Tuesday, March 9, 2021
FEATURED ARTICLES The Obama Administration's Plan for Muslim Terrorism: Lies, Coverups, and Misdirection

The Obama Administration’s Plan for Muslim Terrorism: Lies, Coverups, and Misdirection

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Disinformation…lies…more lies…ignoring terrorist events or incidents and then minimizing the official response.   Deliberately weakening National Security through a variety of means; including, but not limited to: rewritten policy prohibiting aggressive screening, intelligence collection, apprehension, budgetary reductions to agencies directly responsible for the protection of our National sovereignty, lack of to no training for the FBI and allied agencies charged with protecting us from the Islamic Movement deliberately taking aim at America intending to alter and abolish this Nation.  More lies…more deliberate scripted misdirection, and plain ole not caring about the cost or destruction to America since the stated goal of the Islamic Movement is to collapse any and all country’s not submissive to Shariah Law, and to kill any who profess a faith other than what is scripted in the Koran.  Add to this reality that deliberately placed through the Executive Branch of our federal government are those in appointed office clearly submissive to and supportive of the Islamic Movement, even at the expense of Americans.  Our culture, values, founding principles are under direct assault, and it appears the federal government with all its’ powers and abilities is complicit.  Those currently in power have consistently over nearly eight years remained silent, except periodically throwing a defensive hissy fit against any who expose the Islamic threat to our country.  It almost seems our own government is somehow involved with a sick form of Jihad conducted against its’ own citizens.


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The truly nauseating reality is that the Obama Brotherhood has been siding with the Muslim Brotherhood, and their affiliates, from the moment Barack Hussein Obama stepped into the Oval Office and sat down behind the desk of responsibility, privilege, and fidelity to our Nation.  With the guidance of associated Marxist ideologues who despise America, Obama clumsily and brutally forever altered the Middle East into a region now virtually in open civil war.  His diabolical agenda to ruin American relationships and possibly forever collapse America’s influence in the region, simultaneously withdrawing American military that provided a measure of stability, along with assisting the Muslim Brotherhood to achieve unchecked dominance, has helped arrange for the biblically prophesized isolation of Israel.  This unprecedented turmoil provided sufficient explanation to “officially” begin moving large numbers of third-world Muslims, excuse me, “Refugees” into America.  To-date, over 758,000 have “officially” been sanctioned to receive full and complete American benefits including Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, Housing Benefits, Unemployment, etc.  Obama was serious when he stated back in 2008, he would transform America.  I will not add the numbers crossing our borders both north and south who are simply let-in, and are then “fast-tracked” into receiving all the benefits the others get.  America truly is an exceptional country for doing this, but then again, Obama has stated on numerous occasions America is not exceptional, simply arrogant and mean spirited.

While the terror scene in Orlando is still under active investigation and closed off to all, the Obama crew has issued directives to “speed through” the delivery of even higher numbers of Muslims from Syria, one of our declared ardent enemies.  And yet it is Trump who is a bigoted threat, not those who celebrate their “Religion of Peace” in their most holy month of Ramadan by calculatingly launching Jihad against the infidels; that would be We The People of the United States.

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LYLE J. RAPACKI, Ph.D. is an intelligence and threat assessment specialist who has provided consultations and intelligence briefings to selected members of the Arizona Legislature since June, 2010, as well as to elected and law enforcement officials across the country.  He also pens commentaries which are carried by a number of platforms. 

Orlando Killer’s Father Held Meetings At The White House


Seddique Mateen, father of the Orlando killer and outspoken supporter of the Taliban, has also been a guest at Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department.  I wonder what they were talking about?  The senior Mateen has described Omar as a “good son.”  Of course he also describes the Taliban as a good government so that should give you a frame of reference for what he considers good.

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  1. Obama is as much a terrorist as ISIS. His ultimate goal is to destroy America, Christianity, and the Jewish people. He is a disgrace to the office he holds! Thank God that God is in control and we as Christians will rejoice one day soon in heaven.


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