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FEATURED ARTICLES We’re in a Hundred Years’ War With Islam!

We’re in a Hundred Years’ War With Islam!

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Don Boys, Ph.D.


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Our war with Islam has been ratchetted up a notch with the vicious attack in Orlando where 49 people were killed and 53 injured. This war was declared by Islam against us on 9/11/2001 but spineless officials aren’t sure the aggressors really mean it! So, we have not reciprocated and declared war against them! All Americans, not in a coma, know we are at war while major public officials stand around sucking their thumbs and weeping copious tears. Whether we declare war or not, I assert that we are in a modern Hundred Years’ War with Islam that is changing America (and all free nations) into unrecognizable entities. So we are losing the war simply by not acknowledging the war.

In Europe, the Hundred Years’ War (1337–1453) and bubonic plague  reduced the population more than 50 percent! France lost half its population during the Hundred Years’ War and Paris lost two-thirds of its population. The population of England was reduced by up to 33 percent due to plague during the same period. The war seemed to be incessant as France and England (each aided by various nations) fought for control of France. It became the most notable conflict of the Middle Ages.

The French used the crossbow that required little training but was slow to reload and prone to damage. The long bow required strength and skill and the English had been training their troops to fight using a new approach: during a battle, the English would dismount, find protection, and kill the advancing heavily armored French before they could get close enough to do harm to the English. The English longbows could penetrate French armor and kill their horses before the French could get close enough to harm the English troops. Later, firearms and cannons were introduced that changed the way all future wars were fought.

Europe was forced to make major changes in warfare and in everyday life because of the long war. Feudalism, which was the exchange of land for military and other services, was coming to an end. Peasants acquired more power since their labor was worth more because of the decline in the labor pool. Serfs moved to the growing towns and acquired skills in production of goods. The Pope lost his grip on the English as King Henry booted him off the island in the 1500s. Yes, life was changing for everyone and life is changing for you as Islam continues its invasion.

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Europe was changed quickly in response to the war and the plague. Europeans knew that they had to look at life as it was, not as they wished it to be. They rejected what was not working; adjusted their thinking; started reading the new English Bibles of Wycliffe, Hus, and Tyndale (that transformed their lives); rearranged their economy; then moved into the Reformation and Renaissance. Nothing would ever be the same.

America and the free world are in a Hundred Years’ War but many officials refuse to admit it! Some leaders can’t even pronounce the name of our enemy that all sane people know! Some even allege that some major world leaders are even in collusion with the enemy for ideological reasons! Other leaders are simply spineless, in need of a spinal transplant! Whatever, the fact is we are at war with koranic Islamists because they declared war against the world in the seventh century. However, those of us who firmly believe that fact are said to be guilty of Islamophobia.

The U.N. has defined Islamophobia as a “deep misunderstanding of Islam [that] is fueling anger, hatred, and fear about one of the world’s great religions.” I think I can help the U.N. and it won’t require a U.N. conference or large consulting fees paid to me. Islamophobia is a non-word that was contrived to suggest that anyone concerned with the Muslim threat is somehow unreasonable, unfair, and maybe unstable. The U.S. media assumes that all sensitive, sane, and sensible people would recoil from Islamophobia similar to a mythical vampire recoiling from sunlight. However, that is political correctness run amok.

We are urged not to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few extremists who target civilians. The U.N. rejects “widely held views that Islam is incompatible with democracy or irrevocably hostile to modernity and women’s rights.”

Of course, everyone knows that Islam has always been incompatible with democracy. Muslims will cooperate and use any and all democracy to further their cause of a world caliphate; but their minds are closed tighter than a miser’s wallet where freedom is concerned.

As to women’s rights, is there any doubt where koranic Muslims stand? You will note that American Muslims are not demanding a change in the treatment of women in Muslim nations. Female circumcision (read: sexual mutilation often performed on little girls with a dull blade and no anesthesia!) is common even in Germany, Austria, England, and Netherlands. Women can’t vote where Muslims rule. Then you have disparity in inheritance laws, discrimination in courts, and degrading wife beating, etc. Islam is not female friendly.

The mistreatment of women comes directly from Mohammed’s life and teachings: there are more women in hell than men; prayers are interrupted by a black dog, an ass, or a woman; if a wife is difficult, withhold sex from her and then beat her if needed; Mohammed took his female slave to bed; he took his son’s wife as his own; he had a nine-year-old wife; etc.

Sounds as if Mohammed was in fact “irrevocably hostile to modernity and women’s rights.” And if U.S. and U.N. officials were informed or honest they would know that Muslims worldwide are obligated to emulate the lifestyle of Mohammad as well as obey the Koran.

Egyptian judge Kamal Aboulmagd is quoted as saying: “In Islam and in Islamic literature there is no such thing as ‘a holy war.’” The confused judge added, “This is [a] Western invention that was attributed to us, I don’t know how and why and when.” Well, let’s check out whether that is an accurate statement. Anyone who reads the papers or watches television knows that Muslim clerics in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, etc., are convinced that “holy war” is a reality. Jihad was not “attributed” to Muslims by wicked, hateful Americans. It is a core teaching of the Koran and Hadith and no matter if Muslim leaders say otherwise, that wouldn’t make it so. U.S. media people who declare that jihad is benign are little more than pathetic prostitutes.

You might ask the people in Paris and Brussels and Orlando if they think holy war is a reality.

My Koran was published in Medina so it is as authoritative as you can get and it clearly teaches “holy war” or Jihad in sura 2:190 and many other places. To be sure that the dullest of Muslims understand the meaning of that verse, Muslim theologians added a footnote on page 39 that hammers home the truth: “Al-Jihad (holy fighting) in Allah’s Cause (with full force of numbers and weaponry) is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars (on which it stands). By Jihad Islam is established….Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim….” End of Jihad discussion!

John Esposito, a major cheerleader for Islam, said. “The message at the end of the day is clear, the message is simple–Islam is not the enemy, religious extremism is.” John is wrong. At the beginning of the day, at the end of the day, Islam is the enemy! No, all Muslims do not follow the Koran so they are decent, law abiding Americans; but koranic Islam is the enemy.

The U.S. is not at war with terror, but with a religion/culture that has promoted terror from its beginning. We are involved with a clash of civilizations that may not end for a hundred years! In other words, we are involved with a Hundred Years’ War that will probably result in the destruction of some nations.

The AP reported Osama bin Laden as saying, “In essence, this war is a religious war.” Osama was right and right is right no matter who says it and wrong is wrong if the U.N. and every media person in the world say it. Our “War on Terror” is a Religious War that may last a hundred years. Our future is not between war and no war but intermittent war and continual war. Plan on it!

Many will be disturbed by that statement but it is better to be disturbed by facts than deceived by falsehoods. The free world will live with terror from now on, even more than a hundred years!

Boys’ new book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! will be published in a few weeks by Barbwire Books.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives; ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis, wrote columns for USA Today for eight years; authored 15 books and hundreds of columns and articles for Internet and print media publications; defended his beliefs on hundreds of talk shows. These columns go to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations and may be used without change from title through the end tag. His web sites are and and Contact Don for an interview or talk show.)

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Don Boys Ph D
Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives; ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis, wrote columns for USA Today for eight years; authored 15 books and hundreds of columns and articles for Internet and print media publications; defended his beliefs on hundreds of talk shows. These columns go to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations and may be used without change from title through the end tag. His web sites are and and Contact Don for an interview or talk show.


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