Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Bolton: Will Obama Apologize For US Destroyer ‘Getting in Way’ of Russian Airplane?

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By Cortney O’Brien on Town Hall


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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) was very blunt in his assessment of the incident in the Baltic Sea on Monday, when a Russian warplane buzzed awfully close to a U.S. Navy destroyer.

“I’m very, very worried that in the closing months of Obama’s presidency we’re gonna see American blood,” Peters said in an interview with Fox News.

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It was a bold prediction, but one that former Ambassador John Bolton agrees with. During his own conversation on Fox Friday morning, Bolton predicted “there’s more” Russian aggression to come.

“If that airplane had caught a gust of wind, it could have been right up against that destroyer,” the ambassador explained.

Russia’s latest stint in the Baltic Sea signals to our NATO allies that the U.S. can’t take care of itself, he continued.

“I just hope Obama doesn’t apologize for destroyer getting in the way of that airplane.”

Based on the White House’s typical response to foreign intimidation, Bolton’s question is a fair one. Before the Russian airplane flew near our destroyer, Iran captured 10 of our American sailors and celebrated it. Secretary of State John Kerry actually thanked Iran for their compassion during the ordeal. President Obama, meanwhile, continues to defend his nuclear deal with the nation, which has basically given Iran a pass for its bad behavior. A Middle East expert who is very critical of that agreement argues it has severely damaged America’s image as a superpower.

Obama is also no stranger to apologies. He has asked for forgiveness on America’s behalf in about every corner of the globe, it seems. In Argentina last month, he noted the “early dark days” of the CIA and our country’s human rights violations. He continued to express regret over America’s human rights record in Cuba. Yes, Castros’ Cuba, where free speech is suppressed and punished.

Our adversaries are taking advantage of our president’s shows of weakness.

Iran will continue to intimidate us “indefinitely,” Bolton argued, for they know that under Obama, “they will face no consequences.”

A new report indicates that an Iranian general is in Moscow this week to discuss military options with President Putin.

Iran is “going to push the envelope” and “they’ll succeed,” Bolton warned.


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    • Hi Sue, to me it is an utter embarrassment that he keeps apologizing for America to hostile leaders and their nations! He acts like we were the most degenerate nation in the world and he must make amends to everyone for us. This has to stop. What a shame the evil he has brought on this country.

  1. I think Obama should apologize for apologizing to much. This particular ship can move at a top speed of roughly 35 Knots, or 40 MPH. The Russian plane on the other hand can travel over 1400 MPH. Gosh so sorry our ship got in the way… If Obama had any spine at all this kind of obvious intimidation would not be tolerated, anyone think this would have been tolerated by Reagan??? This kind of thing is normal to a point, but Russia is pushing it way past “normal”.

    The planes flew so close that they created a wake in the water, were about 35 feet away from the destroyer – but they observed safety protocols according to Russia…

    But hey – this way Obama will receive more support when he moves to the UN.

    If you want to see just how close the Russians were, check out this post:

    • Wow, those planes came dangerously close to our ship. I think Putin is sending a message to Obama that he better now mess with him. No one is afraid of this President! That puts this entire country at risk.And with the division of Americans caused by this administration, we are prime targets for attack. No one has their eye on the ball. With these elections, is anyone watching the President to see what he is up to? It is scary, Greg. What a shame that this beautiful country has been taken down from within!

  2. Although I’m strongly opposed to the Iranian agreement, Bolton continues to be a Foxnews neo-con sycophant. There are no wars that the neo-cons will not support once “our troops are in harms way.” If you want to ever know where Americans will die in more neo-con wars, just watch Foxnews and “boots will be on the ground” within a year. Funny how this works: we must “support our troops” once engaged in unconstitutional wars, so sickos like John McCain in league w/our one-party rule and the CFR make damn sure that troops always have a war to go to. War is a racket and does nothing for us on Main Street in fly-over country. When will folks wake up that the CFR/Bilderberg always finance both sides, create wars, put “boots on the ground” (AMERICANS who will die for what?!), and then they make more money rebuilding what the military industrial complex destroyed earlier. General Smedley Butler called war a racket, if memory serves me right. And President Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex, so this is no “left wing” rant, my friends. May God have mercy on us.

    • Hi Darren, while I understand your point, I also must say that if you think we can just sit around in America and have nothing to do with the evil that is filling up other countries while thinking it won’t happen here, you are sadly mistaken. We have been in wars that we shouldn’t have been in.That did not help this country. However, there are times when if we do nothing to stave off the genocide in other countries, it WILL happen here also. To let evil terrorists take over countries is to make them stronger when they come against us Imagine if we did nothing to help the Jews under Hitler. It would have been a world run by Hitler. As it was, we waited years before we helped. For that, God did NOT bless this country.


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