Monday, March 1, 2021

What Is That Smell?

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—1 Corinthians 15:57

Years ago I had a dog named Irlo.


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I didn’t name him. He came pre-named. He was a German shepherd, and without question the best dog I have ever had.

One night after Cathe had gone to bed, I took Irlo out for his last walk of the evening. As we were walking along, I saw a cat. I said, “Irlo . . . go get it!” (I believe it is perfectly within a dog’s rights to chase a cat. There must be something about that in the Constitution).

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Irlo took off like a shot after the cat as I watched. Then suddenly I saw the cat stop in its tracks. I thought to myself, That’s a pretty bold cat, to just stop like that with 85 pounds of German Shepherd bearing down on him.

Then I heard some kind of hissing sound, and watched in amazement as Irlo did a quick 180, and came galloping back toward me. The cat began to trot away again, unharmed and unconcerned. Only it wasn’t a cat. It had a white stripe down its back.

Irlo had taken a direct skunk hit to the face, and he was running back to me, his master, in real distress. But I didn’t want him near me, and I certainly didn’t want him in the house. I had left our front door open, and knew in an instant he would run for the house. I tried to outrun him, and get that front door closed, but he was too fast. Irlo bolted right by me, and raced into the living room.

Arriving breathless at the house, I opened the back door and immediately exiled him to the back yard, where he began rolling around on the grass.

My wife, who has a supersonic nose at the best of times, woke up and smelled the stench. “What is that?” she said. “What is that smell?”

In fact, it took a long time to get that smell out. And it took more time than you might imagine to make Irlo acceptable in our house again.

That is what sin is like. To this very day, our whole world is infected with the stench of sin. Frankly, it smells so bad that it’s hard to breathe sometimes. It started in the Garden of Eden, and continues unabated down to the twenty-first century.

Since at the beginning of time our first parents chose to go their own way, Satan has been allowed to have his way. The Bible calls him “the god of this world” and “the prince of the power of the air.” It seems our whole world is infected with the stench of sin with no cure in sight. You can try to escape it, just like my dog tried to roll around in the grass to free himself from the stench of the skunk, but it doesn’t work.

But one day, God will get rid of that smell forever. When Jesus returns, He will put the world to rights, restoring it to the beauty of ancient Eden.

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