Thursday, September 24, 2020


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By Daniel Greenfield on Front Page Mag


This is what happens when you turn over your Twitter account to Marxist grad students.

Planned Parenthood’s social media targeting the black community decided to tweet that, “Islam doesn’t foment the violence alleged gunman Omar Mateen enacted, toxic masculinity and a global culture of imperialist homophobia does.”

The only imperialist homophobia involved was the traditional Islamic flavor. Also Omar Mateen rather clearly credited Islam for his act of imperialist homophobia. He didn’t mention toxic masculinity. But if PP wants to see toxic masculinity, they can look no further than the Muslim world where women are considered, at best, a necessary evil, and at worst, a destructive force. Somehow though PP doesn’t seem to care much about that.

Or about the Islamic view of gay people. It’s too busy rushing forward with its generalized ideological posturing while sounding like a Marxist grad student who sniffed too much glue.

If PP decides it wants to condemn imperialist homophobia, the place to start is Islam. Omar Mateen exported the traditional Islamic violent hatred of gay people to America. Other Muslim killers have exported the Islamic hostility toward Jews and women… not to mention Christians.


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Islamic colonialism is the imperialism that keeps on colonizing cemeteries.

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    • Hi Sue, I can’t believe the audacity of Planned Parenthood, who has blood all over their hands with the killing and mutilating of unborn babies for money, to even stoop this low to try to blame anything other than what it is. This shooter was a Muslim and he wanted to make a name for himself by killing homosexuals. New reports coming out now say he was homosexual himself but hid it. His wife now admits to it.

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