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BIBLE STUDY / DEVOTIONALS Re-Configurations With God

Re-Configurations With God

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By John Miltenberger


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“Behold, the former things have come to pass, Now I declare new things; Before they spring forth I proclaim them to you.” [Isaiah 42:9; NASB]

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I think it was in 2015 that the word came to my wife and I, “Downsize.” Up to that time, we had been living a fairly average life while accumulating many things. The closets were full of clothing we just might need in the future, if we managed to gain, or lose weight; I had my extra jackets, shirts and jeans, while my wife stacked up “fat pants”, “skinny pants”, etc., just in case… My garage was stuffed to the gills with “good” stuff – you know the kind I’m talking about: too good to throw out, but never useful? Well, maybe some day… So, we began a very slow and too selective process of getting rid of stuff, or more accurately, re-organizing.

I think by 2016 we had heard from many of our friends that God was also telling them to “Downsize”, so we began to take Him more seriously, and by that, I mean we began to think about downsizing in the more immediate future. Rather than just re-organize, we actually sort of, began to throw away some things. Horrors! It was more difficult than I thought! I discovered the neighborhood thrift stores could be depositories rather than dispensaries. But we had no idea yet of what was coming!

It was in the fall of 2015 and late winter of 2016 that we had begun looking for a different house, as we had convinced ourselves the word we had heard meant that God wanted us to trim down in order to move locally. We even tried to put contracts on several local houses, but all the contracts fizzled and died. Consequently, we began asking God “Why?” So of course, we figured the frustration was due to devilish resistance. After all, how could we be wrong?

Later, in the summer of 2016 we visited my daughter and son-in-law’s church in the Kansas City area – and got blown away! I should provide a bit of background here: we had visited a few times before beginning in 2014 and 2015, and each visit had progressively ruined us for any other church. That was unsettling, because after returning home from the church in Kansas City, we found every time we opened our mouths to talk about it with fellow church members, we tended to alienate more than attract. Odd how that happens. And it seemed obvious our pastor had become suspicious of us; once, he even went so far as to awkwardly interrupt our conversation with another church member in an apparent effort to control the conversation. At the same time, we felt an increasing distancing happening between us and our “friends” at our home church. We didn’t understand why, but it was undeniably happening.

It was during the 2016 summer visit that we heard someone in Kansas City say, “You know, sometimes they just don’t want what you have.” And it was on the drive home that we began to seriously consider if we were being called to not only change houses, but states.

It was only several months later when we signed up for a church conference in Kansas City. As a side note, in August, I had felt an unexplainable urge to buy a newer car with less mileage and better per-gallon fuel economy than the one we had, because I felt we would be doing a lot of driving in the near future. There was no particular reason for the feeling that I could point to, just a very strong impression that I couldn’t shake with logic or reasoning.

Just before returning to Kansas City for the conference in late September 2016, I urged my wife to submit her resume to several cities in the Kansas City area…again, no particular logic, but an unshakable impression. And really, what were the odds?! I told her, “Sometimes you just have to put yourself in motion…” The odds were pretty good apparently, because just before we left for our trip, an HR Department in a city in the Kansas City area phoned my wife and asked if she could come in for an interview. Sometimes I’m not the brightest light in the harbor, but the fact the date of the interview coincided with when we would be there for the conference should have flagged my senses!

We arrived for the conference, oddly entitled, The Breakthrough Conference, on September 28th; the conference started the next day. During our lunch break on the 29th, my wife was interviewed. Again, I should have been sharper than I was, even though I thought it odd at the time that I had once worked with one of the people in the clerk’s office of that city, although it seemed unusual that I happened to stumble onto her business card in the lobby a few minutes before the interview took place. Coincidence?

Several hours later my wife’s cell phone registered a call which she almost didn’t return, not knowing the cell phone caller. It was the lady who had interviewed her, asking, “So when can you begin work?” She explained that she had had to use her personal cell phone because the city phones had all gone dead when she first tried to call! Now that’s opposition!

This time, on the drive home I was a bit nervous. I realized now that the real clock had begun ticking, and downsizing was going to get radical the minute we pulled into our driveway, eleven hours away!

We began packing in earnest, and in days, a “For Sale” sign was posted in our yard. In between showings our house filled up with boxes. Rather than just pointing the ship in the right direction, we plunged into “Ahead Full”! It was so chaotic that even my cat lost weight! Really.

I’ve probably written too much already, but even with that, I’ve left out so many genuine miracles of provision and help, that I either have to leave out most details or submit this to a publisher in book form.

In short, by the time our version of downsizing was complete, we had filled two, 3-yard dumpsters from the garage alone, given thousands of dollars of “good” stuff to the thrift shops, sold our house, moved into a one bedroom apartment in the Kansas City area (sleeping on the floor for a month and a half because we had no furniture yet), begun another job in another state and bought another house and moved in.

To show how fast it all happened, we attended the Breakthrough Conference at the end of September, accepting a job offer one month away, at the same time. My wife began working at her new job while our house in Colorado waited to close. She began her new job on November 1st, we closed on our Colorado house on December 2nd , and re-closed on our new house in Kansas City on December 14th . By January 1st, we were very much at home, even though everything in our lives had been re-configured in just several months.

And that, believe it or not, is a very brief overview of how we got back to Kansas City after thirteen years in Colorado. I left out an important prophecy, friends, old and new, who helped us when we truly were too tired and brain-dead to help ourselves, and much more. But that’s our story. What’s yours?

God is getting ready to do a new thing in the near future, and I hope we’re alive to see it. Perhaps you’ll be around too. What is God saying to you about your own future? Is He telling you to “downsize”, or do you have a feeling that things in your life will soon undergo radical change? I certainly hope you’re not stuck in the past with only dead memories – the future is coming on fast and it’s too exciting to back into.

Looking back at the last six months, frankly I can’t see how we endured it all. From here, it looks impossible, and from the other end it looked like one insurmountable mountain after another. But our God moved every one of them, and because He’s ‘no respecter of persons’, He will do it for you too.

You don’t have to be stuck on the sidelines; you don’t have say with your last breath, “I wish I had…”

If you feel the call, put yourself in motion.


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