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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 A Kind, Reasoned and Scriptural Call to the Never Trump Voters

A Kind, Reasoned and Scriptural Call to the Never Trump Voters

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After laboring for two days just to find an appropriate title for this piece; this writer almost gave up on it entirely.


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After finding another article on the subject at I was not only re-inspired, but I realized that I may have been divinely delayed.

Trying to make sense of the rift between those who want Trump and those who felt Ted Cruz or another candidate should have been chosen for the nomination has become a conundrum on the level of the ‘order out of disorder’ studies done at MIT some years ago.

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After writing almost forty articles warning others about Mr. Trump’s temperament and other personality deficiencies I will still stand by every word I wrote, but this election is not about a candidate’s temperament – it is about the last chance for our nation to recover from a fall into liberal hell.

For this writer, the first game changer came as a result of a careful search concerning Donald Trump’s reasons for running for president. The other was a scriptural passage that someone else brought to my attention which sealed the argument for me – once and for all.

I remain a staunch Cruz supporter and if he were still in the race, my vote would be his, but I will not give my vote up to Hillary for any reason under the sun. I am also a supporter of reality.

Before explaining these two points, it should be known that I have read and carefully considered the arguments of conservatives who still oppose Trump. Some of them are people I hold in high regard such as Ambassador and author Alan Keyes along with Editor of American Clarion, Mr. Bob Ellis, radio talk show host Erick Erikson, Bradlee Dean and a host of others. Their impassioned pleas are worthy of serious contemplation, but I find that I cannot deny the wisdom of my own latest discoveries on the subject. Let me share it with you.

I will make only two points, one is a result of a long and intense study of the life and times of Mr. Donald Trump. The other is borrowed from an article that I came across only recently and found to be the most powerful argument I have seen anywhere to date.

First, after reading over 200 articles and reports about Trump and hanging on every report and news story about him for about a year I discovered that aside from all the controversy and his boisterous braggadocio, one proclamation, one theme and only one comes shining through all the blather – Donald Trump loves America.

Only someone that loves our nation should be allowed to even try to “make America great again.”

Can this self-centered, oafish big mouth pull it off? I don’t know, but I am sure that Hillary Clinton only loves power and herself.

America is the poor traveler beaten by eight years of thieving liberals who are ripping up our foundations, our heritage, our treasures and our standing; wounded lying by the side of the road until one man out of three who passed by, offers to help. The wounded and beaten man does not ask his helper what religion he comes from, or what his background is. He does not ask if his helping hero has been divorced, or had bad business dealings – he accepts the help and recovers – no questions asked.

The only person asking questions after his recovery is Jesus Christ. Christ asked his disciples this all important question about the Good Samaritan.

“Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?” (Lu 10: 36)

Let’s wake up America, Trump is no knight in shining armor, but he is without doubt a Good Samaritan willing to step out from all those within the beltway and help.

Why should we not give him the chance?

It was a love for the nation of Israel that made Jesus disciples go to one of their hated enemies, the Romans, and help him with his sick and dying servant.

The disciples implored him to help based solely on his “love” for their nation.

“And when they came to Jesus, they besought him instantly, saying, that he was worthy for whom he should do this: For he loveth our nation, and he hath built us a synagogue.” (Lu 7: 4-5)

If a centurion’s love for Israel drew Christ to his side, then it may be time for us to cut some slack for Mr. Trump. His love for America qualifies for me.

Secondly, I would refer you to the powerful wisdom I found in an article published in under the title “An Unlikely Source Makes a Case for Donald Trump.”

The complete article can be found on a website called – entitled; “To The ‘Never Trumper’ – A Biblical Case for Trump.”

It almost seems oversimplified, but some of the greatest principles and truths ever found, were simple, but solid pillars of wisdom hidden in only a few choice words.

When Christ’s disciples found a man who seemed well outside of their little entourage going about preaching the very same gospel they were broadcasting – they forbad him! Why? Because he wasn’t travelling and working with them, they gave him the axe. He was clearly an outsider.

Jesus answered them with a strikingly simple but profound answer, to wit:

“And Jesus said unto him, forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.” (Lu 9: 50)

Really, the last time I looked Donald Trump was for America, even proclaiming he loves America.

Finally, what alternative do “Never Trumpers” have?

And what kind of reasoning is being used to deny that not voting for Trump is not a vote for Hillary?

Just who is it a vote for?

You see, it’s not a matter of morality it is only a matter of mathematics.

The vote drained off by so called “conscience” voters in 1992 surely went to Ross Perot and helped to bring the first Clinton into power. Will we play the same bad hand again to bring yet another Clinton into power?

I am not panicky, I unequivocally trust the will of the living God to guide our nation in these most troubling days, but I will not indulge in the sin of presumption and allow the best alternative no place, for my own sense that I didn’t get the deal I wanted.

Only recently Mr. Trump, probably under advice of good counsel, underwent a remarkable change in his endorsement for Paul Ryan and John McCain. He is showing his self-control and presidential qualities in the works.

I respect anyone who declares they will not vote for Mr. Trump on principle, but I cannot respect anyone who will not pause to consider if there is another motive, perhaps hidden, masked or dormant in their decision.

Considering a Hillary presidency, we must ask how much of our no-trump sentiment is based on revenge, or resentment.

We cannot expect one single prospective leader to be a hero if “we the people” will not step up and do our part in preserving our great nation.

We must not use the flag to cover Mr. Trump’s weaknesses and flaws, but we also must not use the word “principle” to mask what may well be only – negligence and indifference.

Our nation is at stake.


To The “Never Trumper”- A Biblical Case For Trump

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  1. “Liberal hell.” Boy that’s a mouth full and absolutely true. Well written and his points are valid. This country will fall into hell, not just stand looking over the edge, if Hillary gets in office. But, may God’s will be done.


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