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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 The Clintons, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Communism – The Enemies Within: Inclusive...

The Clintons, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Communism – The Enemies Within: Inclusive Interview With Trevor Loudon

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My good “travel buddy” Brad Zinn and I enjoyed travels across the State of Arizona over two consecutive years with our mutual friend Trevor Loudon.  To listen to us in the vehicle as we traverse the highways and byways of northern and southern Arizona is a show in itself.  Great camaraderie and laugh memories with my little “Kiwi buddy” will remain with me a life-time.  But these moments in between audiences were also therapeutic, as we each attempt to communicate the seriousness of the times in which we live, and the very real possibility America is facing her last true national election.  Each of us has presented our arguments for such a sobering hypothesis, and I believe the audiences to whom we have talked have truly listened rather than simply hear us and experience a social evening.   Enjoying private moments with Trevor is another blessing I have been privileged to lock away in my memory vault…he sincerely cares about the future and security of America.  On many occasions Trevor answered the question proposed to him by an audience member, “Why are you doing what you are doing?”  Trevor responds simply but assertively that without an America his home country of New Zealand, and all the western free nations, will cease to exist as we know them today.


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Trevor’s book: “The Enemies Within” is a most impressive and scholarly product, well researched and with a phenomenal amount of factual details and data.  Mentioned below is a new interview just being released nationally on the topic of The Enemies Within our government and our Congress.  Trevor is now releasing a DVD on the same subject.

Trevor Loudon’s love and respect for the United States of America is heartfelt, and his years of research on the enemies devoted to collapse America has produced material that is a must read to fully appreciate what is transpiring in the political arenas to keep your attention from the private happenings behind the curtains, which happenings are quite sobering and alarming.  My “Kiwi buddy” is sounding an alarm not too dissimilar from a guy named Paul Revere who shouted, “To Arms…To Arms!”  Folks…our very survival as a free and blessed nation is under assault with a vengeance by an enemy who detests what our Forefathers presented to us as a gift.  Trevor Loudon names names, and provides specifics you really need to know if you intend to fight the good fight to preserve the gift God gave us through the establishing of this exceptional country.   Thanks, Trevor…thanks.

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The Enemies Within: An Exclusive PolitiChicks Interview with Trevor Loudon


Author, researcher, and commentator Trevor Loudon’s compelling political documentary The Enemies Within” will be released on September 12, 2016.

If you are not yet familiar with Trevor Loudon, this Patriot came to the United States from his native New Zealand to warn Americans about the dangers of radical elements of communism and Islam that affect the policy of the United States.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with PolitiChicks, Loudon reveals critical details about his latest documentary and describes the subversive mechanism that threatens the freedom of every American.

PC: What inspired you to make “ The Enemies Within” book into a movie?

TL: To basically reach a much wider audience that books just cannot reach these days. As they say, “a picture tells a thousand words.” So, we really want to impact the election and politics going forward in America. We think it’s a very compelling movie, and we think it will get people out voting and make people realize what’s at stake for America in the next election and for the next few years.

PC: How critical do you think it is for people to watch your documentary before the upcoming election?

TL: We believe it’s very critical because even Conservatives have no real understanding of what’s at stake in this election. The movie is really about the penetration of Communism and Muslim Brotherhood activists into your Congress and your Senate and the Executive Branch. These people are basically heading the agenda these days.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, you can expect a few things that will basically take America out of your ground and will never be the same country. One we know will be the Supreme Court. We know that she will abolish your Second Amendment rights by appointing more Marxist judges to the Supreme Court.

Another thing is amnesty. Chuck Schumer has already vowed within a hundred days of a Clinton presidency to amnesty all of the illegal immigrants in this country. Now, that is between twelve and forty million people. And we know they will vote between 75-90% Democrat. That will give the Democrats anywhere between eight and thirty million new voters. There will never be another Republican president ever. America is on the verge of a one-party state. A government controlled by the Democrats, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Marxist unions.

The other thing Hillary Clinton is going to do and is very intimately involved with is what’s called the Union Resolution 1618 which is part of the “Istanbul Process” driven by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). That Union Resolution 1618 has been passed by the United Nations and will make it illegal worldwide to criticize Islam. It will include the United States.

If you take the destruction of the Supreme Court, amnesty, and Resolution 1618, how will American Conservatism ever be able to fight back against that?

PC: Can you tell our readers a little more about “ The Enemies Within” movie?

TL: A lot of Conservatives think that this (what we are see happening in America today) is happening by accident and is driven by stupid Liberals who don’t really know better.

Well, we ask in the movie, “Could your Congressman pass an FBI background check?” And we say that at least hundred members of your House of Representatives and twenty members of your Senate are so entrenched in Communism or Muslim Brotherhood fronts, that they wouldn’t have a chance. Yet, they are serving on your armed services committee, your homeland security committee, your judiciary committee, your education committee, and your intelligence committee of the U.S. House. That’s really disturbing.

So, you have all these people serving on all these committees, influencing all of your policies, and making your laws who wouldn’t even be allowed to sell you a stamp at the post office or get clearance to drive a school bus. Yet, they are basically making policies and serving on your highest counsels.

Our movie is titled “The Enemies Within” because we are saying there are no security checks to serve on a Congressional committee or a Senate committee and that your Congress has been infiltrated by your enemies.

