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FEATURED ARTICLES Intersectionality: the Latest Craze of Leftist Energy Worshippers

Intersectionality: the Latest Craze of Leftist Energy Worshippers

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Intersectionality is the latest academic craze sweeping the increasingly insane American academy and its’ zealous cultic followers:


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On the surface, it’s a recent neo-Marxist theory that argues that social oppression does not simply apply to single categories of identity — such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc. — but to all of them in an interlocking system of hierarchy and power. At least, that’s my best attempt to define it briefly. But watching that video helps show how an otherwise challenging social theory can often operate in practice.”

“It is operating, in Orwell’s words, as a “smelly little orthodoxy,” and it manifests itself, it seems to me, almost as a religion. It posits a classic orthodoxy through which all of human experience is explained — and through which all speech must be filtered. Its version of original sin is the power of some identity groups over others. To overcome this sin, you need first to confess, i.e., “check your privilege,” and subsequently live your life and order your thoughts in a way that keeps this sin at bay. The sin goes so deep into your psyche, especially if you are white or male or straight, that a profound conversion is required.”  (Is Intersectionality a Religion?  Andrew Sullivan, NYMag, March 10, 2017)

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Intersectionality is a recent offshoot of identity politics. In its’ turn, identity politics is the product of materially pagan and animistic (i.e., dialectic matter) Marxist cultural determinism and group solidarity (pagan oneness). Cultural determinism is,

“…identity politics—the politics of radical feminism, queer revolution, and Afro-centrism—which is the basis of academic multiculturalism..a form of intellectual fascism and, insofar as it has any politics, of political fascism as well.” Mussolini and Neo-Fascist Tribalism, David Horowitz, 1998)

Man in the earliest ages worshipped the serpent because in some mysterious way the serpent symbolized the creative forces in nature…”  (The Worship of Creative Energy as Symbolized by the Serpent, Charles Edward Herring, p. 11)

Cultural determinism was birthed by the idea that man is the product of creative evolutionary energies acting on dialectical (thinking) matter, therefore man’s identity is wholly determined by, for example, skin color (biological race theory) or erotic appetites (varying and ever evolving ‘genders’). In this way of thinking, man is a bio-machine fully caused and determined by creative energies.

Intersectionality is the invention of American professor Kimberle Crenshaw. In essence it is a theory positing the victimization of ‘fully caused and determined’ women who experience oppression in varying configurations and in varying degrees:

Cultural patterns of oppression are not only interrelated, but are bound together and influenced by the intersectional systems of society. Examples of this include race, gender, class, ability, and ethnicity.” (wikipedia)

Energy worshippers, whether Marxist, Progressive, or perhaps Transhumanist, are modern pagans whose fall is not onto the ground but into the depths of their demon-haunted, ever-darkening imaginations.

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