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BREAKING NEWS Debate results in: Hillary for Hillary – Donald Trump for America

Debate results in: Hillary for Hillary – Donald Trump for America

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On October 9, 2016 Donald Trump squared off with Hillary Clinton in what can only be described as a rout. Trump made a spectacular comeback in every area of the debate starting off with a very genuine apology for what he called, “locker room talk” about women.


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Because Trump dealt head on with the issue of his former conversation with Howard Stern, Hillary was cautious not to make herself look like the only person in the room willing to pick up the first stone with which to pummel Mr. Trump.

It was Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway who painted the best overall summary of the debate during the spin room follow-up. She said, it was clear that Hillary sees herself as number one, and it was equally clear that Mr. Trump sees America as number one.

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Trump was brutal on every issue raised without losing control or appearing mean spirited toward Hillary. Trump showed self-control while Hillary reeked of self-advancement.

Revealing some of her greatest fears, Hillary said that Mr. Trump would probably appoint Supreme Court judges that may overturn Roe v. Wade.

It was a stark contrast to her emphasis on her boasting that she has spent the last thirty years defending women and children. With no voice to boo her, we can only imagine that the 56 million unborn babies already aborted would not agree with her.

Someone who could not guard a few classified emails does not seem a likely choice to be the guardian of America’s women and children

The other fear of Trump’s judicial appointments she mentioned had to do with so called “Marriage Equality.” All of nature, like the aborted children of the last generation has no voice, so once again we can only resort to the imagination. Perhaps nature has no actual words to say, but the discerning of heart can hear deep moans of disgust.

Trump’s completely spontaneous response to Hillary’s use of Abe Lincoln to explain the double talk uncovered by WikiLeaks in her speeches will go down as classic in the annuls of presidential debates.

When Hillary tried to explain her differing public and private policy stances using Mr. Lincoln she stumbled into a vipers nest were the words used to obfuscate her hypocrisy rose up to bite her and leave her essentially defenseless.

Whether we like Hilary or not, for someone with a record of lies like hers, using Abe was well – lame.

Trump took full advantage of WikiLeaks revelation that in 2013 in a paid speech to Latin American bankers, Hillary expressed her dream of an America with free trade and open borders would become a reality.

Trump expressed what millions of Americans are thinking when he said that we could only wonder what would become of America with 600 million people flowing across our borders.

Once again, it is all food for the imagination, but it is a total strain for the credulity of even the dullest American minds.

The result of the debate is clear – Hillary lost.

We will now wait on the polls, listen to the pundits and panelists re-hash every detail.

It is Abraham Lincoln who has the best view of Hillary’s performance in the debate. While it has been heard a million times, who could have guessed that Abe’s quote would finally find its best meaning in one Hillary Clinton?

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” –Abraham Lincoln

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