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The Marxist Agenda-21 Game Plan: Still Very Much Alive and Posing as ‘Environmental Protectors’

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One week ago today, I was privileged to coordinate a legislative field hearing in Page, Arizona – five hours North from the Arizona State Capitol if you drive.  Four Arizona State Senators and one State Representative made the trip to be available to subject-matter specialists, elected officials, and citizens in the matter of the pending closure of one of the largest power plants west of the Mississippi.  When you wade through the swamp of “concerned” rhetoric, political posturing, and spin what remains is evidence that the Marxist Agenda-21 game plan is still very much at work in America.  The direct assault of the Obama Administration and their stooges who mask as environmental protectors are still very much alive; entrenched three and four layers down within federal departments and agencies, joined by federal court judges acting as policy makers but banging gavels of power to enforce their personal ideological policies, and the systematic dismantling of commerce, energy, and free-market capitalism continues.


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Attached is a press release from Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, one of the legislators who made the long journey that day, and then spent time after the hearing to personally meet and confer with elected officials, county administrators, First-Nation leaders from both the Hopi and Navajo Reservations, and business owners – all of whom will be directly hurt by the closure of this power plant; as I might add, will be very many Arizonans as far southwestern Tucson.  So from the northern border of Arizona to the southern border, if the assault by environmentalists is successful and this plant closes, Arizona families, businesses, cities and counties all will be adversely harmed economically.  And are you ready…the environment will not be saved or even improved!  That’s right!  This very large coal fired plant has proven to be less polluting than the highways of southern California from whence much of the haze that periodically covers the Grand Canyon comes.  The coal that fires this plant that then produces the energy and water supplies which provide for much of Arizona is so pure, so clean, and burns so efficiently hot…this coal has to be “treated” before it can be tossed into the furnaces.  The emissions coming out of this plant have been proven to be miniscule, but the environmental and Marxist ideological rhetoric prevails.

Representative Finchem’s remarks along with other Arizona State Legislators are not offered as mere political verbiage.  The Arizona State Legislators who listened intently, took copious notes, and asked direct and candid questions to some of the presenters one week ago today, are, themselves, like the power plant being threatened, fired-up.  Lives are literally at stake, businesses and families can be divided and ruined, entire communities will be devastated and very possibly forever altered if this economic and power-producing engine is shuttered.  The immediate and direct economic “hit” to Arizona will be $517 million with additional millions over another ten years.  The Hopi Tribe will immediately lose 80% of their general operating budget.  The Navajo Nation will lose at least $50 million yearly and experience approximately 3,500 additional unemployment.  Six other First-Nation Tribes throughout Arizona will experience significant increases in water expenses just to maintain current levels of operation.  Three northern Arizona Counties already are attempting to reduce budgets and services in anticipation of significant economic revenue loss.  Arizona citizens who have little idea as to what is taking place will experience higher utility and water rates.  But environmental soldiers will congratulate themselves as they move onto other targets already chosen in Oklahoma, Montana, and South Dakota.

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The assaults by Marxist inspired followers in the name of “Save Our Environment” is NOT about saving the environment.  In part, it is about removing people from the land and relocating them to chosen holding areas.  This well underway assault is a direct threat to our National Security.  In Arizona we have a few State Legislators who “get it!”  I spent much of the past eight weeks investigating, meeting, coordinating resources in preparation for this legislative field trip.  And the field hearing last week was a sign that five legislators (there are additional members, also) are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with those who will be hurt.  Representative Finchem’s attached remarks is a further signal, a further Sounding the Shofar of Warning that the fight over the future of our country has been joined by those who shall not allow radical ideologies to prevail over the beliefs and principles our Forefathers established to establish this exceptional nation.  Do not make the error of thinking this event is strictly restricted to Arizona, it is not!  American culture, economics, commerce, heritage and principles are all targeted.

Press Release Representatives Mark Finchem NGS shutdown


LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an Intelligence and Threat Assessment Specialist who has advised selected members of the Arizona State Legislature since May of 2010, on matters addressing southern Border Security and threats to State sovereignty.  His consultations have grown to include other elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  He is the author of the Kindle booklet: Our Forefathers Truly Appealed to Heaven $5 Amazon Kindle; and he is privileged to write for various national Christian platforms and journals.  

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  1. Darwin is the progressive Marxist left’s weird anti-Moses who liberated them from the Cross and led them back into the demon-haunted wilderness where they became the servants of the spirit of death. Thus the serpent first whispered progressive leftism in the garden (Gen. 3:5) and sealed it with the promise of the kingdoms of the world on the condition that progressives bow down to the serpent. (Matthew 4:9) Thus within the philosophical system of Marxist leftism and at the blackened heart of their psychology, hatred of the Holy Triune God,

    “…is the principal driving force, more fundamental than all their political and economic pretensions. Militant atheism is not merely incidental or marginal to Communist policy; it is not a side effect, but the central pivot.” Solzhenitsyn

      • Thank you, Greg, for responding to Linda Kimball’s comments below; I appreciate your assist. As Greg knows it is not always easy or quick for me to respond to a reader’s comment. I just have not figured out how to be in a couple of places at the same time, but I am open to any suggestions from TOBR readers on this challenge. Greg has been most kind to me over several years now as I submit reports and commentaries; sometimes going a bit inbetween postings due to (see aforesaid statement on being in multiple places). The readers of TOBR, the various contributing authors, and Greg as Publisher are a true gift, and I value the relationship to all! We are living in exciting times watching and living through fulfillment of Scripture as we wait the Coming of our Lord, Yeshua Ha Mashiach. The wars that are waging in the political arena are but one dimension of Ephesians 6 playing out before our eyes. A further dimension is in the church where a clear separating is underway; sheep from the goats, wheat from the chaff. The Lord is building His Remnant Church across our Land, and, indeed, across the world. He is still very much looking for those who will pick up their cross and follow Him daily. Greg and TOBR offer a much needed platform for teaching, sharing of vital information, encouragement. The authors on this platform share incredible insights, and the growing list of readers are responding. The Lord has me working in the natural, Sounding the Shofar of Warning to His Remnant as to some of the activities He wants to inform His Church, and for which He wants His people praying and interceding. There are still gathering forces of darkness coming against the United States, isolating Israel, and generally moving to bring fear and discouragement, a mocking at the promises Yeshua made to those who will fight to the end of the age and not hesitate to represent Him to a world that is a desperate to know Him as when Yeshua walked the earth. Agenda-21 is demonic. Agenda-21 is one of the political dimensions in the natural orchestrated by the Powers and Principalities described in Ephesians 6. Thanks, Greg, for once again helping me…you have been faithful and kind over the six years we have been acquainted. Thank you, Linda Kimball, for taking the time to share your valuable perceptions. ~LJR

        • I have done very little – but you are most welcome Lyle. Always appreciate your analysis on situations and current events. Your help to me has been invaluable.

          God bless


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