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U.S. NEWS ELECTION 2016 Statesman or Phenom – America Clamors for a King

Statesman or Phenom – America Clamors for a King

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I saw the danger and I passed along the enchanted way


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And I said let grief, be as a fallen leaf, at the dawning of the day

Patrick Kavanagh

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Irish Poet Paddy Kavanagh was making reference to a lovely dark haired woman when he penned this line from the much loved ballad entitled “On Raglin Road.” But the essence of this line can easily be applied to the political scene in America today.

Before Obama took office and continuously thereafter this writer penned almost sixty articles of warning about the foolhardiness of choosing Barack. Similarly, writers on my website wrote a whopping 96 articles in the same vein. Obviously, few took us seriously and if we were to include the thousands of articles written across the spectrum, there could be only one conclusion – America chose very badly.

Today’s political climate during these primaries can best be described by borrowing a phrase from the late Ronald Reagan, “there you go again – America.”

The fight is the fiercest right now because the primaries will determine which candidate must head off another liberal onslaught against our Constitution, our way of life and our entire hope of the future as a nation.

As we say here in the New Orleans area, “This ain’t your mama’s America.” Obama did bring the change he promised and unless it is reversed, we all know we will not stand for long. We will not push ahead into Marco Rubio’s greatest century for America; we may barely make a decade or two if many things do not change once again.

What’s the antichrist got to do with all of this?

The antichrist is a figure that will emerge out the last seven years of human rule over our planet – this is a biblical and prophetic surety that you can take to the bank, whether you are Christian or not. But the “spirit” of anti-Christ is always working in our world and as we approach the last days, will begin to bloom everywhere in politics academia, family life, religions and the list goes on.

“Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” (1Jn 2: 18)

It is not a complicated theology to understand. When something or someone opposes rejects and actively works against God, Christ or his Holy Spirit (and the Word of God) it is antichrist.

Pushing God out of schools including higher education, the public arena, media, politics, and every aspect of our national life is the spirit of the god of this world (Satan) pushing antichrist compunctions, teachings, impulses and all human endeavor toward the disobedience to God,

Ignorance of his will and word become the setting by which the final antichrist is revealed to the world. By then the momentum will be too great for anyone to stop it, except for one. Antichrist’s brief rule will be interrupted by Christ himself.

Saying no to God so that man can do his own will, is far from a new thing. When Israel became dissatisfied with the rule of judges, and the spiritual insight of the prophets; they clamored for a king so they could be like the nations.

When the people sent the prophet Samuel to God to ask for a king, God gave them what they asked for, but not before warning them that they would seriously regret their choice to abandon a theocratic rule. History tells the rest of the story, but it is the warning given by the prophet that should never be ignored by any people in any age.

The prophet was outraged that they wanted a man to rule them instead of God, and this is what he was told.

“And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.” (1Sam 8: 7)

This is a prime example of choosing someone or something against the direct will and counsel of God – this is antichrist. It always ends badly.

Back to 2016 – if Americans want a self-absorbed, narcissistic, self-centered, crass, and classless billionaire for their president – I will be the first to say, that is exactly what they may get. I must also say that we will fare no better than ancient Israel; our future will not be “great” as Mr. Trump promises.

It seems that American psyche cannot allow itself to see that criticism of Donald Trump is much more than a call to see his poor character, but it is warning that his past behaviors are the template that will determine both his history and ours. We ignored the template of Barack Obama’s character, self-indulgence and his amateurish brand of leadership, but it has not ignored us, why should the future produce a different result?

It may start with a bang, but we have rejected Christ in too many other areas and our day of reckoning will not be hindered by the election of Donald Trump. Our first period of awakening will be an economic collapse that will be unparalleled by anything in our entire history as a nation.

Why all the confusion – what makes this election so different?

As Christians plunge further into apostasy (falling away) they are more prone to make bad decisions. Some say “we are not electing a pastor” – so true, but there was a time when it mattered if we elected a Christian president, not just someone with a sentiment for Christianity.

We are willing to look away from a man (Cruz) who has accomplished more for our nation in his few years of public service than Trump has produced for our nation in his entire lifetime.

