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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 The Homeless Green Beret I met Who Cares More for his Country...

The Homeless Green Beret I met Who Cares More for his Country Then the Fact That he is Homeless

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The below article by Ray Starmann caught my attention in a significant way.  Not only does the story depict a former Special Operator, a Green Beret, but the manner in which this Green Beret conducts himself while obviously facing challenges in his personal life.  Then as if to add a topping to a wonderful dessert, this former Special Operator expresses far more concern about the future of our country than he ever mentions about his future as a homeless Veteran.  This homeless Vet truly is Special, and not simply because of his service in an elite unit.  Like so very many Vets now facing personal challenges after surviving horrific challenges on the field of battle, this Vet represents the true character and nature of those who wore uniforms into battle fields far from home.  Caring about country above self; demonstrating that when the going gets tough, the tough keep going; not looking for a hand-out but jumper cables will suffice; still willing to move toward the sounds of gun fire and mayhem, rather than run away.  I met two Marines at a high school football game the other week, both were at the game in full dress blues discussing the Corp at the table set-up for them next to the Army table, Navy table, Air Force table and Coast Guard table.  These two young Marines shared traits the Green Beret demonstrated, belief in our country, prepared to defend our people, respect, a can-do no excuses spirit.  Every single person reading the below article will have a memory of someone they met who is actively serving our country, or served or served themselves even though they probably do not draw attention to their service.  Unless Mr. Trump gets into office do not expect anything to change in the treatment of our Vets…so, America We the People may have to step up and do some heavy lifting for those among us who served, and today simply need a set of jumper cables to get jump started – again.


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By Ray Starmann on U.S. Defense Watch

Today, I met a member of the elite US Army Special Forces, the famous Green Berets. He was a veteran who had served in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

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He is currently homeless.

I had just received a free flu shot at the VA and was in the process of getting back into my car, when I heard someone holler over to me. A man in his thirties was standing next to a Ford Fiesta hatchback that was filled to the brim with the assorted odds and ends of life that one packs into a car when you’re planning on living out of it.

As I walked over to the vehicle, I saw a rolled up sleeping bag, a Coleman stove, some Ramen and a can of Joe. Yep, this guy had done some serious time in the lean green machine.

I had seen him in the flu shot clinic as well, so I knew he was vet, and a combat vet with a US Army Special Forces license plate holder.

“My battery’s dead. Can you give me a jump?” He said, holding a pair of jumper cables and grinning.

As we flushed some voltage back into his car, we talked about our service in the army. He had done tours with SF in Iraq and Afghanistan. I regaled him with tales of the 7th Cavalry in Iraq, Part I. Sometime during the conversation he told me that he was currently homeless.

This was no obese mall clown claiming he was in the 75th Ranger Regiment, but an honest to goodness American hero who was going through some bad times. In fact, he looked like he was in decent shape, sort of a modern day Billy Jack with an ECW sleeping bag and a badbattery.

When he restarted his car, his radio turned on automatically. Sean Hannity’s voice boomed through the vehicle. A conservative; I was in good company. Did I really think he was going to be for Sanders or the wicked witch?

The conversation switched quickly to politics and the current state of the election. He looked up at me from the engine block with a look of abject anxiety on his face.

“What are we going to do if Hillary wins? I don’t know if this country is going to survive.” He said, seemingly more concerned about his country and its future than perhaps his own immediate problems, which were obviously serious.

He stared at me, as if I somehow had all the answers. “Don’t worry. Trump is going to win this thing. He’s going to take her down on Wednesday night.” I was back to being an officer again; never be negative around the men, LT.

“I hope so.” He said. “Cause if she wins, we’re all doomed.” He shook my hand and said goodbye, never asking me for any money or any other assistance, but looking like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, as he drove off into a sea of Los Angeles traffic.

De oppresso liber compadre…

I stood there for a moment… thinking. I was getting the same sinking feeling that many Americans who back Trump are experiencing now. What if he doesn’t win? What if the mainstream media Maskirovka campaign is successful at destroying Trump and conning people into voting for a blackguard?

The nation could be on the verge of electing a criminal, a tyrant who is certainly guilty of bribery, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, fraud, national security crimes and possibly is an accomplice to the murder of Vince Foster and others.

The nation could be on the verge of electing a woman who is not only physically ailing, but mentally unstable.

Like all of history’s villains, Hillary Clinton and her husband are quite adept at luring the naïve, and threatening those in their way, in order to support their crimes, which are many and unprecedented in US history.

There are nearly 60,000 homeless veterans on the streets of America tonight. Some have PTSD. Some have addiction problems. Some are just going through tough times. If Mr. Trump is elected, he must take action to not only resurrect or privatize the VA, but to deal with the issue of homeless veterans.

Pray for Trump and our homeless heroes like the Green Beret I met today.

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  1. That is a powerful story, Lyle. This election has all of wondering what is going to happen to us if Hillary gets in. For sure our Supreme Court will be changing laws, the Constitution and whatever else is on Hillary’s agenda. Our free speech will be limited and our lives turned inside out. Our enemies will have nothing to fear from a President who has major health issues which affect her mind and thinking. I believe this country will be doomed for sure. Our hope as believers through this coming darkness will be to look up for our Redemption draws near.


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