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FEATURED ARTICLES Looking For Frodo (To Run For Congress)

Looking For Frodo (To Run For Congress)

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Back when the Trump Train was steaming through the Republican primaries last summer, we asked two questions:


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Can overtly unbiblical power be seized and reliably used for good?

Or must it be destroyed?

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The reason for asking had a whole lot to do with the fact that politically active professing Christians in America were yet again stampeding away from Scripture as their guide to politics and rushing into the arms of the Pagan Political Right flavor of the moment to “make America great again”.

Now here we are almost a year later.

Donald Trump is President.

Has been for months.

During that time, we’ve experienced a failed attempt to tweak/rebrand ObamaCare as TrumpCare, RyanCare, or RINOCare; we’ve bombed Syria; we’ve kicked the (fictional) fiscal can down the road again by raising the debt ceiling; we’ve watched the LGBTQ wave continue to roll over the culture; and we’ve seen a new budget come outta Republican-dominated DC that funds Planned Parenthood along with a million other programs and organizations openly at war with the liberty-defining Word of God.

Have we ditched the Department of Education yet?


But we did get a new Secretary for the Department…

So goes this latest chapter of American Orwellian history.

And why?

What’s the biggest reason for this unending lurch down Statism lane in America?

The answer is as clear as it is painful: Americans – especially professing conservative Christians in America – overwhelmingly support big government Socialism and American Statism. The vast majority of professing Christians in America are stark raving Socialists.

We want public schools, which are funded through the confiscation of others’ property and are used to teach the religion of Statism, fulfilling multiple objectives of The Communist Manifesto in one shot.

We want Social Security.

We want Medicare.

We want “help” and “safety nets” for this group and that, all funded through the theft of property from others.

And we definitely want a ginormous military through which to dominate the globe and prop up the increasingly shaky American empire.

We want to keep and use the Ring of Power.

We don’t want to destroy it.

We just want to keep it from [insert perceived/actual enemy group here].

Which brings us to Frodo.

Frodo, for those who are (sadly) unfamiliar with Lord of the Rings mythology, was charged with the task of escorting the potentially world-enslaving Ring of Power to its death. He, as The Ringbearer, was chosen for the seemingly impossible task of resisting the lure of unlimited power pulsing through The Ring long enough to take it to the only place that it can be destroyed and finishing it off there.

The Ring calls out to many along the way, tempting them to make use of its incredible power, knowing that those who succumb to its lure are inevitably warped and dominated by its power. No matter how much they may begin with good intentions, the power they weild always corrupts. It always destroys.

Which brings us back to ‘Merica, where we are still a very proud and far-from-repentant people. We still actually seem to believe that the power of The Ring (or, better put, The State) can be rightly used to interfere with every area of life.

We believe that The State/The Ring can and should be used to promote things like Social Security, a massive (and wildly unbiblical) military, and all manner of “helpful” programs that, in truth, only lead to deeper dependence and bondage (by design).

We have no desire to destroy The Ring.

We want it to take care of us. We want it to keep us from having to live as truly free people, since true freedom includes (and requires) utterly unappetizing concepts like the freedom to fail.

Nope, instead of freedom – instead of the liberty- and freedom-enabling Law of God – we want The State. We want The Ring.

We want The Ring to help The State continue to fulfill the stolen roles of the individual, the family, and the church. After all, if The State didn’t have the power of The Ring, the church would have to be the church, the family would have to be responsible and strong, and individuals would have to be mature, functioning adults.

We seem to want none of that freedom-requiring responsibility and maturity in America. We infinitely prefer to pretend to be free while remaining children. That’s the American Way these days – to sing about bravery and freedom on cue like a trained chimp while living in a land where the State owns everybody’s homes, babies are murdered openly and “legally” by the millions for convenience, and we are “free” to openly worship any false God that we like…all while shipping our children off to the State for explicitly anti-Christian education so that they might continue the multigenerational march toward the Orwellian hellhole that is emerging around us.

This is what The Ring has accomplished in our hands. This is where Republicans and Democrats have led us using its power.

Until we repent of our desire to see that power “used for good” and beg God for the grace to destroy it – to reject every aspect of American Statism that we’ve embraced for over 100 years – we are as pathetic as Gollum and as doomed as Sauron.

Until we start sending truly Spirit-filled, Christ-centered men to DC who are committed to destroying the Ring of Power rather than using it, we will only get more of the same as we consign future generations to a level of debt, darkness, and State-dependence from which they will be unable to escape.

So the next time someone solicits your vote for office – any office – ask them how much unbiblical civil governmental power they want to see stripped from the seat of power in which they hope to sit.

Their answer will tell you all you need to know about the way they’ll handle The Ring…and your freedom.

Republished with permission Fire Breathing Christian

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  1. Reading this post caused a flood of emotions – everything the author says is correct, I cannot argue with a single word. We have a big problem, our once Christian nation is Christian no more. I do not think we can restore Christianity via politics. Donald J. Trump may be the best we can do with the people we have. In fact, that is exactly what I think. At least Trump was a member of the Conservative club in NYC since the 1980’s and the people we know who were in that club with him, including my friend/neighbor Mr. Walter McSherry (known in the State of S.C. as Mr. Republican) say Trump was a Conservative for the 20 years he knew the man. What does that tell us? At least he’s not very likely to be a socialist, a communist, or anti-religious. He’s not the enemy, he’s just a realist; he’s looking at the Congress this sorry generation has sent to Washington to be its representatives, and he has to know he has a big problem. But he will probably try to fulfill as many of his promises as he can. Why wouldn’t he? If we take stock of his many, powerful enemies, obviously, he’s not one of them. At least we can be confidant of that. So what can we do? I think we have to revive the Spirit in ourselves and share it with our neighbors. That is how the pagan world became Christian and it’s how we will make it Christian again. It will take a long time, but I think that is the best thing we can do – it’s not our political job, it’s our everyday, every minute job, and it is probably more important than what we do politically – as important as that is.

    • Good comment. Yes sharing Christ is the most important thing. The Lord is forming His Remnant Church even now – and many of the churches of today and the people in them will not be a part of it.
      If Trump is a conservative, well he is not a very good one, but time will tell. That being said, people ought to realize things would have been MUCH worse had Hillary won. It’s time to stop moaning and groaning about Trump, give the man a chance, and realize we escaped a very dim future in Hillary.


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