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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Both Trump and Clinton Should Withdraw from the Race!

Both Trump and Clinton Should Withdraw from the Race!

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Don Boys, Ph.D.


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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both lowlifes in my opinion. They are people that decent families would not want to have for dinner. I literally would not walk across the street to shake hands with them. They are squalid, shameful, sad, and sordid.

In the late 1970s, I did a couple of educational workshops at the Chicago Hilton where I refused to shake hands with Nelson Rockefeller who was also a guest. Nelson was a four time governor of New York, three time Republican presidential candidate, and former Vice President under President Gerald Ford. The very wealthy Rockefeller had divorced his wife of 22 years to marry a younger woman. In a few months after I refused to shake his hand, he died having sex with his 25-year-old assistant. The media reported that his female assistant was “by his side” when he died but it was later revealed that she was not actually by his side but somewhat closer. He was a famous, rich lowlife. Plus, he was a radical leftist Republican!

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We had from 500 to 600 Christian educators at the Hilton and many swooned over him, shaking his hand, and getting his autograph. I passed him in the lobby and had no desire to shake his hand. Of course, one does not have to have a high opinion of politicians to vote for them or one might not vote for anyone. That’s where we are today in the presidential race.

Both Clinton and Trump are proven liars and lowlifes. I would be embarrassed to be related to either of them. In fact, I would not defend either of them even if we were related. Neither has any defense.

That brings me to the fact that many Republicans have repudiated Trump but have you noticed that all the major Democrats are still supporting Hillary? That proves the old adage from my West Virginia days that Democrats would vote for a yellow dog rather than vote for a Republican, hence, the term Yellow Dog Democrats. There are few principled people in politics.

It is easy to build a case against both candidates: Trump is not a conservative and has changed party affiliation four times. He is probably not a Christian, and for sure not an evangelical. He promotes gambling, drinking, and porn in his casinos. He is an admitted adulterer having been married three times whose present wife posed nude. He has been up and down like a yoyo about abortion, soft on homosexuality, and doesn’t seem to know where he stands on health care. He also has a filthy mind and mouth that would embarrass a drunken sailor.

The case against Hillary is easily proved: she is a long-time Methodist who shows no indication of knowing Christ as Savior; she defended Bill’s lecherous lifestyle including rape, assault, and seduction of a young intern–then Bill and Hillary both lied about his affairs. She is a fanatical gun grabber and advocate of open borders including unlimited immigration of Muslims. She is a supporter of abortions, even partial birth abortions. She also supported the auto and bank bailouts. She has the blood of four Americans on her hands from the Benghazi fiasco–then lied about that. She deleted thousands of emails to hide her evil machinations and lied about that. She even lied about lying! She is promising to give away the store to seduce millennials to cast votes for her. She will continue down the same path of Obama that will literally bankrupt America and destroy our system of government–what’s left of it.

It’s hard to believe that her own daughter would vote for her!

Trump has proved that he is tasteless, tawdry, and tacky while Hillary is dishonest, disingenuous, divisive, and maybe deranged; but America has survived other such candidates. Aaron Burr, who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel (Burr had lost his chance at the Presidency because of Hamilton), is the most controversial of our Founding Fathers who served as Vice-President, U.S. Senator, and valiant officer during the War for Independence. His problem was not a lack of courage but a lack of character. He despised Washington as a “man of no talents and one who could not spell a sentence of common English.”

Men of Burr’s caliber should be careful about making offensive judgments of other men, especially men of stature. Cheetham’s American Citizen reported that his (Cheetham’s) staff had a list of “upwards of twenty women of ill fame with whom [Burr] has been connected.” He had another list of married ladies who were divorced due to Burr’s seductions as well as “chaste and respectable ladies whom he has attempted to seduce.” Burr had a character problem that resulted in zipper problems.

George Washington couldn’t spell but he didn’t seduce!

John Q. Adams, son of President John Adams, beat Andrew Jackson in the 1824 race for President. In a rematch in the 1828 Presidential campaign, Andrew Jackson’s men called Adams “the Pimp” and accused him of putting pressure on a woman to have an affair with the Russian czar when Adams was the U.S. Ambassador to Russia about ten years earlier. Adams’ backers retorted, “General Jackson’s mother was a common prostitute” at a young age and he had “Negro” ancestry. It was charged that his mother “intermarried with a Negro, and [that his] eldest brother [was] sold as a slave in Carolina.”

Furthermore, Jackson was accused of being a drunkard and a crazed killer, having killed some men in duels. Both the candidate’s wives were accused of sexual immorality. Andrew Jackson was called “a bigamist” whose wife was “a slut.” The campaign was heating up and many people expected a political explosion.

There were more firecrackers as Jackson was accused of having been a war criminal during the war of 1812 because he allegedly committed atrocities against his own men. It was also suggested that Jackson, our first non-aristocrat President, had practiced cannibalism! Since he was such an uncouth ruffian, I suppose he didn’t even use knife and fork, and probably used his shirt sleeve as a napkin!

Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton are recent examples of lowlifes who occupied the White House and desecrated the Oval Office.

If the two presidential candidates really have the best interest of America at heart then they should each withdraw from the race thereby gaining some respect of America that they do not have presently. Then, each party could choose a replacement, maybe Pence and Biden and let them slug it out to the finish.

Everyone has a right to be stupid, especially politicians, but Trump and Clinton seem to abuse the privilege. Both candidates will do America a final favor by forever withdrawing from politics.


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(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives; ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis, wrote columns for USA Today for eight years; authored 15 books and hundreds of columns and articles for Internet and print media publications; defended his beliefs on hundreds of talk shows. These columns go to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations and may be used without change from title through the end tag. His web sites are and and Contact Don for an interview or talk show.)

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