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Another lesson from my cat: he “hides” from the vacuum cleaner by running under the mattress cover on the bed…but sometimes his tail sticks out. He doesn’t realize that I know exactly where he is by looking at what portion he leaves uncovered. Do you understand the lesson?

Humans are the strangest creatures! We all know, for certain and without doubt, some things about life, namely that it will end, but we ‘hide’ from the great vacuum cleaner of mortality by burying ourselves in activities. Dubbed “The tyranny of the urgent”, we enslave our minds to some things immediate, while totally ignoring things eternal. Objectively, that makes absolutely no sense.



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It reminds me of the analogy of a driver on a road trip: He speeds down the road blithely ignoring the numerous signs that glare at him from every shoulder, stating “Bridge out ahead!”, but instead of taking timely precautions, the driver (us), preoccupies himself with dreaming about how to acquire a newer car. We might read that analogy and think the driver in it is a bit dull-witted, but really, with eternity in mind, how do we differ?

Perhaps somewhere in the back of our minds we all think we will somehow avoid cashing out of this life, but how reasonable is that? Did you ever know anyone who successfully cheated temporal death? Anyone? What makes us think it reasonable to think we will cheat it?

Friends, the bridge between temporal death and eternal life is only found on one road, and His name is Jesus. There were well over 500 witnesses to the resurrected Christ, at one time, and many more we can’t count. We have more written documentation to attest to the veracity of our written scriptures than any other document in antiquity – any other, in fact we have thousands and tens of thousands of ancient documents that testify beyond any reasonable doubt that Jesus was, and is, exactly Who He said…and yet we procrastinate and equivocate in desperate attempts to forestall the most necessary decision any of us will ever have to make. Our phones are “smarter” than that!

The really gruesome aspect of all this rambling is that none of us knows when our individual ride will end. None of us, i.e., zero. I may be dead and on my way to being well forgotten an hour from posting this piece. What guarantee do you have that you won’t reach the bridge that is out today?

The only course of action that makes sense to me is to take the roadside signs seriously and act today. We may not have tomorrow. Of course, you may win the lottery every day for a year…

So what are you going to do today, while you can still catch your next breath?


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