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FEATURED ARTICLES Reagan on Terrorism in 1986 vs. Obama on Terrorism 2016

Reagan on Terrorism in 1986 vs. Obama on Terrorism 2016

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You need to read this article and pay special attention to what Ronald Reagan says in his videos.  In the last video, a Time For Choosing, Reagan is spelling out exactly what will happen to America if we do exactly what Obama is doing now! America needs to wake up! We are being sold down the river by a President who does not have the best interest for our country. He has an agenda and that includes destroying our Constitution and replacing it with his Marxist, Colonialist, anti-American views. The sad part is that he is succeeding. Americans are asleep while the fox takes over the hen house. MB


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Article below posted by Voice of Reason on the Last Great Stand

In 1986, as a result of continued terrorist activity by Mu’ammar Qadhafi, President Ronald Reagan warned Qadhafi (and the world), that the United States would hold Qadhafi’s regime responsible for any new terrorist attacks launched against American Citizens. Reagan wasn’t big on drawing lines in the sand, and later erasing them in cowardice.

On April 5th, 1986, in West Berlin, a terrorist bomb exploded in a nightclub frequented by American servicemen. An American Sergeant and a Turkish woman were killed, and 230 others wounded, among them some 50 American military personnel. 

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In the speech below, on April 14, 1986, President Ronald Reagan spoke to the American people to announce that the U.S. military had launched air strikes against the African country of Libya. The strikes targeted the country’s leader, Colonel Mu’ammar Qadhafi. The President outlined the terrorist activities attributed to Qadhafi, and asserts the U.S. right to defend itself against terrorist attacks. 

President Reagan was a pillar of American strength, a bona fide leader (as in leading “from the front,” not leading “from behind”), and the Commander in Chief of the United States during a time when this country was still considered a shining city on a hill, and a beacon of strength around the world.

In the next video, witness what happens when the American mainstream media can no longer spell “journalistic integrity,” much less exercise any, and does little more than act as the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. The end result is an American electorate that is so uninformed of the truth, that they somehow get duped not once but twice, into electing a man with lifelong Communist ties and a deep disdain for the American way of life to the Oval Office. Of course I am referring to Barack Hussein Obama. 

After the deadliest shooting in American history, and one of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil where 49 innocent civilians died, and another 53 were injured (some critically), listen to President Obama’s response and compare it to Reagan’s. Despite the killer crying out, “Allahu Akbar,” and calling 911 THREE TIMES to announce his allegiance to ISIS, the Boston Bombers, and a Syrian suicide bomber he knew from the same local Florida Mosque, the stammering jackass in the video below says, “We’ve reached no definite judgment on the precise motivations of the killer…” REALLY?

While Obama’s remarks below are brief, and last only 5:50, it is absolutely staggering how divisive he manages to be in such a short period of time, a true testament to what a petty and spiteful worm of man Obama is. First of all, after the worst terrorist attack since 9/11, President Obama couldn’t even be respectful enough to call Republican Governor Rick Scott and offer his condolences until THREE DAYS after the attack. Who can say if Obama would have called at all if not for the fact that he was traveling to Florida the next day. Governor Scott DID however, get a call from former President George W. Bush who said that he and former first lady Laura Bush “were praying for Florida.”

Only halfway into his remarks, at a time when ALL Americans were grieving and looking for a leader, leave it to Obama to hyphenate or categorize the victims by sexual orientation, rather than referring to them simply as Americans. Obama does that right before he mentions how quickly he DID have enough respect to call his “good friend (and fellow Democrat), Buddy Dyer,” the Mayor of Orlando, to convey his deepest condolences on the shooting.

Finally, Obama reminds us that “An attack on any American regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation, is an attack on all of us, and on the fundamental values of equality and dignity that define us as a country.” He goes on, “No act of hate or terror will ever change who we are, or the values we hold that make us Americans…”


If you’re referring to THAT value, then apparently we need IMMEDIATE change, as evidenced beginning at the 3:45 mark when Obama begins spouting off about gun control as usual… 


LET’S REVIEW: On April 5th, 1986, in West Berlin, a terrorist bomb exploded in nightclub frequented by American MILITARY servicemen, not innocent civilians. In that explosion, ONE American Sergeant and a Turkish woman were killed, 230 others were wounded, and it WAS NOT on American soil. On June 12, 2016, a TERRORIST pulled off the deadliest shooting in American history that MURDERED 49 innocent CIVILIANS, and injured another 53 (some critically)… 

Obama is a Marxist traitor who has put the lives of every American at risk, so Americans need to know we’re on our own with ISIS. If Obama gets our guns, we’re doomed. In the following video, President Reagan spoke very openly about the disastrous policies currently endorsed by Obama and Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. The following speech was titled “A Time For Choosing…”


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