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BODY OF CHRIST The Remnant of the New World Order

The Remnant of the New World Order

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Many people, maybe most, love to be led; they love to be told (clearly) what to think and what to do. Never has this been more in evidence than in 2016, and in the once-independent USA.

In America, we have suffered with weak, feckless, and downright dishonest leadership in our government and in our social structures for so long, we are beginning to be desperate for this void to be filled, regardless of the moral compass employed by those who would aspire to leadership. Any more, the street-level test for “leadership” seems to be no more substantive than a vague aura of sincerity or self confidence exuding from the ones who would lead. And it’s getting crazier by the day.

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Not too many years ago, lying to someone was considered a disqualifier for friendship and certainly leadership. Oh, we condoned a certain amount of subterfuge in the name of national security, but outright lying and self-delusional dishonesty?! Perhaps there was a time when we at least felt we knew better, but apparently no longer. Now, we don’t seem to mind the lies if only they can be justified…somehow. In fact, lies and liars are the new normal in America.

The really sad part is that the prevailing, ongoing, and persistent perversion we condone in our elected officials in nearly every level of government, merely reflects the same traits in those who cast their ballots for them. In effect, the ones we elect – are just like the majority of those who vote for them! Perhaps we finally do have a representative form of government. How the mighty have fallen.

I’ve noticed that older Americans still subscribe to the doctrine that somehow, the logic of facts and truth will miraculously prevail in our elections, if only they can be broadcast effectively, but I believe we’ve underestimated the overwhelming ignorance of both in the current crop of younger voters. It must have snuck in while we were sleeping or dreaming about the “American dream” fantasy in our rosy futures, but facts and truth have been trampled by emotions, and emotions are the real fantasy in this picture. As someone once bravely stated, “Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead!”, and that seems to be how we’re now dealing with facts and truth with regard to the place of America in the world of our future.

The torpedoes to our way of life are closing in and becoming more numerous every day, yet we older Americans would like to look the other way and only face the facts as we want them to be, or as they used to be (on the History Channel), but not as they are now. Let me be perfectly candid…without a fight, a real fight, our so-called American way of life is irreparable. And without a fight, we older Americans are bound for the Smithsonian along with what used to be our country.

It’s becoming more of a long-shot with every passing day, but our fight must be based on proven reality, and not based on emotion. We have only two documents of proven reality in our world and in our particular American culture, and they are respectively, the Bible and the Constitution of the United States. Hand in glove, respected and subscribed to, they are ultimately unbeatable, but that is very conditional.

Since the modern media is only a fiction of agendas, rather than a recitation of facts, the arm of the fighting force that must be strengthened to lead in this fight is not the media and not the government – it is the Church. Media never should have been allowed to usurp leadership in our country, but we’ve tacitly allowed them to do so with our money and our avid attention to their fictions. Here’s the rock-bottom truth, one the media doesn’t want us to know about: we don’t need them; they need us. That has always been the truth; any other belief is a lie.

The Church that had it’s birth on Pentecost was supposed to be endued with leadership from on high. It was supposed to function as a benevolent ruling council in the world, and was supposed to exhibit the Spirit and leadership of Almighty God, through Jesus Christ, to a world lost in darkness. Instead, the church became in many cases, simply emblematic of that same darkness rather than the solution; and only a special club for “good” people.

The church has for decades, been neutered and sterile in our society, and consequently we’ve become no more than a pathetic byword for ridiculous. With some few exceptions, and there are a few that are very notable, we’ve lost our mandate to influence the nations for Jesus Christ and have instead become downright silly in our shallow rituals. No wonder the heathen laugh at us – I would too if it weren’t so sad.

This quote came out of the American Revolution, “If we don’t hang together, we’ll certainly hang separately.”, and never has that been more true than concerning our American churches today. We won’t fight over homosexuality in our pulpits as much as we’ll fight over the color of the carpets in our sanctuaries. How can such willful stupidity be rectified by any amount of truth?

I’m not fooling myself; I’m only a lonely voice in the wilderness, and not a much-published one at that, but if the church doesn’t stand up now and demand it’s finest hour, it will be swept under the rug of history, as indeed, most of it is already.

That said, the Remnant Church, composed of those who are completely sold out to Jesus, will indeed have it’s finest hour while the mainline churches dither. To them, Jesus is not the point-man of a religion or a philosophy. He is the leader of a lifestyle of personal holiness.

This remnant will be smaller than most of us have imagined, but its power is from God, not from itself. The cost of being part of this Church will be unimaginably high, but it will be paid directly into the coffers of heaven. In place of gold domes, blood; and in place of rituals, the very presence of God Himself.

And if the Remnant Church does the job it’s called to do, it will never cease to be anything but a burr under the saddle of the government and their religious establishment, until the day Jesus returns for His Bride.


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  1. Somewhere along the line the church became more like the world. I’m not sure if it was in an attempt to be ‘relevant’ or because they didn’t want to be ‘judgemental’ and ‘unaccepting’ but the church definitely took a step back and in the wrong direction. Psychology, stories and feel good stuff replaced the hard facts of Scripture in many a sermon. Today, the church looks nothing like it did when I began in the early 80’s. It IS hard to hold on to being ‘one of the remnant’ but God help me….literally….if I stop being one of the remnant. Good churches are out there, churches that aren’t afraid to preach sin and other unpopular things in this culture, but they are going the way of the dinosaur. I am sad :'(


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