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MEMORIAL DAY 2017: Heroes Remembered


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God of Our Fathers, whose Almighty hand did make and has preserved our Nation, grant that Americans everywhere may understand what it is today we truly remember.  May Americans remember how bitterly our freedom was won, the down payment that was made for it, the installments that have been made since this Republic was born, and the price that must yet be paid for our liberty to be preserved! May freedom be seen, not as a right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to please to do what is right.  May it ever be understood that our liberty is under God and can be found nowhere else.  As a nation, may we never be ashamed or afraid of standing alone for the rights of men, since we were born that way, as the only nation on earth that came into being “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”  To the extent that America honors you, Oh Lord, will You please bless America, and keep her true as You have kept her free, and please make her good, and our leaders true servants under Your direction.  Make America, herself, Your servant, Your chosen channel of blessing to all lands, lest we be cast out, and our place be given to another.  Thank you for the dear precious sacrifices made by countless soldiers and their families to preserve the values contained in our Founding Documents, and which made this Nation exceptional and a true guiding light on a hill.  We remember this day most particularly as a day of solemn remembrance to those brave men and women who put down their plows and school books, set aside their dreams, chose to interrupt their lives, and often their families, and picked-up swords of battle to defend what You, dear Lord, birthed in the founding of America.  We remember this day the men and women of our United States Armed Forces who willing paid the price for peace, who gave their own life so another may live demonstrating the truth in Scripture that says; “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).  We recall with great honor, great dignity, those who paid the ultimate price so freedom could ring from every school house and every steeple across our Land, so you and I may enjoy the fruit of liberty which only freedom from tyranny and bondage can bring.  Dear Lord, may we never forget their unselfish sacrifices, from Lexington and Concord down through rice paddies of Vietnam and onto the barren lands of Iraq and hills of Afghanistan, and countless other little known places where freedom was being extinguished.  May their loved ones rest in the knowledge that America remembers their family member who stood tall before he or she fell, and may we, the beneficiaries of their sacrifice, live nobler lives and dedicate ourselves anew to You, Oh Lord, and to our fellow countrymen.  I pray in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen and Amen –

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Norman Rockwell – “Mending the Flag” 27 May 1922) (CLICK ON IMAGE)

MEMORIAL DAY 2012 (click here)

Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington spent nine-hours in constructing the post linked above.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHRbb72MtZ8Image link above



Cemetery Watchmen

Ashes found in trash led to proper burial


MANSIONS OF THE LORD – United States Military Academy Mens Glee Club

THE NAVY HYMN – United States Naval Academy

Mens Glee Club

ECHO TAPS – United States Marine Corps Band



Captain William Edward Nordeen, United States Navy (CLICK ABOVE)



(Photo links to Brad’s biography)



Men of the USS STARK (FFG – 31) – 17 May 1987

SN Doran H. Bolduc, Lacey, WARMSA Dexter D. Grissett, Macon, GAFCCS Robert L. Shippee, Adams Center, NYBM1 Braddi O. Brown, Calera, ALFC3 William R. Hansen, Reading, MASMSA Jeffrey C. Sibley, Metairie, LAFC3 Jeffrey L. Calkins, Richfield Springs, NYGMG3 Daniel Homicki, Elizabeth, NJOS3 Lee Stephens, Pemberton, OHSN Mark R. Caouette, Fitchburg, MAOSSN Kenneth D. Janusik, Jr., Clearwater, FLBM2 James R. Stevens, Visalia, CASN John A. Ciletta, Jr.,  Brigantine, NJOS1 Steven E. Kendall, Honolulu, HIET3 Martin J. Supple, Jacksonville, FLSR Brian M. Clinefelter, San Bernardino, CAEMCS Stephen Kiser, Elkhart, INFC1 Gregory L. Tweady, Champaign, ILOS3 Antonio A. Daniels, Greeleyville, SCSM1 Ronnie G. Lockett, Bessemer, ALET3 Kelly R. Quick, Linden, MIET3 Christopher DeAngelis, Dumont, NJGMM1 Thomas J. MacMullen, Darby, PASN Vincent L. Ulmer, Bay Minette, ALIC3 James S. Dunlap, Osceola Mills, PAEW3 Charles T. Moller, Columbus, GAEW3 Joseph P. Watson, Ferndale, MISTGSN Steven T. Erwin,  Troy, MIDS1 Randy E. Pierce, Choctaw, OKET3 Wayne R. Weaver, II, New Bethlehem, PARM2 Jerry Boyd Farr, Charleston, SCSA Jeffrei L. Phelps, Locust Grove, VAOSSN Terrance Weldon, Coram, NYQMCS Vernon T. Foster, Jacksonville, FLGM3 James Plonsky, Van Nuys, CAIC2 Lloyd A. Wilson, Summerville, SC SMSN Earl P. Ryals,  Boca Raton, FL



Click on the patch (scroll down for the full report)

Casualties of the 30 July 1987 “Desert Duck” crash Lt. William E. Ramsburg, 31, of Scotland, S.D., the pilot; Lt. (j.g.) James F. Lazevnick, 25, of Waldorf, MD. the co-pilot, Radioman 2nd Class Albert B. Duparl of Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Air Force Lt. Col. Horace S. Gentle, 44, of Mooresville, N.C., a staff officer with the U.S. Central Command.




Petty Officer Shields Medal of Honor Citation (link)

USS MARVIN SHIELDS (FF – 1066) Association (link)






DEDICATED to the MEMORY of the

* 28 February 1968 *

RMSN K. L. Cook

* 27 February 1969 *

BMC Donald J. Fisher, EN1 Bert E. Burton, EM1 Cecil F. Bush, CS2 Marvin D. Avery, RM2 David W. Hawryshko, QM3 Earnest J. Buckelew, GMG3 Ronald J. Gebbie, BM3 Donald M. Horton, BM3 Ronald P. Yuhas, FN Joseph F. Burinda, SN Bruno W. Demata, SN Craig E. Swagler, FN Charles A. Tavares


Seaman James Burkhart, United States Navy – USS STERETT (CG – 31)






Ed “Too Tall” Freeman, United States Army – Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (CLICK ABOVE)



Captain Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, Jr., Medical Corps, United States Navy – recipient Bronze Star wtih Combat “V” for Valor (OPERATION TORCH – 8 November 1942) (CLICK ABOVE)





MANSIONS OF THE LORD (Ronan Tynan – click on gray dot with white right pointing arrow next to Ronan’s photo)

Minstrel Boy (John McDermott)









Second Class Petty Officer  Michael Monsoor, United States Navy – recipient Congressional Medal of Honor (CLICK ON IMAGE)


Second Class Petty Officer Michael Monsoor – CLICK ON IMAGE



Click on the illustration above for Lieutenant Murphy’s Medal of Honor Citation


May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind ever be at your back,
May you find old friends waiting to greet you, there on the outside track.
We’re gathered together old times to remember, ’tis but for ourselves we would grieve,
So we’ll sing you a chorus and bid you farewell – fair winds and a following sea.

We’ll sing of ‘The Leaf’ and ‘The Parting Glass’, we’ll raise up our voices in song,
No sadness today for those who have passed, we celebrate with a voices glad and strong.
A catch in the throat, a tear in the eye, but no funeral dirge will this be,
We’ll roar ‘Auld Lang Syne’ as a victory song – fair winds and a following sea.

And those of us left here will miss a true friend, who shared with us good times and bad, Raising a glass to your memory we’ll say: “We’ve known you – why should we be sad?”
We honor a life that was lived to the full, we honor a spirit, now free.
You’ll long be remembered, whenever we say: “Fair winds and a following sea!”







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