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FEATURED ARTICLES Illegal and Middle Eastern Immigrants: A Medical Ticking Time Bomb

Illegal and Middle Eastern Immigrants: A Medical Ticking Time Bomb

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It was well known in medical circles, and reported by me three years ago, multiple acute diseases arrived with illegals coming across the border into Arizona and Texas.  Among the most remarkable presentations were: scurvy, measles, chicken-pox, acute diarrhea with third-world bacterial agents, and unknown bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics, and pernicious lice and worms.  It was further known, but attempted to be covered-up and not reported to local and State health officials by the Federal Government, large segments of the unaccompanied children were seriously ill and malnourished which further aggravated treatment protocols.  These third-world children were rushed into holding or detention centers by the hundreds (Arizona had 1,500 at one time), and then shipped out to other states with their vacancy resupplied from new arrivals.  City and county officials were not notified as to what was brought into their areas and communities.  State officials were likewise ignorant until horrendous reports of illness began to surface (Pinal County, Arizona is an example of a little known official Federal Detention Center where problems began to surface that caught the surprise of elected officials).  The Federal Government has now increased the speed and volume of third-world populations into the United States; interestingly, especially into politically conservative states.  While illegals still mass at the southern border of the United States, it is the calculated work of the Feds that are bringing into America Muslims by the thousands from mostly terribly underdeveloped and deteriorating Muslim countries.  This particular population has again brought serious medical challenges with them that local and state governments will be forced to financially deal with on an emergency basis, and from which it is quite possible epidemics may occur – even if successfully isolated to certain regions within a state.  State leaders need to seriously investigate this matter, and review contingency protocols for a response. ~LJR


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The U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest has presented official figures depicting a massive spike in Green Cards for Middle Eastern immigrants; most notably, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, and Iran.  Nearly five times as many Afghan immigrants obtained Green Cards in 2014, compared to 2013, and the number of Green Cards given to Iraqi nationals more than doubled.  Green Cards to Pakistani immigrants increased by a third.  In 2014 (the most recent year for which data is available) the U.S. awarded Green Cards to 103,901 immigrants from Middle Eastern countries entitling the holder to permanent legal status, federal benefits, and a direct path to US citizenship.  This is a 32% increase from the 78,917 given the year prior.  You will notice these countries are ones in which America is under some form of terrorist threat, with Iran being a regional sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East.  You will also notice that the holder of a Green Card is now provided full federal benefits including Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, housing, food stamps, and in many cases, subsidized housing and utilities.  These numbers do not reflect those successfully crossing the southern Border of the United States from these countries, and other Muslim nations like Syria.  These numbers also do not reflect third-world immigrants from Haiti, Central and South America, etc. whose countries likewise are involved in a massive social and infrastructure collapse or civil war – or both.  The influx of humanity that is being discarded by these third-world and Muslim countries is astounding, and fearful.  These people bring nothing of value with them; no skills, no education, no work ethic or even moral framework.  In point of fact, the preponderant majority of these people are hardened criminals, many purposefully released from prisons, and warriors who have only known civil war and strife by opposing gangs and warlords.  Their health conditions are terrifying which will demand a response to stem epidemic.

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A little known disease sweeping across the Middle East is beginning to leave thousands disfigured and/or severely scarred.  Cutaneous Leishmaniasis is caused by a parasite found in the blood stream.  The disease develops into remarkable open sores and disfiguring skin lesions, nodules or papules.  The on-going Syrian civil war has promoted a catastrophic outbreak in that country which is rapidly being spread by immigrants into neighboring Muslim countries; notably, Libya and Yemen, countries we are now promoting for Green Card status.  Cases are now being reported in Turkey and Jordan, and just this past week concerns have risen in southern Europe with an almost out-of-control influx of immigrants with poor to no medical screening and patient medical history.  From contract to incubation to eruption may take upwards to six months.  The immigrant may present as asymptomatic, be passed through whatever perfunctory screening the Feds have established to stem public outcry, and six months later become active with presentations.

