Saturday, January 16, 2021

An Issue of Relevancy

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By John Miltenberger


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Beginning this piece, I’m reminded of the husband who awoke in the morning and while still in bed, leaned over to his wife and said, “Honey, I’m so sorry.” She looked at him and replied, “For what?” Then he said, “I’m certain I’ll do something wrong today, and I just wanted to apologize before that happens.” That said, let me add to this paragraph: “I’m sorry.”

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Since the Fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden, we’ve been subject to a broad curse, with multiple applications. We all know this as a fact, but this piece isn’t about an issue of fact, it is an issue of heart. Since Adam got rejected from the garden, the first way, and perhaps the most pervasive way that the curse could be seen and felt, was that it created an immediate wall of separation between him and all others.

This separation was evident from the first discourse that God had with Adam following the transgression, when He asked, “Adam, where are you?” Bear in mind that God never asks a question because He’s seeking information, and with this question, He was defining a new relationship – sadly.

Today, both in our families, extended families, church families, peers at work and all others, the separation is still there, and it’s consistent; we’ve never known it to be otherwise. In short, we have no contrast.

Due to this wall of separation, our post-fall “normal”, to varying degrees and in various circumstances we’ve become irrelevant to all but ourselves, and in my opinion, this is especially evident in our current, western mindset. Someone once said, David Wilkerson I think, that if the devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy, and how true this is.

Speaking personally and transparently, (this is where the pre-apology comes in!), being several states away from most of my family gave me a justifiable excuse to understand, and make comfortable excuses for the wall of separation I felt from most of them. They, after all, have their own lives to lead…, but now, having obviated that excuse, the wall is still there. And I’m learning – it is the “normal” condition. And if you were really honest with yourselves, perhaps you could relate.

We raised our kids to be able to stand on their own, and make their own way – okay so far, but unbeknownst to us, we also raised them to be able to construct their own walls of separation, as we once did, and over time we became just like our parents became to most of us…mostly irrelevant.

We parents, and now grandparents, have a critical role to fill in our families, but that role is all too often the same as the mathematical function of zero; we fill a space on a family collage no one really looks at anymore. The collage would be empty without us, we would be missed, but in a sad way, it’s just as empty with us. We, like our parents before us, have become largely irrelevant. It reminds me of the “Cats in the Cradle” song of years ago.

Human nature is cross-cultural, and some cultures don’t exhibit this problem as severely as we do in North America, but they do have it. With life so fleeting, just yesterday we were the cutting edge, today we’ve drifted into the sepia-colored background of an old family photo. I don’t think any of us saw it coming.

To a degree, this is right and healthy, for the newer generations should have their turn at the plow. Our big responsibility as parents was to make them ready for it, but never was it our expectation that as they took the plow, we would consequently be cast aside and irrelevant. We once led the way, now however, we are increasingly in the way.

I know these are general statements, and all such have their own limits, but how often have we had in-depth, intimate conversations with our kids, or their kids? How often did we have that level of conversation with our own parents? Not a common event, I’d wager.

Back in our younger days we weren’t concerned with it – we were strictly concerned about ourselves. Now, with the broader vision of hindsight coming more and more into focus as we age, perhaps we have become more able to see the true perversion of this “normal”, and the walls of separation between us and everyone else are more readily experienced as the walls of a prison. As we did to others, it is being done to us.

I’m seeking God more all the time, to restore my relationships, and I’m not limiting the scope to family only. I don’t want those relationships, some old, some newer, to be restored to what they might have once been, I want them restored re-creatively, and only God can do that.

And with conscious decisions, I’ve authorized God to do this in my life, for He will not circumvent my free will. I’m trusting God, for Whom nothing is too hard, to get the job done, and as long as I’ve trusted Him, He’s never failed me.


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