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I’m continually impressed by how serious the Bible is, and what impresses me the most is the disparity between how serious the Bible is, and how un-serious we sometimes allow ourselves to become in our faith. In short, in our churches we quickly grow too familiar with God as an eternal Person, and His Word, as an eternal reality. And as we locally subject ourselves to other believers, we take on their normal, which can result in an ambient level of congregational presumption. In this, we are not intentionally presumptuous, but perhaps ignorant.

I think I just went a long way around a small mountain…the cure to this lurking presumptiveness, our overt attitude to God Himself, rests in our level of experiential knowledge of Him. While God always wants to reveal Himself to us personally, we fight this by limiting our knowledge of Him to what we are told about Him by someone else, and we pay these people to tell us about God, in part, so we will not be responsible for meeting Him ourselves.

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The highest mountain-top experiences I’ve ever had with God occurred not in the company of others, but by myself, in the quiet moments during prayer, when God quietly covered me with His presence. I cannot predict when these moments will occur; they are strictly up to Him. All I can do is honestly open myself up to Him, and beg for Him to reveal His heart to me. Believe it, He has always wanted a people to reveal Himself to. Do you want to be such a person?

God is not frivolous. Although He has an incredible sense of humor, for He created humor and laughter, He remains deadly serious, and if I’m spiritually lazy enough to approach Him glibly, I’ve made an eternal mistake. Glibness with God is only mockery in makeup. I must approach this greatest of kings with all the respect I can muster, while still understanding His holy attributes. God, the completely fearsome One, is still loving and merciful, but all His attributes should not result in our thinking Him weak or blind.

I’m reminded of the day Joshua met the pre-incarnate Son of God prior to the battle for Jericho (Joshua 5:13-15). Asking the man, “Are you friend or foe?”, Joshua was told, “Neither one. I am the commander of the Lord’s army.” Joshua’s immediate response was to fall with his face to the ground in reverence, and as we approach this great King, that should be our attitude too. Even in the exuberance of worship, our internal attitude should remain completely reverent. I may be dancing and raising my hands on the outside, but inside I’m face down – that’s worship.

Several nights ago I got up early in the morning to pray. I was joyful and thankful, and I felt a need to express my thanks to God. Forty five minutes later I went back to bed. I thought I was done for the night, but several hours later I was re-awakened and felt a need to re-approach God. This time however, there was a fearful Presence in my prayer room! I was not afraid in a bad sense, but incredibly fearful of what awaited me, and I felt the fear of God invade every pore. I can’t really explain it better than that, other than to say God desired to reveal Himself to me in His fiercesomeness. I was thoroughly impressed, to say the least.

He is the Incredible One. There is no one in His league; and no one like Him. He is not the paper mache God of so many of our churches; He is still the Lion over His people. And although He once upon a time lay in a feeding trough, He will never lay there again.

He is enthroned forever, and desires to be so in the hearts of those He called by name to be His inheritance. He is as fierce as He is loving.


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