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FEATURED ARTICLES Obama and Kerry STILL Damaging America Abroad, Kerry Implies that Trump Administration...

Obama and Kerry STILL Damaging America Abroad, Kerry Implies that Trump Administration will only Last a Year or Two

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Ugh. There are just a couple of days left in the Obama era, but the end really can’t come soon enough. President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry seem to still be hard at work weakening our nation, undermining our president-elect, and doing as much damage to our future as possible.

Speaking from opposite ends of the planet, the two men continue to do everything they can to dismantle the hope that America can recover our position as world Superpower any time soon.


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Kerry was in Switzerland speaking at the World Economic Forum in Geneva when he “joked” that the Trump administration would only last a “year” or “two.”

We’ll have injured our own credibility in, conceivably, an irreparable way. Not irreparably. There’s time, and that’s just too dramatic. But we will have done great injury to ourselves. And it will hurt for the endurance of a year, two years, whatever, while the [Trump] administration is there.

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Super funny, right? Nope.

It’s really not a good idea for the Secretary of State to be joking in such a way about the incoming administration. How will Kerry’s comments help our nation when the same politicians he was speaking to have to sit down with representatives from the Trump administration? It’s disgusting really, and it most certainly undermines our nation’s ability to operate on the world political stage.

Not to be outdone, President Obama was here in the USA continuing to destroy our relationship with one of our closest allies, Israel.

Steve Kroft: A few weeks ago you allowed the U.N. Security Council to pass a resolution condemning Israel’s settlements in the West Bank. It caused a major fallout between the United States and Israel. Was it your decision to abstain?

President Obama: Yes, ultimately.

Steve Kroft: Why did you feel like you had to do that?

President Obama: Well, first of all, Steve, I don’t think it caused a major rupture in relations between the United States and Israel. If you’re saying that Prime Minister Netanyahu got fired up, he’s been fired up repeatedly during the course of my presidency, around the Iran deal and around our consistent objection to settlements. So that part of it wasn’t new. And despite all the noise and hullabaloo– military cooperation, intelligence cooperation, all of that has continued. We have defended them consistently in every imaginable way. But I also believe that both for our national interests and Israel’s national interests that allowing an ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians that could get worse and worse over time is a problem. And that settlements contribute. They’re not the sole reason for it, but they’re a contributing factor to the inability to solve that problem. And–

Steve Kroft: And you wanted to make that point?

President Obama: Not only did I want to make that point. We are reaching a tipping where the pace of settlements, during the course of my presidency has gotten so substantial that it’s getting harder and harder to imagine an effective, contiguous Palestinian state. And I think it would have long-term consequences for peace and security in the region, and the United States, because of our investment in the region, and because we care so deeply about Israel, I think has a legitimate interest in saying to a friend, “This is a problem.” And we’ve said it– look, it’s not as if we haven’t been saying it from Day One. We’ve been saying it for eight years now. It’s just that nothing seemed to get a lot of attention.

If it sounds like President Obama views Israel (and by extension Prime Minister Netanyahu) like an unruly child that needs to be disciplined, it’s because that is exactly how he seems to view them. While Obama won’t support resolutions against Iran, North Korea, and various other evil regimes… he has no problem undermining Israel in the most profound way any American President ever has. And for what? To “make a point” that his administration doesn’t like Jews building houses on land that Palestinians want? It’s ridiculous. The Iranians, and the North Koreans are building nuclear weapons! The Saudi Arabians are practically allowing slavery and disenfranchisement of women. The Chinese, Pakistani, and Libyans continue to persecute Christians. But the Obama administration is busy “making a point” to the only democratic society in the Middle East, the only nation that actively partners with us in the search for peace, the only nation that gives rights to all people no matter race, creed, color, or sexual orientation. It’s madness. Sheer madness.

In fact, madness may be the perfect word to describe the Obama era, and this last week of his presidency in particular.

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