas is the next resource in line to be phased out in favor of renewables.

“In general, it’s going to be renewables in, gas out, so you’ve got that sort of long, slow good-night of lots of gas,” said Jim Caldwell, a senior technical consultant with the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, a Sacramento think tank that has been advocating for regulators to reconsider their grid policies to better account for renewables and climate change. “We think Puente is right at the tip of that spear. … The gas industry and the gas generation industry is facing a big problem, and they know it.”

The California Independent System Operator’s study, due out Aug. 16, will go to the California Energy Commission, which will make the final decision on whether to permit Puente.

The study will analyze how much capacity is needed in the Moorpark area of Ventura County, where roughly 2,000 MW is due to retire by 2020. Scenarios will include replacing Puente with varying amounts of demand response, energy efficiency, solar power and storage.

NRG officials said they welcomed the study but defended the plant. “We feel it’s the right project in the right place at the right time,” said NRG spokesman David Knox. The plant’s 20-year power purchase agreement with Edison “aligns well with the transition California is looking at to go to greater and greater renewables,” he said.

In a statement, Edison said it “supports all of the projects that it competitively awarded in 2014 and which have since been approved by the CPUC. The Puente project was competitively selected, in addition to energy efficiency and distributed generation projects.”

The head of a trade group representing independent generators in California faulted CAISO’s process of announcing the study after the CPUC had already approved the contract. “We have a procurement process that’s worked very well in California,” said Jan Smutny-Jones, CEO of the Independent Energy Producers Association. “At the eleventh hour, coming up with issues — really, what’s going on is the people who are advocating for something different are representing people who want to do demand response, rather than the power plant.”

Another factor contributing to the wave of reconsiderations is that many gas-fired plants in California are facing imminent deadlines to stop using “once-through” cooling systems that harm marine life. Those deadlines offer regulators a chance to consider alternatives to repowering or replacement.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power announced last month that it would put all plans to repower its once-through cooled units on hold and perform a study of alternatives, to be completed by early next year. The study will cover 10 gas-fired units at three plants that were scheduled for replacement from 2021 to 2029. Alternatives could include repowering them at a reduced level; improving transmission lines only; or replacing them with distributed energy resources, including energy efficiency, solar power, energy storage, demand response and electric vehicle charging.

CAISO has already started considering a future with less gas than planned. In March, it issued a study examining a 50 percent renewable portfolio standard plus the early retirement of up to 9,658 MW of gas-fired power statewide, and found several potential local reliability issues that could be solved by demand response or transmission upgrades. Issues with not having enough quick-ramping capacity, particularly in the early evening after sunset, emerged between 4,000 and 6,000 MW of retirement.

Caldwell said he thought California could achieve concentrations of up to 75 percent renewables using today’s technology and resources. “I believe fundamental market redesign will be required to go past 75 percent, and we have not started the process of figuring out how to transition there,” he said.

Smutny-Jones conceded that California has created a limited role for gas. “To the extent you’ll see any gas plants being built in California, they will be built for localized need, not system need,” he said. “There may be pockets where you do need something that will actually generate electrons. If batteries and demand response show up, the plant won’t run very much. It’s an insurance policy to keep the lights on in that area.”


CA Liberals’ Demand to Shut Power Plants Risks New Energy Crisis

The Los Angeles Times reports a new effort to shut down local natural gas power plants due to the possibility of a 21 percent electrical capacity glut by 2020. But shrinking the surplus generation cushion runs the risk of launching another energy crisis like the one that caused Governor Gray Davis’ recall.

It has been 14 years since Davis was recalled due to the California Energy Crisis, which featured electrical rates spiking by 1,100 percent and rolling power blackouts across the state.

The culprit then was the Clinton administration’s restructuring of electricity markets in 1998 to drive down consumer utility rates by encouraging the purchase out-of-state electricity on the wholesale spot market, rather than building local power plants and signing long-term supply contracts at slightly higher than spot market rates.

California’s Legislature created the California Power Exchange (CalPX), which made spot purchases from Texas’s Enron and others beginning in 1998. CalPX froze electrical rates to consumers at below the 8-cents-per-kilowatt-hour by charged by California power plants under 30-to-40 year cost reimbursement rates.

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LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an intelligence and threat assessment specialist who has provided selected members of the Arizona State Legislature with intelligence briefings and consultations since June of 2010.  His briefings and reports have been enlarged to include elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  He is the author of the Amazon Kindle booklet: “Our Forefathers truly Appealed to Heaven” $5 Kindle.  Lyle is privileged to write and have published articles and commentaries on several national platforms. 

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