Friday, May 14, 2021
FEATURED ARTICLES Successful Illegal Alien Round-up in Arizona and $2 Million Dollars of Pot...

Successful Illegal Alien Round-up in Arizona and $2 Million Dollars of Pot Seized

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The nearly 2,000 mile southern Border of the United States remains sorely unsecure.  The lies from politicians in both political parties continue to be atrocious, and only at times of elections is the political rhetoric of many elected officials a little more conservative and forewarning as to what still needs to be accomplished.  Plain and simple, the preponderant majority of the pronouncements by elected officials in Washington, D.C. are balderdash and deceiving, and they simply believe most Americans do not know the reality of what is taking place at the southern Border of our Nation.  Arizona Sheriff’s Departments are very over stressed and outmanned in their continuing fight to provide measures of protection for ranchers and citizens, and simultaneously fight a dangerous fight against the increasing numbers of illegals from many countries pouring into all the western border states, as well as from Islamic countries in the Middle East, then add the daily business of drug and people smuggling.  I have seen, first-hand, on numerous occasions, the sincere and dedicated work southern Arizona Sheriff’s Departments are engaged in fighting the good fight to keep Arizona and America from being inundated beyond what people could ever imagine with drugs and all varieties of other contraband and hard criminal acts from truly diabolical groups who view the border as simply a line in the sand, and not one worth respecting.  Add to this, the incredible faithfulness of Border Patrol Agents who are working against the brutal cartels, but also the brutal rules and policies and politics of American political systems and individuals.  Increasing numbers of Border Patrol Agents simply resign, walk away, and no longer can content with the hellish policies pouring out of Washington, D.C.


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But every now and then the good guys win a round!  Not from any lack of effort, but simply the numbers of illegals and drugs and other dark things coming across the border out-number law enforcement.  Add to this sad truth, is an even sadder truth; politics and policies coming out of Washington, D.C. do not allow for aggressive and serious law enforcement to take place along the southern United States Border.  There is a political cabal that is working to collapse the borders of the United States of America, and make America simply a part of the North American Region with Canada and Mexico.  Today, however, the good guys won a round!  Today…actually yesterday, October 25th, combined efforts of law enforcement made a dent.  Not only was a dent made with drug shipping, but a dent was made against the political gibberish that states only the Federal Government can accomplish what was demonstrated by sincere law enforcement agencies at the State level.  Read and give an applause.  This act of protection and service is similar to a junior college football team going against a PAC-12 University, and the David once again beat the Goliath!


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TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) – Nearly 200 people, including criminals and previously deported immigrants, were arrested in a recent multiple law enforcement agency sweep.

During a seven-day joint operation, led by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, troopers and agents targeted crime in the desert southwest of Tucson.

According to DPS Captain Damon Cecil, more than $2,000,000 worth of marijuana was seized.

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