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BODY OF CHRIST Christians In Politics? Are You Kidding?

Christians In Politics? Are You Kidding?

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By John Miltenberger


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Several days ago I posted on Facebook a 1.5 hour long video of Dutch Sheets talking about America, and how there still is a God-ordained destiny for our country. Among other things, Dutch stated that God had told him, “I AM GOVERNMENT.” According to Dutch, this was given to him as an apolitical statement.

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Many Christians, and apparently many Christian leaders as well, stay away from political topics like they were some form of plague. Of course, this was not the case in the late 1700’s, or we would either be living in a British Commonwealth or speaking German.

The fact is, America has been more blessed than any other nation in history precisely because American Christians invested their lives and fortunes in American government. These radically brave men and women of faith understood something we’ve forgotten in our “fatness”, namely that if our freedoms, based upon our Constitution, fall prey to the Globalist elites currently exposing themselves, our homes won’t be our own much longer, and neither will our families.

The irony to me, is that who among us wouldn’t defend our families to the uttermost of our abilities, up to and including taking a life, if our children’s lives were weighed in the balance? I cannot imagine any parent cowardly enough to turn tail and merely whimper while their children were being slaughtered, if they yet possessed the ability to stop the threat. Without the ability to defend our own homes, we will eventually lose them, and everything and everyone in them. And if we don’t have the freedom to raise our own children, some stranger in government will. Yet our modern pulpits remain mostly silent; politics is dirty, don’t you know?

I think it may have been Finney who said that politics only became dirty when Christians got out of it, and any casual look at the erosion of our freedoms just since World War II, would bear that out. I’m totally on board with the primacy of world wide evangelism, but I doubt those evangelistic efforts would be as fruitful if American Christians had to live in gulags due to non-engagement with the politics of their government.

I believe in the statement Dutch Sheets says God gave him: “I AM government”. God created government, not man, and while He sits enthroned far above all governmental entities, our American political system, composed of political parties, is what we currently have to work within, and it’s obviously broken. Should the heathen be trusted to fix it?

Our political system is chronically sick and broken because it has been feeding itself on the increasingly potent poison of partisanship, and it may well be fatal if Christians don’t once again get involved. If God created government, why would He tell His own children, who will someday rule the world with Him, to stay clear away from politics?

Of course the Globalists hate us. Hate has always been their family trademark. How can we think to plunder their camp without risk? Like Jesus; like disciple. Well, we were warned!

Hatred is what they do…are we Christians good with that? Will they be allowed to run our government and rule our country because we think we’re too good to get dirty? Can’t we simply pray God’s blessings upon them and leave it at that? How would that work if God is waiting for us to step forward with the authority He gave His disciples when He sent them forth, while we wait for God to “do something”?

If the creator of government, ‘is government’ , how can we remain in good standing with Him by abdicating our God-given authority to the God haters pulling the strings of power in our place?

Personally, and this is just me, I’m praying that first, God will impact our government with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Prayer should always come first, and it can bring about better, more permanent cures, but secondly, I’m also praying God will remove every person and every governmental system that is tainted by corruption. And as far as I’m concerned, how He does it and who He targets is totally up to Him.

God has plans for America and His people living there; it’s time we got back on the right track.

This piece reflects my personal opinion, nothing will arrive in the mail!


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