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FEATURED ARTICLESGlobalist Pope Again Criticizes Trump – Touts World Communism Under UN

Globalist Pope Again Criticizes Trump – Touts World Communism Under UN

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By Rick Wells on GOP The Daily Dose


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The global communism Pope, Frank of Argentina, was back at it Sunday, as he used the promotion of 17 new Cardinals as the opportunity to endorse an end to national boundaries and advance the cause of worldwide equality, aka slavery, through an authoritative UN.

Frank knows to choose his words carefully to keep his victims off guard, sometimes to the point of being nearly meaningless, such as his warning against a “virus of polarization.” The polarization he speaks of is the resistance to his invasion of Western civilizations by his adopted chosen people, the Islamists.

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He warned the new Cardinals, the “princes of the church,” to guard against creeping animosity, saying “we are not immune from this,” basically instructing them to blind acceptance of his invasion. Frank spoke of their “pitiful hearts that tend to judge, divide, oppose and condemn” and warned against being like Donald Trump, who he described metaphorically as those who “raise walls, build barriers and label people.” We’ll ignore his Vatican walls, and his labeling of American nationalists as selfish bigots. He’s infallible and sinless in his own mind and has official license to throw derisive stones at mere mortals.

We never realized the Vatican, with hit’s huge perimeter wall, was built by Jews, Muslims and nonbelievers. In February Frank said, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.” It must be true; he’s never wrong.

In his Saturday address, Francis said, “We see, for example, how quickly those among us with the status of the stranger, an immigrant, or a refugee, become a threat, take on the status of an enemy. An enemy because they come from a distant country, or have different customs.” If only that were the case, Bergoglio, but it’s far more complex than that expressed in your simplistic, inaccurate, blame the victim, disarmament technique.

It’s more because they’re demanding, arrogant, a financial burden, argumentative, controlling, unappreciative, manipulative, intent on changing our cultures, often criminal, intrusive, anti-Christian and potential terrorists. Most folks could not care less where a stranger is from if it doesn’t impact them negatively and that includes strangers from within their own nation who share a common language and culture. It’s those other things that their noses are being rubbed into that are creating the hard feelings.

He added, “The virus of polarization and animosity permeates our way of thinking, feeling and acting.” It’s brilliant duplicity on Frank’s part. As he imports the threat and acts as their personal communist ambassador to the nations of the world, Frank is at the same time commanding those who value his words to allow themselves to be invaded, to ignore their instincts as somehow inappropriate and negative. He’s instructing them not to recognize the threat as he brings it upon them and not to defend themselves against it.

That’s called psychological warfare, Frank. Who knew they taught stuff like that in Jesuit school?

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