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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Facebook Censoring Posts and Messages Having Anything to do With Hillary's Droning...

Facebook Censoring Posts and Messages Having Anything to do With Hillary’s Droning Threat Against Assange

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By Melissa Dykes on The Daily Sheeple

In case you weren’t aware, Facebook isn’t just censoring your wall posts. Facebook is also censoring private messages that can only be seen by the people involved in the conversation.


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And more specifically, Facebook censored this private message which just included two links to stories about Hillary, and the censored one specifically about a document wherein Hillary referred to Julian Assange as a “soft target” and reportedly asked “Can’t we just drone this guy?” back when she was Secretary of the almighty State.

First of all, the fact that Facebook is analyzing all of our communications on its site including private messages at all times for items to block and censor is Orwellian enough.

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Obviously it wasn’t her “basement dwellers” comment that got Facebook’s AI goat. And sure, we can all tell ourselves it was the word “drone” that Facebook’s algorithms focused on when it chose to censor that link — which would be ridiculous in and of itself considering how much inhumane, unconstitutional drone warfare is going on in the world today that we’re apparently supposed to pretend isn’t happening — but come on.

It’s just a link! No pictures, no added dialogue to place it in context. What if I had written, “Man, this guy is a brainless drone?” Would that message have been removed for containing “blocked or harmful content”?

No, this censorship looks political in nature and it ultimately only benefits one person. That story about Hillary threatening Julian Assange with a drone strike was all over the Internet and social media yesterday… and apparently Facebook is blocking and deleting even privatemessages about it.

Ask yourself who that content is really so “harmful” to that Facebook had to block and censor it. Assange, obviously, who had his life threatened by a power-hungry psychopath back in 2010… but that was six years ago now and he’s still here in one piece (at least for the time being).

It only benefits that same power-hungry psychopath who threatened Assange with a drone and who is now vying for the White House. The only person that this post is really “harmful” to is presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Beyond that, we have a serious problem here and it involves the death of Free Speech online.

This is why it’s called the World Wide WEB. It’s a cybernetic loop of communication and control and the control is clamping down on the masses day-by-day. Think about how much of our lives now occur online. Now that the Internet has been handed over to an international body who could care less about the Bill of Rights, and well, that’s it folks. The real one world government is here… a global technocracy that can shut down free speech, shut down information sharing, and shut down political dissidence any time it feels like it.

So yeah. Call me oppositionally defiant, but that just makes me want to SHARE THIS STORY everywhere: “Can’t We Just Drone This Guy?” Memo BOMBSHELL: Hillary Threatened “Soft Target” Julian Assange with a Drone

And you should to… while we still can.

(If you can, that is.)

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