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BIBLICAL ANSWERS How God Is Using “Gay Marriage” To Teach Us About Law

How God Is Using “Gay Marriage” To Teach Us About Law

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Ask any remotely coherent Christian if, just because a (local, state, or national level) government proclaims a homosexual couple to be “married”, that then makes said “marriage” legitimate and real, and the Christian in question would likely have little trouble rightly and rationally coming down on the side of: No, of course not. Just because a judge or a court or a civil government claims to have redefined marriage to include homosexual couples, that in no way legitimizes or makes “gay marriage” real in the truest sense.


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And why?

Because God has spoken.

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He has spoken with great clarity as to both the nature and definition of marriage, as well as to the nature of homosexuality, and God’s Word on these things is unbreakable. There is no court, official, document, or advocacy group that can change this, no matter how loudly they may protest or how hard they might try.

Furthermore, any person or people aspiring to break the Law of God, though they may seem to have their way for a time, can only ultimately succeed in breaking themselves upon His Law. Put another way: Unrepentant people don’t break God’s Law; they only break themselves upon it.

His Law is law.

The matter is settled.

So it is that there is no such thing as a legitimate “gay marriage” in God’s creation.

What God has branded as lawless cannot be made lawful or legitimate in any way by anyone (including “We the People”). Period. Game over. End of discussion.

We as Christians in America tend to get that idea – the idea of God’s Law always inherently (*ahem*) trumping the ever-shifting whims and standards of men when it comes to marriage, but on other things – most other things – we have no appetite for such submission to Christ as actual Lord in actual practice.

What about children’s education according to the unbreakable Word of God?

What about rejecting the satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge at the foundation of public schools and actually submitting to the crystal clear Word of God on the subject of children’s education as though it was…you know…the same Word of God that we like to appeal to when it comes to homosexuality and “gay marriage”?

Does God own economics, politics, and law any less than He owns marriage and family?

Of course not…though most professing Christians in America sure have been programmed to think so.

What about politics, economics and business practices?

Do we want to submit to God’s clear and quite detailed Word in those areas even half as much as we want people to submit to the loving, life-sustaining truth of Scripture when the subjects of homosexuality and “gay marriage” come up?


Not at all.

We have no appetite for repentance and submission to Christ where we are in open violation of His clearly expressed will.

We just want other people to repent.

We want the homosexuals and the Democrats and the Progressives and the Liberals to “get right” with God.

But not us.

We don’t do repentance.

“We the people” of the so-called conservative Christian camp have zero interest actually modeling the repentance we demand of others.

Which is one of the more obvious hypocrisies being highlighted through God’s use of the LGBTQ movement right about now in ‘Merica.

The Lord is shining a whole lotta light on the selectively applied, hypocritically self-serving, escorting-the-culture-to-hell religion masquerading as Christianity these days in America.

He’s revealing much about our prideful rejection of His Word when it comes to our approaches to pretty much everything but homosexuality and “gay marriage”.

With each sweeping advance of the LGBTQ movement over laughably incoherent, ineffective “conservative Christian” opposition, He’s showing the world just how pathetic and weak our preferred All-American counterfeit version of Christianity really is.

With every “hot knife through butter” steamrolling of the culture by advocates of perversion now dominating the political landscape, God is laying bare the rotten foundation that has propped up a dead religion pretending to be Christianity for generations now in America.

With every advance of the enemy, He points us even more clearly to the one and only place of refuge and victory: His Word.

His unbreakable Word.

Only repentance and submission to Him can save us.

There are no other alternatives, no matter how much your favorite radio talk show host or “Christian leader” may claim otherwise.

God’s Law is law.

Right here.

Right now.

Even in the land temporarily known as America.

Either “We the People” repent and find restoration of life and culture through submission to Christ as King in detail, or we will be swept off the face of His earth under His judgment as He prepares the way for His Kingdom and people.

That’s what God is once again showing us through His perfect use of even the perversion of “gay marriage” and it’s culture-pillaging advocates.

The line between life-giving law and death-bringing lawlessness couldn’t be more plain.

Even though most “Christian leaders” in America still don’t seem to notice.

Republished with permission Fire Breathing Christian

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