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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Clinton Email Irony: FBI Finds New Emails on Laptop of Top Clinton...

Clinton Email Irony: FBI Finds New Emails on Laptop of Top Clinton Aide Huma Abedin’s Sexting Husband

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Oh how ironic.


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After Hillary’s many comments on Donald Trump’s purported sexual indecency’s – now comes the revelation of more Hillary Clinton emails on a laptop belonging to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner. Ironic because Weiner is again involved in a sexual scandal – sexting pictures of himself to a fifteen-year-old girl.

Abedin’s estranged husband Weiner resigned from Congress in June of 2011 because of sexting with several women he met online. Apparently not much has changed since then. Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin have a lot in common…

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According to Fox News, the laptop contained “tens-of-thousands” of emails. Apparently investigators are unclear if the laptop is the possession of Weiner, or Abedin. Fox News also reported that the Clinton campaign’s assertion that the emails are all duplicates of emails the FBI already found is highly unlikely.

If the laptop in question is indeed Weiner’s, this begs the question: what are Hillary Clinton’s emails doing on her aide’s husband’s laptop? Even if there are no classified emails contained therein, what about sensitive information? This begs a second equally important question: who all has had access to the trove of Clinton emails?

If the laptop is Abedin’s, then why does her husband have access to that laptop? While it is great to forgive and give second chances to your spouse, that is no excuse for stupidity. Who in their right mind would trust a man like Weiner with any sensitive information?

According to The New York Times, close Clinton allies and friends suggested that Hillary distance herself from Huma Abedin. The article’s writers also said: “the Clintons’ first instinct is to hunker down and protect those in their orbit.”
Of course that is the Clinton’s first instinct, but these writers are missing something here. It is not out of any sense of altruism that the Clinton’s protect those close to them; it is out of a sense of self-preservation. Take Huma for example, this writer is willing to bet Huma knows where most if not all the skeleton’s are buried in the Clinton closet.

It is ironic how the things Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump for are the very things that Hillary herself is involved in orchestrating.

If Hillary cannot handle something as simple as email and the proper way to handle that email while in the employ of the U.S. government – how are we the public supposed to trust her to have the ability to run this country? Even one of Clinton’s own people referred to her using a private server as (explicative) crazy!

This writer was informed recently that Donald Trump is far more corrupt than Hillary Clinton is. That statement proves two things: one, the collusion of the lame stream media with Hillary, and two, just how well that collusion is working in Hillary’s favor.

It does seem however, that the light bulb is finally going off for some people, hopefully many more will wake up and realize that Hillary Clinton is no savior or vending machine for handouts – but a highly dangerous and power hungry woman hell-bent on destroying this country from the inside out, just like Barrack Obama – only on steroids.

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