And, we aren’t talking about Liberals. We are talking about people who are aligned with Cuba, with China, with Russia, with the Muslim Brotherhood, with Iran–who are working overtime to bring this country to its knees. They are working to destroy your military. They want to flood your country with illegal immigrants and Islamic refugees from the Middle East. They are planning on destroying your First and Second Amendment rights through the Supreme Court. They are going to ram fully socialized, single-payer healthcare down your throats the first opportunity they get.

They are going to change America into something completely unrecognizable. And it’s only going to take one more Democratic administration to do this. That’s why we need to vote to be sure Hillary Clinton is not the next president and that the Democrats do not regain control of the Senate.

PC: You’re from New Zealand. How did you become so concerned with American politics, anyway? 

TL: I saw Communism at work in my own country. Back in the 1980’s, they took over our Labor party and they banned nuclear warships from our harbors and that destroyed the alliance with your country. I saw what Communists could do working inside government to wreck my country. So, I did a big study of America because it was the number one enemy of the Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood.

I was searching your Congress and your Senate and that’s how I found the connections between Obama and the Hawaiian Communist, Frank Marshall Davis. That’s how I got to know about Van Jones, the Communist Green Jobs czar. It was my information that got to Glenn Beck to get Van Jones kicked out of the White House.

The bottom line is this- our country has been saved by your country before in World War II. We understand that it was your fathers and grandfathers that saved my country from invasion by the Japanese army. We understand what it’s like to be saved by a big brother.

And if America goes down, if you lose your Constitution, your liberty, your economic dynamism, and your military superiority (which you are already losing), the bad guys of this planet are just going to take over. If America continues to go down and retreat from your global leadership role, we (Australia and New Zealand) become part of the Chinese Empire. If America goes down, there is no freedom left anywhere on the planet. That’s a harsh reality.  

PC: The Communist movement basically wants to socialize the entire planet under centralized government control. At one point, Western culture would never stand for that. However, they have been able to create a clever, long-term plan to accomplish this by socializing places like the U.S. from the inside out (and we’ve seen this playing out in this election by the large number of Bernie Sanders supporters). You mentioned they have to do this by a process of subversion. Can you explain how this works?

TL: Young kids think socialism is all the freedom and prosperity we have today plus a bunch of free stuff. That’s what they think Bernie Sanders socialism means. But they have been indoctrinated for the past forty years in the colleges. All those 1960’s radicals who tried to have a revolution back then and failed, they have been in the colleges for the past forty years, indoctrinating all of the youth. So, it’s no wonder so many of them think socialism is a good idea. They weren’t alive to see the wall come down. They didn’t see the horrors of Communism. It doesn’t scare them, which it should.

The Communists hate America. Education, the churches and the media have all been targeted. And they have also gotten in charge of many committees within your government, and will also allow Islam to do what it wants because they are doing their dirty work for them.

If you had a Ronald Reagan in the White House today, you would not have ISIS running rampage in the Middle East. You would not have Putin invading Ukraine. You would not have Iran threatening Israel. You would not have China threatening Japan. None of that would be happening. But because of the Democrats (through the leadership of Obama), your enemies are now on the march. They are emboldened. It all comes down to America twice-electing an anti-American president and is about to elect another one.

PC: You’ve explained why Hillary Clinton is such a dangerous choice for president. So, what would you say to the #NeverTrump people who are adamantly opposed to BOTH candidates? 

TL: I have been a Ted Cruz supporter for four years. I would love for Cruz to be the president in 2020 or 2024. But for that to happen, Hillary Clinton cannot be the president in 2016. Because just legalizing the illegal immigrants is going to make it impossible to ever elect another Republican president ever. So, if you want Ted Cruz or a Conservative president in the future, we have to stop Hillary Clinton today. Because she is going to make it impossible to ever elect another Conservative again. Once amnesty is passed, it’s not something we can just reverse. Hillary is going to legalize anywhere between twelve and forty million undocumented Democrats. Not to mention the flood of Islamic refugees that will be spread to Conservative towns all over America to destroy the Republican voting base forever.

What Republicans need to understand is that if we blow this election, we are making it virtually impossible to ever win another one again.

PC: Aside from voting in this election to stop Hillary, what else can we do to stop this radical agenda?

TL: One of the greatest things we can do is this— there is legislation before your Congress that would make the Muslim Brotherhood a designated terrorist organization. If people would put pressure on to make that happen, that would destroy sixty years of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into this country without firing a shot, and without arresting a single person. All of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR, etc. would be shut down and your Congress would no longer be allowed to work with them. So that would be one of the most effective things we can do to turn this country around. That is just one piece of simple legislation. Most of your overseas allies have already designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. If America does that too, that will set radical Islam back sixty years overnight

The other thing people can do is to make sure there is no amnesty for illegals.

Lastly, vote, vote, vote…vote up and down the ticket!

Thirty million evangelical Christians do not vote and when they do vote, they tend to break 80% Conservatives. If evangelical voters voted in respectable numbers, this country would be turned around overnight.

PC: Most importantly, where can our readers purchase a copy of your documentary?

TL: We are going to be touring around the country, so we’ll be holding showings everywhere we go. You can go to my daily blog and see the schedule. And you can go to and order a DVD online there. The movie is going to be available on September 12th. And please distribute as many of these movies as you can before the election.


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