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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Hillary Clinton and Truth: not Well Acquainted

Hillary Clinton and Truth: not Well Acquainted

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I recently read an article on Fox News: Clinton acknowledges hard work ahead, frustrated by America’s ‘caricature’ of her. Oh really? As usual it’s all about Hillary, no surprise there. Also not surprising is Hillary’s none-ability to tell the truth, why would we expect anything less?


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Hillary has shown herself to be a consummate liar and a world-class criminal and therefore should not be allowed to run for dogcatcher let alone president of the United States. The email scandal alone should have been enough to disqualify Hillary from running for president. Charges should have been filed but Hillary again got away with wrongdoing.

From the Fox News interview with Hillary:

“Every time I run for an office, though, oh my goodness, all of these caricatures come out of nowhere. And people begin to undermine me because when I left office as secretary of state, 66 percent of Americans approved of what I do.”

“…all of these caricatures come out of nowhere” – in other words Hillary did nothing to precipitate these caricatures, or commentaries and just does not understand why people have issues with her. Does Hillary actually believe her own lies, or is it that she really thinks the American people are that ignorant and stupid?

After leaving office, Hillary’s approval rating took a nosedive. Why? Because the truth of her actions came out – you can run Hillary, but you can’t hide.

Hillary acknowledged that she “has work to do.” Gosh, do you think? In the Benghazi fiasco four people died on Mrs. Clinton’s watch. Then there is the whole email scandal, which according to Hillary was “a mistake”. Funny a Marine made that same mistake when he sent ONE classified email through an unsecure email server to warn his brothers-in-arms of a potential attack. Now he faces being booted from the Marines for it. Hillary gets a free pass while having many more emails of a much higher classification on her unsecure server – she even laughed about it and said there was no way she would be indicted for it.

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Mrs. Clinton also said the Putin led Russian government made a “deliberate effort to try to affect the election,” which “raises national security issues.” So Hillary’s highly classified emails that are in the possession of who knows how many foreign governments is no big deal?

What about the information that came to light from the Wikileaks DNC emails that revealed the DNC actively working with Mrs. Clinton to sabotage Bernie Sanders chances of securing the Democratic nomination? Or the same set of emails that show mainstream media colluding with Hillary to protect and advance her agenda?

Barack Obama has done this country a huge disservice in the way that he has chosen to handle his responsibilities in the Oval office. In this writer’s opinion, a Hillary presidency will be far, far worse. With Hillary at the head of the Clinton political machine, Obama’s policies will be rubber-stamped and even expanded. The push to take away the citizen right to bear arms will be amped up, the U.S. borders will be even more porous then they are now, and many more Middle East immigrants will be allowed into the U.S.

A Hillary Clinton presidency is a death warrant for the U.S., signed, sealed, and delivered. As the people who believe in Christ are the body of Christ, we who live in the U.S. are the body of the U.S. As part of the body of the U.S., are you not tired of being cut and left to bleed?

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Greg Holt
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  1. Yes, pathological liars believe their own lies. A proven fact. And yes, she thinks the people are idiots. And those that vote for her are idiots or just plain brain dead.


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