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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 For The Sake of Ten

For The Sake of Ten

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Then he said, “Let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak but once more: Suppose ten should be found there?” And He said, “I will not destroy [it] for the sake of ten.” [Gen 18:32; NKJV]

“..for everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required.” [Luke 12:43;NKJV]

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Much that we see as disappointment comes about because of our own unrealistic expectations. At the same time, much mediocrity comes about because we do not expect enough. It is unrealistic to expect the unbelievers of this country to turn from their love of darkness and instead seek the righteousness of God, but perhaps it is equally unrealistic to expect deliverance to arise in America from a prolifically unrepentant church.

My focus today is the professing churches across America who do not have a clue what God expects of them in this hour, rather, they are continually preoccupied with the temporal trivialities of the “business of church.” While some conduct this “business” better than others, in the end, which may soon be upon us, it will not matter.

As Christians first, and citizens of this United States second, God expects us to perform our civic responsibilities, such as voting, and lobbying unceasingly for righteousness in government, but never at the expense of what comes first, for our eternal citizenship is with Him. It is our eternal citizenship that gives us the true basis for how to be responsible citizens of this temporal country we’ve been placed in. But in this election year, many Christians seem so obsessed with temporal politics, they act as if God will save this country by temporal, political means, and in fact, judging by their rhetoric, they differ not from the masses of unbelieving voters.

My question for “professing” Christian voters is this: “For you, where is God in this picture, and what are your primary responsibilities on the earth at this time?”

One professing Christian politician recently said we should “Vote our conscience.” Of course, he was roundly criticized by those with seared consciences and a microphone. But really, shouldn’t Christian people always ‘vote their conscience?’ In this regard, we can always count on one thing – the heathen will.

Now is the time for Christians to stop “professing” and start doing. In Genesis 18 we have the story of Abraham interceding with God, face to face, for the lives of the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah. These were wicked cities, full of wicked, God-hating people, and to all outward appearances, long overdue for God’s judgment…and yet Abraham begged God not to sweep away the righteous with the wicked. Perhaps now is a good time for Christians to be interceding for this country in the same way. Jesus said, “for everyone to whom much is given, from him (or them) much will be required.” I think it obvious that the statement in Luke 12 also applies to the United States.

It would be unrealistic to assume that every man in the American colonies at the time of our revolution was a Christian believer, but it would also be wrong to think this country was founded on anything less than the favor of God. And we founded it on the foundation of Holy Scripture on purpose and by design.

Our country was born full of imperfect people appealing to a perfect God – and the United States came into view. Personally, I don’t think even Israel can claim it’s genesis the way we can; God chose Israel; we chose God.

But now, about 240 years from our birth, we find ourselves plunging quickly into a Godless darkness – free falling into the slavery of the always-failed dream of “Globalism”, and do we dare turn to politicians to save us, and not first turn to God?

There might be little chance of forestalling the judgments of God against our sin sick nation, but we certainly have no chance at all by turning primarily to secular means in our struggle against destruction.

And in this time, God is not waiting to hear the cries of the unbelieving; He is instead straining to hear the ardent prayers of His own people, a people willing to stand in the gap between the judgments we deserve and the divine mercy we desperately need.

For the ‘sake of ten’, may He not sweep away the righteous with the wicked. For the ‘sake of ten’ may He have mercy on the United States of America.


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  1. For some time I have said no politician can save this country and I vote for God. But I’m really wondering if it has gone so far that our Lord is so disgusted He’s turned His back and says, “Give them what they want!” I don’t blame Him a bit if He has.


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