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BREAKING NEWS Parents Refuse to Send Their Children to School After Being Warned of...

Parents Refuse to Send Their Children to School After Being Warned of Leprosy Outbreak

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A closed-door intelligence briefing I personally conducted in the Arizona State Senate on August 17th, 2016, with the assistance of a subject-matter medical expert, provided detailed intelligence and medical presentations depicting a growing number of states in the United States now confronting medical challenges never before needed to be confronted, in very large and direct measure due to the continuing and unchecked flow of illegals from many South American and South Central countries, as well as from Middle Eastern Islamic countries.  With virtually NO medical screening taking place, I reported at the August 17th briefing that (at that time) twelve states including Arizona were experiencing difficult and new medical challenges with parasites, bacteria, and skin lesions not previously known to our medical professionals.  With school beginning I continued, school and community officials should brace themselves for an advent of medical challenges.  It is imperative, I stated in my written brief, that State and local officials begin immediately preparing protocols to respond to unusual outbreaks, and even consider finding and setting aside funds to assist county and state health departments for a potentially large increase in activity.


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My detailed briefing packet (Link to briefing provided below) has since been distributed publicly by design to inform parents and citizens.  Now below is an article published in the United Kingdom describing two cases of possible Leprosy in Riverside, California.  Prior to this public reporting, I and my medical expert submitted a full report privately to certain elected officials on this matter.  We chose to not report on the incident until more conclusive evidence surfaced.  Specimens from the exposed children have been rushed to a lab in Louisiana for formal diagnosis, which should be reached within two weeks.  But have other children already been exposed?  Since my briefing, five additional states across the United States now have medical challenges for a total of seventeen states.  Some of the challenges have been contained and even aggressively addressed.  Other issues are still unfolding.

America is certainly undergoing “change” but the results are scary and not-so-good.

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TWO cases of leprosy could have broken out at a Californian primary school, parents have been warned.

Parents have now refused to send their children to Indian Hills Elementary in Jurupa Valley after notes were sent home warning parents that two students “might” be sick with leprosy.

Worried families are demanding more information after letters were sent home to parents saying two students at Indian Hills Elementary in Jurupa Valley “might” be sick with leprosy

Worried parents and kids, pictured, are demanding more info after letters were sent home warning of leprosy at Indian Hills Elementary
The school has now disinfected its classrooms

The school has now disinfected its classrooms with an information night set down for parents to find out more

Students at Indian Hills Elementary have been warned of a potential outbreak of leprosy

Parents express anger at meeting over suspected school leprosy casesThe school, about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles, sent out the warning on Friday, CBS Los Angeles has reported.

Jurupa Valley Unified Superintendent Elliott Duchon said the school’s classrooms had been decontaminated in response to the threat.

He said the two students, who had been warned of the potential diagnosis by a doctor, had alerted the school’s nursing staff.

Mr Duchon said: “For parents, they need to make a decision for their children but we’re not recommending any precautions.

“There is not a risk at this time.”

The students believed to have been infected have also been pulled out of class for the time being.

It is unclear whether the infected students are related to each other or whether they had recently been overseas.

Riverside County director of disease control Barbara Cole said: “We have not identified any risk at the school and it’s very difficult to transmit to others.”

Despite the attempted reassurances, dozens of parents have kept their children home from school after receiving the letter.

About 90 students were absent from the school on Tuesday morning, three times the usual number.

The children potentially infected will not have their diagnosis confirmed for several weeks.

More than 400 school parents met with health officials after school on Wednesday but were left frustrated when authorities refused to answer any questions about the potentially-infected children and their condition.

As part of the school’s cautionary measures, parents are also set to be interviewed about whether their families have travelled to any less developed countries where theleprosy may have been picked up.


While cases of leprosy in the UK and US are extremely rare, the disease can still create ripples of fear.
But what is leprosy?
Otherwise known as Hansen’s, it is a contagious disease that can affect the skin, and in rare cases can cause disfigurements and deformities.
It is caused by a slow-multiplying bacteria, mycobacterium leprae, which starts by damaging the small nerves in the skin’s surface, causing discoloured patches with little to no feeling.
The disease can then spread, going on to damage the nerves in the elbow, wrist and ankle,. It can also cause a loss of sensation to the feet and hands.
As its victims are unable to feel pain, they can often suffer burns, ulcers and other injuries without realising.
The infection can also damage eyelids, making it difficult for those infected to blink while other symptoms include a flattened nose or clawed hand.
The disease can be cured with antibiotics and multidrug therapy but the treatments cannot reverse the physical impacts caused.
According to the World Health Organisation, there were about 210,000 new cases of leprosy diagnosed across the globe in 2015.
More than half of the new diagnoses were in India.

The disease can lead to long-term disabilities

The disease can lead to long-term disabilities

The disease, which is often associated with biblical days, can cause disfiguring skin sores and peeling skin.

The World Health Organisation has reported that the exact way that leprosy is transmitted it not known.

The disease can be treated by antibiotics.

The disease works by damaging the small nerves on the skin’s surface, resulting in the loss of sensation. Those infected then cannot feel pain in the areas and can suffer from  unnoticed burns and ulcers.

According to The Leprosy Mission, around a dozen cases are diagnosed in the UK each year, with most cases originating from overseas.


Dear Parents:
The school district has received an unconfirmed report that two students at Indian Hills Elementary School have been diagnosed with Hansen’s disease (leprosy). This report has not been confirmed by the Health Department. In an abundance of caution, administration wanted to share this information with you as soon as possible.
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “Hansen’s disease, also known as leprosy, is a chronic bacterial disease that primarily affects the skin, peripheral nerves and upper airway. Feared as a highly contagious and dangerous disease, it is well established that Hansen’s disease is not highly transmissible, is very treatable, and, with early diagnosis and treatment, is not disabling.”
You can access more information on Hansen’s disease from many sources online. One source is the National Hansen’s Disease Program.



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