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by Alex Cooper on the Conservative Daily Post


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Hillary’s health concerns have been on the discussion table for the past few weeks. Many on the left claim that Conservatives are simply being unreasonable and using false arguments to attack Hillary.

That idea was totally crushed today. While visiting the 9/11 memorial in commemoration of the terrible attack that happened 15 years ago, Hillary became very ill. She became so ill though, that she was forced to leave.

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That’s not the unbelievable part of the story though. When leaving the memorial due to her “illness” she literally collapsed. When you watch this video, pay special attention to Hillary’s ankles. They collapsed completely. Her escort had to carry her to the vehicle.

That’s not all though. In the video, if you watch closely, you see and hear a metal pin fall out of Hillary’s pant leg. Here is the video:


None of us fully understood the extent of Hillary’s health issues until now. She appears to have been wearing a metal brace of some kind that was helping to keep her ankles stabilized. A pin or something similar must have fallen out. Based on this video, she apparently needs the brace to the extent that if she isn’t wearing it she can’t even stand on her own.

This is serious. This is not some “biased attack” on a candidate. This is a legitimate call for Hillary’s health to be examined. The American People demand that she release some form of legitimate health checkup. Clearly, she will never do that though. That’s fine; this is all the evidence we need.

You can also see how one of the men helping to valet Hillary’s vehicle ran to cover the camera’s angle. They are hiding something. There’s no doubt about that.

Share this video everywhere you can. Show it to everyone that thinks Hillary is an option. She is seriously hurt and unfit to be the President of the United States of America. We need Trump in the White House. He can rebuild this country and begin to undo the failures of the past 8 years.

It’s clear Hillary will be manipulated to do anything once in office. If she passes out and fully collapses while entering a vehicle, do you really think she is going to be able to make critical decisions under pressure?

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