A battle to control a quick spreading outbreak of Measles that began in a federal detention facility for immigrants in central Arizona is being waged.  The Eloy, Arizona Detention Center in Pinal County is a privately-run facility that received a contract by the Feds to receive immigrants from countries named above, and elsewhere.  Arizona State Health officials have identified 14 locations in Pinal and Maricopa Counties where infections likely have occurred.  Arizona State Health officials are aggressively attempting to identify people who may have come in contact with this disease at the 14 locations.

Tuberculosis (TB) has declined in the United States substantially since 1992.  Alarming is that the U.S. Government does not have any statistics on Middle Eastern countries including Refugee/Muslims in the category of known TB cases.  Either the US is not performing the screening in Middle Eastern countries as they claim, and by law or the numbers are being covered-up or discarded.   The Center for Disease Control CDC, may likely be complicit in non-reporting TB cases from third-world and Muslim countries being funneled into America by so-named charity and religious organizations (who, by the way, are making serious money per head brought through their organization) so as not to alarm the American population.  The CDC funds State health departments for TB prevention and control activities, including surveillance, case management, and directed therapies.  The CDC funds also support the identification and evaluation of persons exposed to TB, as well as laboratory services.  In 2015, there were 198 TB cases reported in Arizona; 75% of those cases were reported as “Country of birth other than the US.”  It is well known in professional health circles that a high rate of TB exists in Muslim countries.  The UN is not monitoring these incidents and our government is bringing into our Nation people originating from HIGH TB incident Muslim countries.  Likewise my medical and Communicable Disease Control Specialists advise that NO reports are known to exist on the subject-matter of “Tuberculosis among Temporary Visa Holders working in the Tourism industry – United States, 2012-2014.”

It is professionally known that tuberculosis among Syrian refugees is most HIGH.  The US knows the Syrian population has active TB or many hosts (carriers), but research again by medical consultants concluded that NO results nor even connotations that Syrian refugees are screened prior to arrival in the US.  Additionally with virtually unsecure borders, there is a reasonable hypothesis that many illegals coming across are active cases or carriers with NO screening being conducted  I also refer you to the following named site for another look at the distribution of TB in Arizona  The CDC and other agencies coordinating mass refugee resettlement are quick to reassure the public that NO problems exist, that speculation is merely politically motivated.  But data from health services in the States of Florida and Indiana belie that claim.  These two states have aggressively been combatting the out-of-control refugee resettlement program fully underway in America.  The health services in these two states have confronted the political hogwash and typical political speak oxymoron spilling out from various federal agencies, especially CDC.  As an example, State of Florida Health Officials caught the CDC officially listing refugees as diagnosed with TB as, “Active Tuberculosis – noninfectious.”

Among the most serious responsibilities a State Elected Official has upon being sworn into office is the responsibility to provide for the protection and welfare of the citizens to whom he/she serves.  A ticking medical time bomb exists in Arizona and other border states with the ever increasing rise of illegals from third-world countries, and the refugee relocation program sponsored by the Washington establishment.  A Clear and Present danger that in itself knows no political ideology or party or candidate, but stealthily spreads looking for new places to reside.  The fuse was lit a few years ago, but with ever increasing numbers of truly poorest of poor pouring across our borders illegally and even by invitation, the chance for contracting the vicious diseases mentioned in this report becomes ever significant.  Already our health care system is inundated with these poorest of the poor, but when these vicious diseases begin to overwhelm the system, the fuse will have gone very far, and a medical crisis will explode in a most public and damaging manner.  Elected officials simply are not addressing this threat, nor pressing health professionals for realistic answers and protocols in the event the fuse gets to the end and ignites the bomb.

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    • Yes he is, and it will spread across the U.S. if you read in Lyle’s reports what is going on. This combined with our failing economy and terrorism in our homeland is an extremely dangerous situation. Add to that the chief front-man for the LGBT – Obama, and we have a nation that is ready to implode. God save us…


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