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BIBLICAL ANSWERSThe Key to Repentance

The Key to Repentance

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7 “Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you.

8 “And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment…” [John 16:7,8; NKJV]

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It should be obvious by now that the last almost eight years of the Obama regime have been an ongoing judgment upon America, and I believe it to be corrective, rather than punitive in nature. As never before, thinking American Christians have been admonished to repent of their sins and seek the God we’ve increasingly abandoned over the last several decades. However, other than a probable minority of Christians, our response has been to seek reform through political and legislative means.

While I am not against political and legislative reforms, both desperately needed right now, they are not the bedrock fix we need to have, for without heartfelt repentance among the vast majority of God’s people in this land, they would be too little, too late.

In America today, putting all the right politicians into office and passing all the right legislation, would be like putting Band-Aids on arterial bleeds, and yet, we persist in our quest for a political fixes.

Who doesn’t want America to be ‘great again’, and yet I have to ask, when was the last time we were great? Was it back before we took prayer out of schools? Was it sometime before we legalized abortion? Exactly when were we great, and to what year of that greatness should we now aspire to return?

Nations are no more perfect than the individuals that comprise them, and no nation has ever been without its faults. America has not ever been a model of perfection (ask any Indian). With that in mind, what was our outstanding national character trait that allowed us to be great among other nations, some more powerful than ourselves?

That one trait, perhaps most evident during and after our civil war (1861-1865), was our veneration of Almighty God, and our prevailing national belief in His existence, and in His providential care towards those who would honor Him. But like a bucket with holes in the bottom, that trait drained away during decades of our self-centered prosperity.

God brought the Jews out of Egypt similar to how He brought America out of Britain, but the Jews lost their promised land in their prosperity; we might be no different. We can have no claim to greatness once we forfeit He Who made us great. Having done that, we are blindly dithering, waiting for our own destruction as a nation, while we tinker hopefully with political fixes. Done that way, it is all in vain.

Without re-acquiring He Who made us great, it is all in vain, similar to choosing the long way rather than the short way – both to the wrong destination. Only repentance can fix us, and to repent rightfully, we must be willing to see and acknowledge our sins. I never met a burglar who wasn’t sorry, but only sorry they got caught. That’s not the repentance God honors. Without a God-given revelation of our sins, we Americans can never really repent with Godly and effective repentance.

In short, the key to repentance is to accurately see our sins for the sins they are in God’s eyes, and then humbly approach Him and beg His forgiveness. Failing to do this, we will have already reached our apex as a nation. Failing to do this, we will have already forfeited our ‘American exceptionalism’.

God has better plans for America, but His plans rest entirely on our willing obedience. God has better politicians for America than the current crop of almost-good-enoughs, and He has better legislation in mind than the Statist garbage pouring out of Washington, D.C., but without true repentance, we will never see any of it. And without a willingness to see and acknowledge our own sins, we will not be able to enter into the requisite repentance God requires. We are where the Hebrew nation, our example, found itself – repent or die.

Many will choose death rather than acknowledge any need for God, and really, what more could be expected from unbelieving heathens? Being anti-Christ is their true nature, but those who are called by His Name have no such excuse. The oft quoted verse in 2nd Chronicles 7:14 begins by saying, “If MY people…”; no such requirement is expected of the heathen unbelievers in the land.

The world sins because sin is its nature, like dogs acting like dogs, nothing more should be expected of it, but Christians are indeed held to higher standards because of our status as God’s children.

If we really want America to be great (again), I submit that American Christians urgently acquire the humility they need to see their sins and the sins of this nation, then to stand in the gap and repent.

Nothing less will be good enough.


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  1. Amen. Very well said and many important points. We, Christians, are the ones that do the repenting for we not only sin against ourselves and others, but we sin against God. For example, I was young, stupid and ignorant when Roe vs Wade was legalized but I have repented and asked for forgiveness for being young, stupid, and ignorant and not standing up for the unborn because abortion is a sin against God. We ALL have sins we need to repent of and that’s what the Lord Almighty is wanting. It can be attitudes, behaviors, thoughtless words, etc. Hit our knees church. God’s waiting.


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