Tuesday, March 9, 2021
BODY OF CHRIST The Jackal is the Worlds Way

The Jackal is the Worlds Way

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“The jackal is a predator who will strip the life from any who live. It will strip all that is sacred to the very marrow of the bone.

My people are being stripped of the life blood that was shed upon the cross. The jackal has prowled about this world of unbelief and has infected the minds of all who walk within its path.

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My people are its meat and all who believe they are not susceptible are fools. That is how the jackal gets its prey. It waits for those susceptible and strikes as a rattler in the rocks.

My people are being led by the wiles of the world order. This being those who are in the world and live by the wiles of the world. For the jackal is the worlds ways and is closing in on its prey. If My people continue to slink about like a whipped dog they shall be eaten by the prey of all.

The jackal is sent out to destroy faith, to bring about confusion, and a lack of caring. The prey thinks they are safe as though the jackal has been bound.

Not yet, children of God.

The jackal stands in wait. The jackal spreads its disease and disorder and you, My children, are being tricked as a snake hypnotizes its prey. The Word is your antidote for its venom. The antidote sits beside your beds yet you are unable to reach it for the venom has been injected through your apathy. Your apathy is bringing down all the jackal wants to destroy and you are the snake who carries the venom.

You spread lies about who I am. You spread your lies about what I want. I am the I Am. You cannot win without the blood of Jesus! The venom you spread flows like the rivers and yet you close your eyes to the life blood of all who believe. You shall fall and all who spread the venom of the viper shall see hell’s fires.

You, My children, must stand up to all who try to drag Me down. Their words are worthless on deaf ears. Their venom is useless unless you are infected. Stop it! Stop what you know is false. Open your eyes, open your ears, open your mouths and speak My truth. Your silence is deafening. Your blindness is darkness in the Light. Go forth with My message. Let not the jackal entrap you and bring your life blood to nothing.

Woe unto you O’ nations for your time is short. Repent or fall! Change your ways or you shall die a slow death of deprivation and starvation. Deprived of the forgiveness Christ gives to all, death unto your people.

Woe to all who bring disaster to My people. O’ Jerusalem hold your head high for the glory of the Lord is yours.”

By the Holy Spirit 9-28-08

Scriptural Ref’s: Ez. 34:1-21 – Eph. 6:11 – Jn. 2:15-17, 15:3 – Joel 3:14



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