Monday, March 8, 2021

The Incredible ONE

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Today I would like to set the record straight; God did not make Himself known to us primarily so that our lives on this earth might be made better, although that is an unavoidable consequence of the relationship. Jesus does not represent some kind of cosmic insurance policy hidden safely away in soulish bank-boxes. If you’re thinking like that, you better read the small print on the policy, because it isn’t underwritten by God. It was never intended to be first, our lives plus Jesus, instead our lives were to be hidden in Him (read Psalm 91:1). It has taken me my whole life to begin to realize He needs nothing from me, rather, He wants to have a relationship with me only because He has ‘set His love upon me’.

In 1972 I turned my life over to Jesus Christ, but within a few years I had not only taken it back, but had turned my back on Jesus as the Lord of my life, although not as Lord. Do you see the difference? I never denied Him, I simply denied Him access to myself. I began by using my relationship with Jesus to make my own life better, much like joining the Rotary to farm for business contacts. It began so subtly that I didn’t have a clue my focus had changed, but in a few decades it had morphed into the complete loss of my self respect and integrity. I lost my way, my Savior, my family, and I wanted to die, but lacked the courage to end it myself.

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Through a series of ugly circumstances brought about by myself, I met my wife, a woman as lost as myself, and it was then that God revealed Himself as The Incredible ONE, and neither one of us saw it coming. I’m sure you’ve heard many such testimonies as you’ve trudged to the bottom of someone else’s barrel with them, and I don’t mean to compete, but I will say to all who will listen – there is nothing God cannot do, and no one He can’t redeem, if allowed to do so. It doesn’t matter how dark the sin, how lost the person, or how deep the bottom of the barrel – God’s love, given the chance, will win out.

You know, hell is an equal-opportunity destination; it makes no difference how awful the sin…or how slight. It is an eternal destination shared by the likes of Hitler, as well as those who only told “little white lies”. Once there, it is all the same, and as a Godly woman once observed, “Eternity in the wrong place is a long time.”

Even as a “normally flawed” human being, I am not able to comprehend why any sane person would purposely fail to choose Christ to be their Lord. Why do so many choose death over life? Even at my very worst, I had a sneaky feeling that something was wrong, very much like leaving the back door ajar in a big house. I tried to avoid recognition of the feeling, but in the end I could not deny it; in the end, I had to acknowledge that only Jesus Christ had the authority and the great desire to close the door. But those who go on to say how instantaneously everything was made better, aren’t being fully honest…

God isn’t a quitter, and neither is satan. All my old “friendships” became bitter enemies, and no one harbors bitterness like the devil. Don’t be fooled, while satan is not God’s counterpart, and is only a created being like ourselves, he is more than a match for any strong man or woman – apart from Christ. And apart from Christ, he cannot be beat. Don’t even begin the fight, for you are weak and stupid compared to him, because you were never created to be strong without Christ. That’s just the facts, and they arise from rules I didn’t create.

Have you ever looked at your wife or child, and suddenly been overwhelmed with love for them? You walk over and give them a hug and they ask with a smile, “What’s that for?” I’m sure it has happened to you, and this morning as I was praying, it happened to me with God. Honestly, I’m not overcome with emotions very often, but today I was, so I thought I’d write about it.

I am so very honored and indeed, satisfied with God. And as I thought of the road I’ve traveled so far, I wondered if I was the only one God had pulled from the fires of hell – I’m betting I’m not. I’m betting He pulled you from those same fires. And if not yet, He wants to and will do so if you let Him. The details might not be immediately evident, but they are firm and trustworthy, for so is He, for only God, and no one else, is the Incredible ONE.

Perhaps today is your day to stop wandering around lost. I hope so. There is only one road home, and only Jesus Christ can put you on it – and keep you on it…if you remain steadfast in your determination to travel it – with Him.


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  1. I was running away from Him so fast that I ran right smack into Him. Praise God, the Holy Spirit never gave up on me. That pit of hell is behind me now and I will never have to visit it again because of love greater than anything I can even imagine.

  2. HE, the LORD of the Universe, my KING JESUS, pulled me away from a life-long struggle w/same-sex attraction disorder. Yes, I lived what I now call the “sad deathstyle” to its fullest, and am amazed at how I did not end up killed or with HIV/AIDS. But HE knew what I needed so in May of 2013 I was saved by Christ in the silence of my lonely home. It was either go back to religion, as displayed by the morally-bankrupt Roman Church of my youth, or fellowship in a bible-believing church, and allow HIM to use my testimony to reach out to others who are either “gay” or are a family member of one who is in that abominable deathstyle. HE led me from religion into a personal relationship w/HIM. I, too, have had those tear-filled, joyous experiences where CHRIST has made HIS Presence palpable to me. And here is the icing on the cake, folks. GOD blessed me w/the gift of being married to a Christian bible-believing woman on May 3, 2014, and we just celebrated our 2nd year together. And they say, that “you are born that way and cannot change?” NOT….God says without me you cannot change but w/ME change is inevitable.


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