Tuesday, September 22, 2020
BIBLICAL ANSWERS All Ye Who Think They Can Divert My Will are Fools

All Ye Who Think They Can Divert My Will are Fools

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“I, the Lord God of heaven and earth, have warned the nations through My prophets. Do not come against My people! The governments of the nations are placing their people in jeopardy by refusing to listen to My words.

All who refuse to follow My instructions and guidance shall die with no hesitation on My part. All ye who think they can divert My will are fools. Their minds are as full of sand as the deserts and the sea shores.

My wrath shall pour out like tidal waves slamming against the shores. Repent ye nations for your sins are great. Do not turn your heads from the sun above setting in the skies. The glory of the Lord will prevail and all who follow other paths will wreak My havoc upon them.

I am slow to anger but the sins of the nations are stirring My anger as a spoon in a pot of stew. My anger shall boil over burning those who stand in the way. Follow My decrees or die by the sword. The sword that will be wielded across the land.

Repent ye people of the nations for your sins shall bring you down. The grass in the fields are green right now but when My wrath is poured out they will be as ashes left behind.

Take courage children of God, for My presence is with you. I shall give you blessings and lead you in My ways. Take note of those things the prophets are telling you and pray in all things. Keep your hearts open, your minds free from the worldly ways. Lift your voices in protest to those who do not declare or glorify the Lord your God.

Bring those who are fallen to the foot of the cross. My heart shall cry out for their repentance. I will accept their cries. Forgiveness shall greet them and My arms shall engulf them in love.

Shout to the nations My warnings and My love for their people. Shout to your leaders “The Lord is on His way. Repent! Their destiny is in peril.”

Speak out O’ My children and pray they shall listen. Let your songs of praise  spread far and wide. I am listening.”

Given by the Holy Spirit 1-8-07

Scripture ref’s: Ez. 38:1, 39:24 -29



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