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FEATURED ARTICLES More Democrat Collusion with our Enemies Remembered

More Democrat Collusion with our Enemies Remembered

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The liberal media and the Democrats who appear on camera there, continue to breathlessly discuss Donald Trump Jr.’s conversation with a Russian lawyer as if it were some unprecedented bit of behavior. In fact, words like “unprecedented” seem to be getting thrown around a lot in this situation and as we discussed earlier today… it’s NOT unprecedented. The Clinton campaign was caught in the same kind of behavior back in January, when they were found to have been working with elements of the Ukrainian government to undermine the Trump campaign.


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But wait… there’s more.

Over at Newsbusters today, Brent Bozell and Tim Graham remember a few other scandalous episodes where Democrats worked closely with the Chinese (and other Asian interests) to see the Democrat Party defeat Republicans. They remind us that the Democrats were caught soliciting donations and campaign help from “Liu Chaoying, daughter of the senior commander of Red China’s “People’s Liberation Army,” who met with President Clinton.” Moreover, in 1996, a Washington Post story explained that our intelligence agencies were warning our government leaders that the Chinese government was working very hard to increase their influence over our electoral processes.

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More from Bozell and Graham below.

From Newsbusters:

Twenty years ago this summer, Congress investigated this “Asiagate” plot. While Sen. Fred Thompson’s hearings produced one embarrassing detail after another about the Democrats. How did the press report these damning developments? They bad-mouthed the hearings as a waste of money and buried them under massive coverage of tabloidish stories of death – first the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace in July, and then the accidental death of Princess Diana in August.

By 2000, journalists had energetically forgotten the almost-cinematic embarrassments of 1996, like Al Gore’s Buddhist temple fundraiser in Hacienda Heights, California. Buddhist monks illegally funneled $65,000 to the DNC through straw donors at the instigation of longtime Gore fundraiser Maria Hsia. When newspaper accounts of this money-laundering appeared, temple officials altered and destroyed evidence. The TV networks yawned, even as Hsia was convicted on five counts. 

The Clintons were never chastened from exploiting foreign donors, moving them all into the influence-peddling orbit of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. Even after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009, the Clintons shamelessly continued their international contacts – “personal, political, and financial,” as the Democrats put it. The Clintons made an arrangement with the Obama administration to disclose their donations from foreign governments – and then shamelessly violated it. When Mrs. Clinton left office in 2013, a raft of foreign governments rushed to donate to the widely expected Democratic front-runner of 2016 – to “save lives,” of course, through the Clinton charities.

Here’s the point: the media’s breathless coverage borders on “fake news” not because the content isn’t accurate but because their slant on the reporting is misleading their consumers. The meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer is not “unprecedented,” meetings like that happen all the time, even with our geopolitical foes. Democrats and Republicans both meet regularly with unseemly people who can help or hinder their political prospects, and Trump Jr.’s meeting was innocuous in comparison to some of the events reported above.

Don’t let the hyperventilating media fool you, this story is nothing new and it’s not the scathing indictment they are pretending it to be.

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