We may also be willing to overlook the fact that Trump is a former democrat, who flips over so many important issues that trusting him to do differently is a fool’s gamble. This writer is no gambler, but even I know that you do not bet 17 when you play against the dealer.

The odds do not ride with an America that has been racing away from her roots and founding principles for an entire generation and then supposing that one hero of pomp will pull us out of it in a jiffy and make us all “great” again. Can you spell presumption?

The confusion of this election is a direct result of our disobedience; it cannot be attributed to the candidates or the party that is sponsoring them alone. The confusion of face belongs to us all.

The great prophet Daniel was not so naïve as we, he knew that Israel’s fall was directly attributable to the sins of the nation and he also knew that the people and their rulers were in nearly total confusion because of their sinfulness. There were no heroes to save them; the “confusion of face” was the first and the very last stage of their judgment. He would one day restore them, but during Daniel’s day the judgment prevailed.

They were subject to a godless nation then and remained subject, cursed and chased by other godless nations and despots from 586 BC to1948.

God forbid that we find ourselves repeating Daniel’s most mournful prayer.

“O Lord, righteousness belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusion of faces, as at this day; to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and unto all Israel, that are near, and that are far off, through all the countries whither thou hast driven them, because of their trespass that they have trespassed against thee.

O Lord, to us belongeth confusion of face, to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, because we have sinned against thee.” (Dan 9: 7-8)

Anyone with two good eyes to see and two good ears to hear knows already, that the political confusion of the hour is only a preview of things to come.

We may make our military big, torture our captives, pound China’s trade policies and throw every Muslim from Bangor to Los Angeles out of the country, but we have still not addressed the problem.

Unless we stop slaughtering our unborn offspring, pull the law that allows perverted marriage and reign in the obsession with sex and perversion there will be much more confusion of face to come.

As for “greatness – there will be none!

Elect whom you may, but mark these words for all eternity.

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  1. That was a simply powerful message, Rev. Michael, and a portent of things to come! You are exactly right on. People are running to those who say what they like to hear without checking to see if that voice comes from a person of truth or a lie! That is how Obama got in. He said he was going to change things only he failed to mention that change would include the destruction of our country. People are not looking for a leader who seeks counsel from God. They want a leader who simply says everything is going to be great. America is at the cliff. We can either turn back to God and be saved or follow the path of self-proclaimed “kings” and be led into the abyss. What a sad commentary for a country that was once blessed among the nations.

    • Thanks Marianne. I wrote these words with great conviction and a bit of sorrow because so many Americans will not carefully weigh out the path they are choosing. Some say I write too much about these things but I must stay in the fight until the last vote is cast, then it is in the hands of our Heavenly Father. The fate of the nation my seem it is in our own hands but we know it is not.

  2. I just posted a prophetic Word, “Sheep or Warriors” (Inspirational Christian Blog) the Lord gave me back in 2010 and it speaks of this very thing. Your article is a confirmation of that Word. It’s sad to see this country go off the cliff because people are blind, deaf, and dumb. Trump is no “king” and I fear we’ll get another one as pompous and deceitful as Obama. I’m voting for the Lord. He’s still in control regardless of who sits in that Presidential chair. Good article. Thank you.

  3. Thank You so much for this post. It could not be said any clearer than this. Do not keep silent. The truth must be told and men are without excuse if they hear the truth and turn away. It is all about the wickedness of many citizens, organizations and leaders in this nation. Ichabod.

  4. You hit the nail on the head Rev. Michael. I have been reviled and marginalized for my constant warnings against Trump. What will be will be – as God desires so shall it be. Trump is dangerous, narcissistic and a megalomaniac of the highest order. If elected, it will be in judgment of America – certainly not to make America great again. Trump is but a symptom of what ails America – excessive desire to have all that one wants regardless of the price to be paid, and regardless of whether or not it is right and moral. I will stand by my words regardless of being labeled a fool…

    Great article Rev. Michael.

    • Thank you Greg. Stay in the fight, God will keep you strong. I know that if we slack we will know we were not diligent and somehow I am sure that would not be our best. Bless you and this great blog.

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