Monday, April 19, 2021
FEATURED ARTICLES Bruce Springsteen Cancels Concert in Support of Transgender Activists He Calls 'Freedom...

Bruce Springsteen Cancels Concert in Support of Transgender Activists He Calls ‘Freedom Fighters’

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Bruce Springsteen recently cancelled a concert at Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina in support of the LGBT folks, more specifically the transgenders. North Carolina enacted a bill called the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act; basically the bill’s stated intention is for males to use the men’s room, and females to use the women’s room — pretty straightforward, right? Not according to The Boss. The Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, or HB2, infringes on the rights of transgenders to use any bathroom facility they feel comfortable in.


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HB2 was in response to the Charlotte municipal ordinance that allowed transgender individuals to use any restroom regardless of their birth sex. In other words, a transgender male could use a women’s restroom. This supposed right for transgender people opens up a huge can of worms that nothing good will come from.

There are, in many places, single-occupancy rest rooms; these rest rooms can be used by anyone. A transgender person could use one of these and at the same time no one of the opposite sex would be endangered or have their privacy invaded by a member of the opposite sex.

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Use of the opposite sex’s restroom is not a right, nor should it be. This is not about being lesbian or gay, nor is it about hate. It’s about a man invading the personal and private space of a female while she is using the female restroom – or vice versa.

Michael Brown on Townhall shares this:

In your statement you explained that, in your view, the bill is “an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress.”

Don't Do it CharlotteYou added that it was time for you and your band “to show solidarity for those freedom fighters” (speaking of transgender activists), and you ended your statement with these powerful words: “Some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry — which is happening as I write — is one of them. It is the strongest means I have for raising my voice in opposition to those who continue to push us backwards instead of forwards.”

I also read that your guitarist Steven Van Zandt, has likened HB2 to an “evil virus” that is spreading through the United States in the form of similar legislation.

This writer fails to see how allowing a man (transgender) to use the women’s restroom is progress; that is not progress, it is perversion. Springsteen’s guitarist called HB2 evil – apparently we do not share the same idea of what constitutes evil. While it is great to stand up for the rights of others, there is no right to stand up for here. No man belongs in the female restroom, period. What about the right of a female using a public women’s restroom to attend to her needs – without having to worry about a male being in said female restroom with her?

Let me ask a question here: does anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, want their daughter in the same restroom with an unknown male – not knowing his proclivities? This is a recipe for danger, abuse, ruined lives, and even death. What happens when the male dons female clothes with the express purpose of photographing, abusing and possibly even killing female women and children? Watch this short video that gives examples of this behavior. I realize that not all trans men are doing these awful things, but the fact of the matter is men belong in the men’s room, women in the women’s room.

Bruce Springsteen apologized for what he did, well so what. In deciding that North Carolina needed to be punished and sent a message, what about the fans and others Springsteen caused problems for? How about those who saved money and made plans to see him, and now they cannot. What about those who purchased plane tickets, which are non-refundable, and/or hotel rooms they cannot get a refund for? What about the loss of income for those who would have worked the show, or loss of income to area businesses?

Apparently Bryan Adams is jumping on the bandwagon and cancelling a show as well. It is to this writer a sad state of affairs that so many people with fame and fortune, i.e. influence – are quick to jump in support of perversions and then label these immoral and dangerous acts as rights. Again – how would those who support this insanity feel about a man built like Hulk Hogan wearing a dress being in the same restroom as their young female relative?

Every women and every man has the right to use a restroom knowing that only members of their own sex will be in said restroom with them. This is not just a right, it is common sense.

First published on Eagle Rising

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  1. It is at the point that parents need to accompany their kids to the bathroom even if they are old enough to use it themselves and where women, if they are out with another female, need to accompany each other instead of waiting outside for them. Freedom Fighters? Freedom for what? To possibly harm children or women? Even if a guy is a transgender etc. and has no intent or desire whatsoever to harm anyone, I still do not want to be in a public restroom with someone who is male…whether he accepts his God given gender or not. I read yesterday that Cirque du Soleil is the latest to pull out of N.C….more ‘Freedom Fighters’ I assume…..

    • Exactly right. N Carolina is paying a steep price. The problem is that the governor clarified that this applies to public and state places. Private venues may still allow transgenders to use restroom of choice.

  2. The price just got steeper as I see Pearl Jam just pulled out of something because of this. I hope N.Carolina doesn’t give in for economic reasons. I guess you have to do the same thing if you are a parent or woman in a private venue….parents with their kids and if at all possible if you are a woman, have another female friend accompany you. Right now porta potties are sounding better 🙁


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