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BIBLE STUDY / DEVOTIONALS Jerusalem, City of the Great King

Jerusalem, City of the Great King

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By John Miltenberger


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For the last month or so, I’ve felt pressed to focus my prayers on the United States, as the spiritual battle, contrary to many, was not finished with the last presidential election, but in fact it only opened the door to the real conflict.

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The election opened a window for the people of God, a window of time and opportunity, a firm place to pray and fight from, solid ground. That is what the election accomplished, in spite of the multitudes of Christians who have not ceased celebrating, as if it was the culmination of all their prayers. In fact, this last election has only positioned us for a grand battle yet to be fought and won, and it all starts and ends with prayer.

We must keep in mind what is going on in the dimensions of God that we cannot see, and why. At this time, we must put away the party food, tone down the festivities and get to work. It will be hard-fought because the stakes are so high. If we have peace or war on the earth, keep in mind that God’s will is going to be fulfilled, with our cooperation or in spite of it. I’d recommend cooperation.

Like I stated, I’ve been pressed to pray ardently for America for about the last thirty days or so, but that came to an abrupt end two nights ago. I remember I was finished praying, I thought, and was returning to bed when the thought struck my brain like an explosion, and it was not my thought! It was entirely external and I was unprepared for it. Here is what I heard: “Your prayer focus has changed; from now until I tell you to stop, it is to be this: pray that the American embassy in Israel is moved to Jerusalem, the city of the Great King.”

Now I don’t claim to be a lawyer, especially of international law, but I believe that embassy grounds belong to the nation represented therein. Our embassies are like little Americas, and once in the front door, the petitioner stands on American soil. Our embassy in Israel is currently in Tel Aviv. As such, although recognized as American soil, the placement of it in Tel Aviv has no spiritual significance, and the powers in the heavenlies remain unimpressed. They know full well, and we should know it too, that Jerusalem is, and always will be, the City of the Great and coming King.

Jesus will rule from Jerusalem – not Tel Aviv. It was His expressed choice, and that is why the city of Jerusalem has always been the major bone of contention for all the God-haters internationally; Israel certainly, but Jerusalem in particular. Certainly the Muslims know it – why don’t we? It’s plainly stated in the Bible.

The spiritual powers of darkness and their human minions know, that if America moves its embassy to Jerusalem, the prophetic significance for them is catastrophic. They will have been put on notice, and reminded painfully that time is running out for them. Tel Aviv carries no such weight because Jesus will return, and soon it is hoped, to rule and reign on the earth from Jerusalem, and His return will be the culmination of all history on earth.

And by moving our embassy to Jerusalem, the United States is stating, in effect, whether some know it or not, that our country recognizes and endorses this prophetic event. Now that’s supporting Israel! As such, the fight against this happening, both in the heavenlies and consequently on earth, will perhaps be unparalleled in our memory.

I realize that many reading this will wonder what drugs I’m taking, and this piece will zip right over their heads, but I also hope that many who read this will hear the unction of God in it, and begin to intercede, partnering with Him.

For the people God recognizes as His, this is an incredible opportunity and an incredible honor both for them and for the United States. Those countries that bless Israel will be blessed by God; those that curse (or decline to bless) Israel, will be cursed.

Let’s join with Him and with each other, to fight for this prophetic re-positioning; there is much at stake, and it will be hard-fought, but God never calls His own to a fight that’s unwinnable.

I want the United States to be blessed once more by God; we’ve never needed it more, and I want to facilitate the plans of God and the return of His Son.

May His enemies be scattered.


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