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FEATURED ARTICLES How Sane, Sober, Sensible People React to Homosexuality!

How Sane, Sober, Sensible People React to Homosexuality!

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By Don Boys, Ph.D.


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Incredibly, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson chose to recognize June as “LGBTI Month” to uphold the “fundamental freedoms of LGBTI persons to live with dignity and freedom.” This act also permitted U.S. embassies and consulates around the world to positively promote perversion during June.

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And the white flag went up again!

It is good that President Trump did not follow the example of Obama and declare June the month to honor the homosexual crowd; he only permitted surrogates to do so. I’m afraid that the President will approve, applaud, and even abet the practice of homosexuality. He carries a white flag with a rainbow inset just for that crowd.

When Tillerson was president of the Boy Scouts, he was the major player in corrupting the Boy Scouts by removing the ban on homosexual scout masters! Now, he continues to advocate for perversion in the State Department. Just what we need: more corruption.

Of course, this continuation of Obama’s advocacy for abnormality is pitched as showing love, tolerance, and compassion; but it is not love or tolerance or compassion to support people in a lifestyle that will destroy them! How is that love?

America has been bullied, badgered, and blackmailed into accepting the homosexual lifestyle as normal if not desirable–but it is a deathstyle. Furthermore, many professing Christians and church leaders have swallowed the pathetic pitch of perversion. That makes them come under God’s judgment as Isaiah proclaimed in Isa. 5:20, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.”

It shocks my critics to hear that homosexuals don’t exist; only heterosexuals who refuse to live as God intended–one man with one woman in marriage totally faithful to each other for a lifetime. However, those of us who believe that are said to be ignorant, insensitive, and intolerant when we are really observant, obedient, and orthodox.

Homosexuality has long been recognized by normal, decent people as a perversion of reality. It is abnormal, aberrational, and abhorrent and has been for millennia. Only a few years ago, this was not even debated except by a miniscule subculture of deviates.

Homosexuality is obviously unnatural when you compare male and female bodies. Two people of the same sex simply do not fit. Homosexuals must “work around the system” to do their “thing” and their “thing” is diseased, degenerative, dangerous, and deadly. About here, my critics will scream and throw a hissy fit instead of answering my objections to a perverted lifestyle.

I concede that many famous people have been and are bisexual or homosexual but that proves nothing other than some famous people make very dumb decisions. Famous homosexuals include Alexander the Great,  Drew BarrymoreLeonard Bernstein,Raymond BurrEllen DeGeneresJodie FosterAlfred Kinsey, Don Lemon, Leonardo da VinciLindsay LohanRachel MaddowBarry ManilowMichelangeloMarquis de SadeShepard Smith, Tim Cook, Anderson Cooper, Socrates, Jim Nabors, and on and on and on.

When the sodomites of Sodom tried to take Lot’s two heavenly guests, the angels struck the whole crowd with blindness. Sodomites are blind to this day! When homosexuals say, “I was born this way,” they are right: they, like everyone, were born sinners. They say they can’t change; however, Bruce Jenner, a man who dresses like a woman, says he has changed. Why isn’t it very wrong to change Bruce from the way he was born?

It is interesting that most homosexuals are or have (like Bruce) been married, sometime for many years, even producing children. It’s also interesting that most people applaud his change but get indignant when we insist that homosexuals can and should change. Thousands of homosexuals have changed from abnormal to normal without chopping off sensitive body parts. They make that change with reparative therapy; will power; or a new birth experience with Christ–which is more permanent and quicker; it also guarantees eternal life.

From my conversations with homosexuals, I have been told that they could not be sexually normal if they tried to be. Many of them have “tried” but failed. Often, that failure is one reason they turned to the same sex. That is no excuse but it is an explanation.

Another explanation for homosexuality is almost half the homosexuals were seduced into perversion before they were fourteen-years-old. For that reason, we should show some patience with them. Conservative talk show host Tammy Bruce, an admitted lesbian, wrote: “Almost without exception, the gay men I know (and that’s too many to count) have a story of some kind of sexual trauma or abuse in their childhood—molestation by a parent or an authority figure, or seduction as an adolescent at the hands of an adult.”

Classic studies prove that homosexuals become “that way” through various human experiences from a smothering mother to an absent or aloof father to molestation and seduction–with an enormous boost from the media and public education. There is plenty of blame to go around.

In recent years, it is not enough for perversion to be acceptable but now it is demanded that the blessings of the state and church be conveyed upon their “marriage.” But same-sex “marriage” is like Grape-Nuts–neither grapes nor nuts. Same-sex “marriage” is sinful, stupid, and senseless. It is also contrary to nature and to the Scripture.

That brings me to fundamental and evangelical Christians. We are often caricatured in the press, accused of being uneducated, closed minded, bigoted, and even haters. Almost weekly, the media accuse us of being homophobic because we don’t believe homosexuality is normal, desirable, or acceptable. Nor should it be legal! Because we take that position, we are said to be haters. And we are supposed to fear homosexuals.

Look, I don’t hate or fear anyone. I’m a lover; however, I believe that homosexuality is perversion and there are not enough change agents, civil rights adjusters, third rate psychologists, homosexual lawyers, state and federal agents and prosecutors of “hate” laws who can change my mind. No wiggle room.

Because most of the media are too unfair or too slow to understand this correct take on homosexuality, should I instigate a riot to teach the dummies a lesson? Should I fly a plane into a building to express my anger? Maybe I could get Jerry Falwell, Jr., Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Jim Dobson, and a few hundred Christians to race through Washington streets overturning cars, burning buildings, and harming innocent people! I think not. You see, Christians don’t act like that. People without character and biblical principles do.

I demand an answer from my critics: if homosexuality is permissible then why not accept bestiality, pedophilia, sex with the dead, and polygamy? How about some honesty and candor! Who decides where to draw the line?

God drew the line centuries ago when He decided that Adam and Eve were to cleave to each other all their lives in total faithfulness. Then Christ warned us to not even think illicit thoughts!

It’s dangerous, deadly, and possibly even damming to cross God’s line.


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