Friday, November 27, 2020
U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Senator Elizabeth Warren and Her Liberal Cronies Accuse Donald Trump of Suggesting...

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Her Liberal Cronies Accuse Donald Trump of Suggesting Violence Against Hillary Clinton

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On Friday Donald Trump made this comment: “bodyguards should drop all weapons. I think they should disarm. Immediately. Let’s see what happens to her. Take their guns away, O.K. It’ll be very dangerous.”
So Hillary and the rest of the liberal leftist-looney-tunes are saying Trump was “inciting” violence against Hillary. Uh no he was not idiots! If Trump’s aim was to suggest violence against Hillary, then that last part of his statement acknowledging how dangerous it would be for Hillary not to have armed protection would not have been stated – DUH! The point was that if Hillary is so gung-ho on taking away guns, why then do her own people use them? AND – maybe if Hillary did not have an armed detail, she might understand reason and not be so willing to take away arms from the people of this country who have a RIGHT to bear them.

By Aaron Bandler

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday argued that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was suggesting violence when he said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail should disarm.

In a Monday night interview on MSNBC, host Chris Hayes asked the Massachusetts Democrat if Trump was “intimating violence” when he said at his Friday rally that Clinton’s Secret Service detail’s guns should be taken away “to see what happens to her.”
“What else do you think he means by, ‘Let the Secret Service lay down their arms?’” Warren asked. “For me, that’s not even a wink wink, nod nod. What kind of a human being are we talking about?”

That wasn’t the first time Trump has suggested her Secret Service detail “drop all weapons”; he made an almost identical remark at a rally in late August. He’s made these comments to blast Clinton’s gun control policies and has claimed she wants to “destroy” Second Amendment rights, which she has repeatedly denied.

Warren has been an outspoken critic of the real estate mogul and argued that those comments make him “truly unqualified” to serve in the White House.

“Campaigns are a time of heated rhetoric, people can get excited, say things they don’t mean,” she continued. “Donald Trump has done this twice.”

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“It seems to be pretty clear what your motivation is here,” Warren said. “I think it’s one more example why Donald Trump shouldn’t be president, is truly unqualified to be president.”

Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, came to his defense on Sunday, pushing back against the idea the real estate mogul was encouraging violence against Clinton.

“His comment was that if she didn’t have all that security, she’d change her attitude about the right to keep and bear arms,” the Indiana governor said during a Sunday interview on ABC. “And I’ll bet that’s probably true.”

SOURCE: The Hill

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  1. I mean could these liberal minds get any dumber? They thought Trump was suggesting violence against Hillary by saying to disarm her guards yet can’t seem to figure out that it is exactly what Hillarty is proposing for the American people by trying to take away their right to own guns. Seems like Hillary is proposing rules for everyone else but herself.


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