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ABORTION Has Modern Science Fallen to PC Quackery – Is Nothing Safe?

Has Modern Science Fallen to PC Quackery – Is Nothing Safe?

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This story began about a generation ago when scientific hyper-fluff was introduced under the watchful eye of Uncle Charley Darwin who happened to see a slight difference in the beaks of Galapagos’ finches. This apparition was then mixed with a whole lot of secularist anti-God sentiment and voilà – we all came from monkeys.


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It takes no genius, no string of letters behind a name and certainly no serious thinking to see that in one hearty good old fashioned, one – two – three, the whole matter could be given the heave-ho.

C’mon secularists – give it up. It is not the story of Adam and Eve you are bucking it is your own refusal to see the noses on your faces. Perhaps the puckering lips stuck to Charley Darwin’s posterior are obscuring your view.

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  1. If there is no creator, where did the particulates and gases that created the “big bang” come from? Even harder to answer if you don’t believe in a creator, but go ahead, take all the time in the world you need, you know, that stuff you say created all the stars, the planets and the worlds you insist must exist elsewhere as well.
  2. Must we saturate our senses with pot and other psychotropic drugs to expand them in order to take in the mathematical impossibilities of millions of species of aquatic life and animals and plants coming together in all their ecological balance and glorious presence out of a combination of pure chance and billions of years of time – no intelligence involved!

No wonder this generation wants to legalize drugs. There must be a way to cover, neutralize or numb stupidity on this scale.

  1. Those that spend a lifetime searching for Sasquatch have a great deal more dignity than the evolutionists who are still searching for the entire spectrum of missing links for all species, but especially of humans. In fact, counting for all catastrophes, pandemics, wars, and natural disasters – the remains of inter-species humans alone should cover the entire earth like a blanket. We should not be able to dig a foundation for a home, excavate for a building or dig in the backyard garden without finding some of these remains. Funny thing – they refuse to be found!

So far, science has produced nothing. The handfuls (Counted on less than the fingers on our hands) that have been produced come with very doubtful disputations. Arguments abound, but no bodies are around – rap that into your evo-looniness.

Has abortion become both an art and a science under the auspices of political correctness?

Now, let’s look at the babies with the help of the great scientific minds of our time. Oh, that’s right, no great scientific minds have spoken on the subject of when life begins for humans, and we all know Margaret Sanger was a leftist ideologue who was actively involved in when human life should end, but she was no scientist. As the great pioneer of eugenics and mother of Planned Parenthood, she was insulted by the rest of the world’s view of motherhood and infanthood, and was actually a pioneer for the death of both.

Oddly, young children know when life begins; animal lovers also know when life begins unless you have heard that somewhere on the planet earth, people are ripping whole litters of dogs and other creatures from the wombs of animals to protect them from missing an education (like dog training) or starvation. (Like – poor foxes and wolves being unable to kill the next thing they see and eat it) Nature makes liars of men – let’s not ask what the Bible says!

In nature’s kingdom, animals that are pregnant or have just given birth will take on and severely damage any predator that approaches them to do harm, often running off animals many times their own size. Only in the human species do we let nine very small humans (Supreme Court) with very small minds to rip our own offspring out of the female and discard them like so much refuse. The only pre-requisite is a degree and some cold hard physician’s tools to waste over 55 million to date. Nature makes liars of men, but we make fools of ourselves.

Those starting off, all fresh and new in the womb today, are an enemy, much like those in Hiroshima and should be annihilated before others already living lose their lives. No, I am not speaking of Americans in the homeland, but the selfish, heartless and callous – wherever they may be found.

Life begins at the beginning – real science wouldn’t dare say anything to the contrary. But PC tainted science with the help of perverted jurisprudence insists that the little globsters are just a lump of flesh much like a wart or a boil to be eradicated.

People with a conscience are never shocked to hear the word “murder” associated with the abortion of a human being. In fact, we are more shocked when the term is not used.

If there were a ‘science of evil’ it would start with the inhuman modern phenomena known as abortion. Other courses to follow.

Global Warming: The Greatest Social Engineering Hoax of the Century

What better way to get the attention away from the ever pressing message of the Bible (Courtesy of the God of eternity) that man is living in a fallen state, than to call scientists (The new gods of modernity) to say it’s not about fallen man, but its the sky that is falling. Is Chicken Little the mascot of the empiricists?

What is the evidence? Here is where they hope you don’t ask any serious questions. Of late they changed the name of their pop-bogeyman from “climate change” to “global warming.”

We should be glad that they finally figured out two points that were heretofore quite confusing. First the term climate change is better known as weather. No big science here.

Secondly, they chose “warming” instead of freezing which was the popular notion when this writer was growing up. We should be glad that they finally made up their minds.

It is the means by which they derived their evidence that should cause them to hang their heads in shame. Let’s see!

Whether we are creationist with seven thousand years for the age of earth or an evolutionist with multiple billions of years – keeping records of the earths weather goes back only a few hundred years.

With very little long range verifiable empirical data the next best thing is to feed data into a computer and ask it for a model of what took place over millennia and put that out as fact.

Global warming, like most everything PC, puts out hyperbole at the least, but is nefariously evil at its core, because like all PC nonsense, there is a hidden agenda involved. The essence of that agenda is capsulized in a single word – control.

Science and PC got married their offspring are named climate change, deep stupidity and control of nations.

The only thing warming up is the argument between those who know better and those who think it is better that you don’t know.

Science struggles to support the LGBT movement – PC must carry most of the load

This one is easy. Unless we place psychology and psychiatry alongside other exact sciences we have a problem. If perception can overtake scientific reality then science just died. I may think I’m a woman, but if I was born a man my DNA will not lie for faux science or political correctness.

We can load the body with hormones, perform surgeries, change our clothing, wear makeup and start acting like the opposite sex, but the DNA won’t budge. It will always say what we refuse to admit.

The chromosomes will not crack. They insist, if you are born a man you will always be a man – maybe its time for us to be a man about the truth that no amount of faux science or PC can alter these facts one iota.

Oh no Mr. Bill, it’s another anti-science person – run for your lives!

Good journalism does not include the idea of telling people to shut up. But on a personal level I have always loved science. It is to this writer, God pulling back the curtain of mystery and allowing us to see the wonders of his creative mind. It is a peek into the Godhead, that should if properly ascertained leave us in awe of a creator whose very crowning creation (Man) is the one using empiricism to see how God put it all together.

It is only when PC and science get together to speak, that I am inclined to say – shut up!

PC and science have no business keeping company and when they do we are approaching the full revelation of what Portuguese poet Paulo Coelho meant when he said – “We all have one foot in a fairytale, and the other in the abyss.”

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” (Romans 1: 20-22)

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