Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Swine-List

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I’ve been in a prolonged time of repentance for the last week, ever since God began to reveal to me that my whole life I’ve placed limits on Him. And He’s found it offensive my whole life, too. Gag. And most of us are quite comfortable doing the same thing every time we approach God. What is really interesting to me is that none of us (not one!) came out of our mother’s wombs with any notion that to be acceptable, God had to have limits placed around Him. So where did we get that notion?

I believe today that the idea of placing limits around God is something we learned through our family, church and social environments. Where else could it have been? I should explain that by limits, I’m picturing a perimeter fence that we enclose God with, and the fences are composed of posts set in unbelief, and the wire between the posts are the fictions about Him that we’re comfortable with. In effect – we are in control.

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I have no idea why God decided at this late date in my life to reveal this to me. Perhaps I wasn’t able to see it earlier because I had my name on His Swine-List up to now, and He won’t reveal Himself to swine (Matthew 7:6), or perhaps now is simply His right time. I think Jesus came up against the Swine-List in Mark 6:1-6. Incredibly, even Jesus, the Son of God – ‘marveled.’

The fact of the matter is that God, whether I can even begin to grasp it or not, is unlimited in the unity of Who He is, and unlimited in what He can do. He began to explain this to me several months ago as I was in prayer, and He unloaded this verse into my head: “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?” (Jeremiah 32:27). Immediately upon receiving this verse I was placed in a conflict between what I thought He could or would do, and what He wanted to do in my life. The perimeter fence of my limits came into clear focus then, and it has been like a burr under my saddle ever since.

The really insidious part of all this is that we all do this fence thing with God – and we don’t usually even know we’ve done it. Now, your fence may enclose a bigger god than mine, but it’s the same problem, because unknowingly, ignorantly, we have each created our own god who will accommodate the individual sizes of our enclosures. And within those fictional limits, we actually believe he’s there to serve us and do our bidding whenever we call. That is not the Almighty God of the Bible – rather it is our very own, individual household idol, living in our heads! Hence the offense.

Worse, not only do we have this idol construct living inside of our minds, the construct is reinforced in most of the churches we attend. All the denominations have their own “grasp” on god, and different sized fences to enclose him, but it doesn’t seem to be the One and Only I read about in my Bible. Perhaps that is one underlying reason we find it so easy and “natural” to worship men like the super rich, movie stars, sports heroes, even some politicians (now that’s really sick!); we’re already used to the casual idolatry of the gods we’ve created, what could be more natural than to worship men too? The very notion that we call sports participants (well paid at that!) “heroes” is a disgusting oxymoron. Why can’t we see it?!

To sum, I’ve been earnestly praying that God (the Real One) would give me a revelation of what it is I’m worshipping other than Him. I say ‘revelation’ because I am not capable of doing accurate spiritual surgery on myself, as much as I’d like to think I could. I’m at His mercy over this because I don’t trust my heart…I only trust His.

I desperately want off the Swine-List, and I know God showed it to me because He wants me off of it too. I want to intimately know the real God, the One with no limits, the One Who can move mountains. I want to be His lover and His partner on the earth – that’s why Jesus was sacrificed.

It is time to face hard truths; it is time to face the real God and ask Him to show us to ourselves – revelation first, then repentance, is the only way off the list.


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