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U.S. NEWSELECTION 2016Hillary and the Fall of a Once Great Nation

Hillary and the Fall of a Once Great Nation

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With only days to go to the general election all the debates are finished and the cloud is about to clear away – or is it?


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The essence of each candidate has been boiled down and analyzed in every conceivable way. Rather than being a complex unknowable quantity that only geniuses could discern, it has become perfectly clear that it is a choice about America’s future – not just about candidates.

It is clear that Hillary Clinton can only be promoted from being a lying Secretary of State to becoming the “Liar in Chief.”

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Mr. Trump has apologized for his indiscretions, but Hillary has unapologetically lied to the very last minutes of her campaign. Her doublespeak was draped with obfuscation and excuses all the way up to the last and final debate moderated by Chris Wallace.

If elected, Hillary cannot offer this nation even one assurance that she will not continue to lie. In fact, we will never know whether she is lying or not, and with the high office of president wrapped around her, getting to her prevarications, will thereafter, be almost impossible.

Here is what we know for sure right now. Hillary Clinton loves herself and power, Donald Trump loves America.

We have listened to the experts and analysts for about two years now. We have watched each candidate undergo a brutal uncovering of their own private and public lives. With the help of WikiLeaks we have seen a duplicitous and dishonest Hillary, who rather than admitting she has been less than forthcoming, has made excuses, fully recalcitrant and unrepentant she hangs her hope on her past record, a record which is dubious at best.

In the next few days we will choose more than a president, but we will decide on the very future of the United States. With the world wobbling and on the brink of yet more wars and unrest, our choice will influence the fate of other nations as well.

In Hillary’s America we will be assured of certain things such as another six million deaths by abortion over a four year administration. Hillary proudly announced her stand for Roe v. Wade and some have begun to ask if she is a “Flat Out ‘Abortion Fanatic.” While she casts aspersions against Mr. Trumps handling of women his record is miniscule (if there is truth to the accusations) in comparison to Hillary’s onslaught against women.

Since 1973, 56 million babies have been brutally aborted. If only half were female then it would be safe to say that 28 million women were not even allowed to fulfill the first day of their womanhood due to Hillary Clinton and all those who support her viewpoint.

Sin is sin, life is life and death is death, but if we had to compare her record against women to Trump’s, it is like comparing a mountain to a single grain of sand.

Under Hillary we will undergo an onslaught of further terrorist attacks within our nation from her unwillingness to see that those who pour over our borders now, have among them, those who would hurt, maim and kill our citizens.

Hillary will only further the foreign policies she has supported as Secretary. Our friends and enemies will have even less respect for our country than they do now. She is no paragon of strength and no promise of perpetuity for this nation.

It is not the responsibility for the nuclear button in her hands that poses the greatest concern, it is the fact, revealed in the last debate, that she will only deepen the rift between us and our most formidable enemy – Russia.

Donald Trump not only offers a better vision for America, but compared to Hillary Clinton his administration may be called – “shining.”

What would Trump’s vision hold? Here is a short list to consider.

  • Protection from more terrorist attacks within our borders.
  • A fierce battle against terrorists worldwide.
  • A sealing of our porous borders and a return to solid immigration policies.
  • Fairness and compassion in dealing with illegal immigrants now in the country.
  • A re-building of our economy with an eye to reducing the $20trillion debt left behind by the Obama administration.
  • A re-building of our military might.
  • A removal of the myriad of regulations that stifle and hinder free enterprise and business.
  • A protection for religious freedoms we have enjoyed for over 240 years in America.
  • Protection of first and second amendment rights.
  • The appointment of judges to the Supreme Court that will bring that branch back into balance.
  • The possible overturning of Roe v. Wade and the ruling for perverted marriage
  • Hope.

There is actually little choice to make if you also love America as Donald Trump does, but these are strange times. Some would say America has a death wish and others are convinced we are plunging toward the days when the Bible’s antichrist will come to rule the world for the last seven years of human history as we now know it.

In either case, the choice is ours to make, government of the people, by the people, and for the people will assure us that the responsibility for the fall of this great nation will be shared by both Hillary Clinton and the people who chose her.

The future of our nation is in our hands.

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.” (Luke 21: 25)

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