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“My church must rise up against the enemy of those who come against all that is sacred. Those who are My children shall fight the wars of faith for I have given you the sword of My truth, the armor of salvation.

Rise up O’ children of the Most High God for the enemy is on a rampage of destruction. Destroying the institutes of faith. Destroying the places of love, compassion, and truth. Your power is My power. Let it not fall in disarray. Let not My Authority become weak in the sight of the enemy.

Stand up o’ children of your God for you shall fall in disillusion without the Spirit of God at your side. Do not push Him aside for the wiles of the flesh. The worldly things shall pass away and leaves wither, and dead shall lay amongst the branches of death only to have the desert creatures as company. Do not be food for the jackals to feed upon for he roams about hungry and angry.



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Stand up o’ children of the Holy One for the time is near when the battle turns to war. Do not be weak in faith for faith is measured by the spoon I give you. My faith and strength shall sustain you if only you will seek My face.

Be strong in battle. Do not turn your back on your fellow man. Those who war against evil. Be at peace for it is My peace I leave with you. Take comfort in My presence for I am with you. Let not fear rule your life for fear only leaves you vulnerable to all who are against Me.

Be strong, be filled with courage and trust. Your trust brings you hope and everlasting peace. Let My light shine brightly as the stars on a clear night. As the sun on a summers day. Bring out the good in all you meet for all have been given the heart of love. It may be buried in the muck and mire of life’s dark veil. Use the blood upon the cross to penetrate the darkness. All have life wounds, most within the heart. Bring My life to those whose hearts are shrouded in hurt and pain. Lift them up, plant My seed, then pray the soil will receive My glory.

Pray for those who attack My children in Israel for the enemies hatred is strong and enduring. Pray My light will penetrate their souls for their destruction is at hand. I shall prevail! There is no god above Me and any who try are destined to destruction. Pray My children as never before. My truth shall set you free.”

Given by the Holy Spirit 6-9-07

Scriptural references: Ro. 1:18 – Mt. 25:32, 41

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