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FEATURED ARTICLES Obama Admits At UN That He Is Fomenting Terrorism Inside United States

Obama Admits At UN That He Is Fomenting Terrorism Inside United States

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By Rick Wells on Constitution Rising


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Hussein Obama, as most of us are fully aware, has no business being president, especially an illegitimate one, of the United States. He’s violating our Constitution in his push for global government. Just as Sharia law and the Constitution are incompatible, so it is with globalization. To press for world government subordinates our self-rule, violates the Constitution, and is treason.

The fact that a globalist puppet, a foreign operative owned by world government proponents runs our nation is far from late-breaking news. He’s just coming further out from his protective cover, willing to expose himself in the last days of his being permitted to occupy our House.

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Obama made some revealing statements Tuesday at the UN, among them calling for a “course correction” to ensure that the “unstoppable forces of globalization don’t lead nations to entrench behind their borders and ignore the most vulnerable.” He’s challenging the natural response of sovereign citizens to a loss of control over their own nations and their lives. He’s calling for worldwide slavery to his cabal.

Obviously he wants to create the impression that globalization is unstoppable, to dishearten those who might stand united against it. But the Brexit vote and the popularity of Donald Trump indicate otherwise. The arrogant imposter took a shot at that American patriot who may one day soon undo the damage he inflicted on our country, saying, “A nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.”

Obama the Islam salesman used his position to once again promote his favorite ideology, saying he leaves behind “a devastating refugee crisis, terrorism, financial inequality and a tendency to make immigrants and Muslims scapegoats.” Scapegoats don’t deserve the blame they are assessed. An enemy attacking and killing innocent people is guilty, is not a scapegoat, and does not have a place in America. They also don’t belong in our White House.

Exposing his full knowledge of the threat created by his importation of Islamists, Obama said, “If we are honest, (it would be a first time event) we know that no external power is going to be able to force different religious communities or ethnic communities to co-exist for long. Until basic questions are answered about how communities co-exist, the embers of extremism will continue to burn. Countless human beings will suffer.”

He acknowledges that questions need to be answered first, questions that haven’t even been asked, and until they are his Islamic extremism will continue to burn and countless Americans will suffer. He is admitting that he is deliberately committing acts of terror against the United States by importing Islamists, setting the stage for the terrorism which states is inevitable. It’s not just an admission, a recognition of the problem, Obama is seeking credit for his efforts.

We can expect him to become more brazen and even more unhinged in the final days of his oppression, if in fact they do turn out to be his final days.

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