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FEATURED ARTICLES Hillary Clinton says she’s Not Running for President Again

Hillary Clinton says she’s Not Running for President Again

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Thank God for major miracles, in a recent interview Hillary Clinton said a lot of crazy things but she also said one thing that I think everyone will be glad to hear.


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After the moderator of the conversation asked “Are you running again?”

Clinton responded by shaking her head and saying… “No.”

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Amen. Hallelujah. Miracles really do happen.

Hillary said some super-crazy things too.

Like that odd word that President Trump seems to have invented, “Covfefe,” was actually some kind of secret signal to the Russians.

“I Thought It Was A Hidden Message To The Russians,” the very old and obviously insane former presidential candidate said.

Clinton also argued that the information used against her and the DNC could not have been “weaponized” without the help of Americans.

HILLARY CLINTON: How did they know what messages to deliver? Who told them? Who told them? Who were they ‘coordinating’ with or ‘colluding’ with? Because the Russians historically in the last couple decades, and then increasingly, are launching cyber attacks, and they are stealing vast amounts of information. A lot of the information they’ve stolen, they’ve used for internal purposes to affect markets, to affect the intelligence services, etc. So this was different. They went public.

And they were conveying this weaponized information, and the content of it. And they were running, there’s all these stories about guys over in Macedonia who are running these fake news sites. and I’ve seen them now. You sit there and it looks like a low level CNN operation. Like a fake newspaper.

So the Russians, in my opinion, and based on the intel and counter-intel people I’ve talked to, could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been guided.

QUESTION: By Americans?

CLINTON: Guided by Americans and people who had polling and data.

QUESTION: Who is that?

CLINTON: Let me just finish because this is the second and third step. So we know that they did that. We understand it. Best example, so within one hour, one hour of the “Access Hollywood” tapes being leaked, within one hour, the Russians, let’s say Wikileaks, same thing, dumped the Jon Podesta e-mails.

None of this makes any sense. Because the information released wasn’t “weaponized,” it was simply released to the public. WikiLeaks released thousands and thousands of pages of documents and the media combed through it all to find the most damning content. In fact, the people who weaponized leaks were the Democrats themselves when they decided to say and do the terrible things they did. Whether it was the damning commentary in the Podesta emails, or Hillary’s decision to keep Top Secret information in her bathroom closet – unguarded, or it was the DNC’s decision to ignore the will of Democrat voters and cram Hillary Clinton down their throats.

That wasn’t the Russians “weaponizing” anything… it was the Democrats doing what the Democrats do. Being stupid, being corrupt, and ignoring the actual will of the people.

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