Tuesday, March 9, 2021
U.S. NEWS What Christians Should Know (and apparently don’t)

What Christians Should Know (and apparently don’t)

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I’m saddened and a bit disheartened by the results of the recent election. No, I’m not disappointed by who won the election, I’m disappointed by the shallowness of many Christians concerning the outcome.

I want to be very, very clear about this – please hear me….neither candidate is the “Answer to America’s problems.” I would be writing this same admonition if Hillary Clinton had won, because I’m addressing it to Christians who should know better. It is irrelevant who won the election as far as solving America’s problems within our country and the world we impact. Let me explain.

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Leading up to the election I was praying, as I suspect many or most Christians were doing. I did not want Hillary Clinton to win, and while I did not know from history or experience exactly what I would have in Trump, I favored him because I did know that Hillary was (and is) a chronic liar, a murderer, a traitor to this country’s constitution and our national security, and I did not want to share in her sins by endorsing her. That’s right, I did say “share in her sins.”

For those Christians who did vote for her, you need to know that although you have the American constitutional right to vote as you see fit, you’ve bought off on her sins by your vote, and you share in her guilt before God, who will judge the living and the dead. I’m telling the truth, and if you read your Bible with open spirits, you will see that I am. That said, I voted for Trump, as I’d rather vote for an unknown than vote for a known and well documented evil person.

But neither Trump nor Clinton have the foundational cure for America’s ills. The day before the election my prayers changed in substance. I found myself asking God to give America one more chance to turn to Him, and I realized the difference between the corrective and punitive judgments of God.

Much of what we’ve seen from the Obama regime has constituted the corrective judgments of God. In other words, seeing the chaos he created with his mindset and his dictatorial pen, we should have seen that Obama was sent to us by God, to lead us to seek correction, and ultimately, to Him. Through Obama, our national sins have been on full display to the whole world. God has been showing us ourselves in full, living color, with a mind to get us to repent and long to return to Him and His ways, and perhaps in a perfect world, Christians would have led the way. Instead, and disappointingly, many Christians got taken captive by politics, and have instead led the way to thinking one or the other candidate was God’s man or woman; the one with the cure, the doctor of our American soul; politics to the rescue…

In the last two years and even since the election I’ve received many emails from those I used to credit with Christian maturity, and they are quite obviously placing their desire for a political fix above the throne of God. From one person I used to respect, I daily get emails telling me exactly what I should be fearing, or what new scandal has broken the headlines, or worse, exactly how I should pray. I would love to ask them, just where is your Jesus, and does He indeed do contract work for Fox News?

I have no doubt that with the election of Hillary Clinton, America would have embarked on a course of punitive judgments. I can’t imagine how awful that would have been. With her on the throne, we most certainly would have lost our country, and I’m not only speaking ideologically, I mean geographically as well. There is nowhere a divine decree that we’ll inhabit this fair land forever – that is entirely conditional upon God’s will. Don’t believe me? Ask any American Indian. They too, thought the land would always belong to them, but they learned the hard way there was no guarantee. It is a lesson I believe we would have learned very quickly with Hillary in charge.

So here’s my bottom line on all this: With Trump, America has been given one more (perhaps the last) chance to repent and return to Him. God has given us, the Church, a window of time. With Hillary, there would have been no last chance, only war within and without…leading to the certain loss of our free country and the implementation of the Globalist doctrine she represents so well. But the point is, repenting and returning is our only hope, and neither originate with politicians; they rest on the shoulders of the Church.

It is time for the true Church, the real Bride of Christ, to appear from the ashes of our religious cowardice. I have no doubt that political correctness is the language of the devil, and it needs to be expunged from our land without delay. It is time to pray like never before for true revival personally and nationally. To survive what is ahead, we must have revival right down to our bones. Nothing else will work; nothing else will be in time. This revival must come from Almighty God rather than boards of deacons or curbside church billboards. It must come, and God has granted us in Trump, a small segment of time to pray it in.

We are still on the bubble of history, and we’ve been given a little time. Our eternal destiny is at stake.


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